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10 Best Hand Coffee Grinders

10 Best Hand Coffee Grinders

If there’s one thing that separates a good cup of coffee from an excellent one, it’s freshly ground coffee beans. And there’s no greater feeling than using a hand coffee grinder to grind your own beans.

You’ve likely seen automatic coffee grinders on the market or at your local barista. While the automatic grinders help speed up the coffee preparation process, the hand coffee grinders force you to slow down and savor the experience from bean to cup.

Why Grind Coffee By Hand?

Hand grinders are a little trickier to use and don’t create the most even grind compared to automatic grinders, but they do have their advantages and feel such a simple luxury in the world of speciality coffee.

  1. Hand grinders are perfect for travelers.  If you’re on the road and have to bounce around from hotel to hotel, it can be hard to find a quality, fresh cup of coffee. Hand grinders are small and easy to carry with you so you can enjoy your favorite specialty coffee no matter where you are.
  2. Hand grinders are more affordable.  Hand grinders are far more affordable than their automatic grinder counterparts, making them the perfect grinders for people on a budget.
  3. Hand grinders help you slow down and enjoy the moment.  Using a hand grinder to grind your own coffee is probably the best way to slow down and truly enjoy the coffee making process from bean to cup. Plus they’re satisfying to use (who doesn’t love throwing in a little elbow grease with their morning cup of coffee?).
  4. Hand grinders are a totally unique gadget. If you own a hand coffee grinder, it may be one of the most unique devices you’ll have in your kitchen because they’re so aesthetically interesting.

Our Favorite Coffee Hand Grinders

Now that you understand the place that hand grinders hold in the world of coffee, let’s take a look at some of our favorite hand grinders. We’ve put together this list based on how easy the coffee is to grind, the overall design of the hand grinder and how easy it is to grip the grinder and extract the grounds when you are finished.

1. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

List Price:$39.37
You Save:

This coffee grinder is one of the easiest to use. It’s perfect for the traveler who wants to enjoy a fresh ground cup of coffee even when they happen to be stuck in a hotel room. It’s easy to assemble, grind and clean and it packs up neatly in a cupboard or a suitcase. This is definitely our personal favorite.

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2. Handground Precision Coffee Grinder

List Price:$125.55
You Save:$45.60 (36%)

This coffee grinder is the perfect everyday hand grinder for your home. It allows you to dial in the exact grind you want using easy-to-read numbers. You won’t have to take apart this grinder and fuss with guessing your grind sizing. It’s also very easy to crank with it’s windmill handle on the side. And it has a large rubber grip on the bottom so you can place it on your counter and crank with leverage. This is one of the fastest hand grinders on the market right now.

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3. 3E Home Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder

List Price:$49.99
You Save:$32.04 (64%)

Aesthetically beautiful, this ceramic coffee grinder features multiple grind sizes to get the perfect size grind each time you use it. The perfect grinder for home, when you head out camping under the stars or you want to impress your friends with a new coffee gadget.

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4. Foruchoice Vintage Coffee Grinder

List Price:$39.99
You Save:$7.00 (18%)

Want a more vintage look with your coffee? Then this grinder from Foruchoice may be right up your alley. Made from high quality wood and sporting a classic design, this grinder offers the modern grinding experience with a retro vibe.

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5. Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

List Price:$53.99
You Save:

Another great entry in the travel department, the Porlex features a slender cylinder design that can easily pack into almost any suitcase.  Its stainless steel design is rugged and stylish at the same time. Inside it features ceramic conical burrs that can give you a variety of coffee grinds so you can brew the perfect cup of coffee.

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6. Porlex JP-30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

List Price:$57.80
You Save:

This sleek and stainless steel grinder looks great on any kitchen counter, but it can be a little more difficult to use. The stainless steel exterior may look great, but it is slippery so be prepared to hang on tight. Despite this one drawback, it features multiple grind settings and can easily pack away in a suitcase if you’re traveling.

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7. Hario Coffee Mill Slim Mini

List Price:$40.00
You Save:$9.50 (24%)

This slim little grinder is a plastic competitor in a world of more sturdy models, but it comes with almost as much strength. The plastic material is high quality but far lighter than all the competition making it great for travel or for anyone who doesn’t want the weight of some of the other hand grinders. Be careful, however, as the light weight can make it easy for you to apply too much pressure resulting in it slipping from your counter as you grind.

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8. Cozyna Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder

List Price:$49.90
You Save:$27.95 (56%)

Aeropress owners take note, this could be the perfect grinder for you. The Cozyna was designed with a cylinder shape that is just the right size to fit inside an Aeropress so you can take it with you wherever you go. It’s easy to use and features multiple grind settings so you can get the perfect level of grind each and every time.

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9. Norpro Coffee Grinder

List Price:$19.99
You Save:$4.48 (22%)

If you prefer something with a little more classical design, this coffee grinder from Norpro is a great option. It features multiple grind options from course to fine so you can create the perfect cup of coffee – all with a classic look that will remind of you grinders from ages past.

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10. Kalita Coffee Mill KH-3 Retro One

List Price:$27.89
You Save:

Another classically designed grinder, this one will look great on any counter especially for those who prefer a more wood-based look in their coffee accessories. It features multiple grind positions for varied ground sizes. A truly retro find, this grinder is perfect for any classical kitchen collector.

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The Best Grind Comes By Hand

Using any of these hand coffee grinders you can create the perfect cup of coffee no matter where you are. While they may take a little bit of work to use, hand grinders create some of the freshest cups of coffee. And they’re the perfect grinder for anyone on a budget that still wants to enjoy a quality cup of their favorite specialty coffee.

For more of our favorite coffee gadgets, check out our buyers guide below.

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