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Breville 800ESXL Review

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Breville 800ESXL Review

If you’re on the lookout for a new espresso machine and you’re seeking high-power and excellent quality, you may want to consider the Breville 800esxl model.

This stunning machine is beginner-friendly and a great addition to any kitchen, giving you the ability to achieve top-notch barista results. Probably a good choice for people who get impatient with other coffee makers! Of course, everyone has different needs, so we’ve taken the time to test it out to help coffee-lovers like yourself discover if this is the best machine for your household.

Stay tuned, we’ve got a detailed buyer’s guide with the pros and cons of this model for your viewing pleasure.

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Things to Consider Before Buying an Espresso Machine

Here are some key considerations that you’ll want to keep in mind before investing in an espresso machine for your home. We’ve compiled what we believe are the most critical aspects that can make or break your brewing experience.

Automatic Vs. Manual Espresso Machines

One of the most significant factors to consider is if you’re going for experience or convenience when purchasing an espresso machine. You’ll absolutely want a semi or fully automatic machine to assist you if you’re leaning towards convenience.

You can make an espresso with the simple push of a button, requiring little to no effort on your part. If you’d rather be in full control of how your espresso turns out every day, continually learning and evolving as a coffee-maker, you may opt for an espresso machine with a manual lever.

Familiarize yourself with the machine features before the purchase, so that you know if it suits your needs and ability.

Built-In Grinder

A huge aspect of making any coffee drink is the coffee beans and how you grind them. You’ll end up compromising the freshness of your drink if you opt to purchase pre-ground coffee beans. So if you’re big on flavor, you might consider getting an espresso machine that has a built-in grinder at the disposal.

Some pricier espresso machines feature a bean cup that grinds the coffee beans as soon as you turn it on. If your machine doesn’t have a grinder, you’ll have to buy one separately.

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Steam-Powered Vs. Pump-Powered

An internal feature to consider is the power source of the pressure for your espresso machine. The pressure level is essential to making a great espresso.

Steam is the more popular choice and usually less expensive, but automatic steam-powered machines may have inconsistent pressure, so your espresso won’t be the same from cup to cup.

A machine that’s pump-powered offers more temperature control and takes away the pressure levels’ uncertainty whilst you’re brewing. Many coffee drinkers report that it’s worth the extra cost!

Brief Product Overview

The Breville 800ESXL Duo-Temp Espresso Machine is the ideal product for a beginner to an intermediate-level brewer.

It’s super easy to use and is a favorite of ours because it includes, for the most part, all of the equipment that you’ll need to start making espressos right away.

This machine is perfect for single espresso drinkers or the whole family. You can brew a shot quickly, and you can always go back for more.

The Breville 800ESXL promises to impress you with its high-quality design structure and brewing process. You can brew a delicious cup of espresso with relative ease.

The Breville brand is reputable, and consumers have reported extreme satisfaction with their coffee-maker products in the past.

Things We Like

  • Auto-purge function: This espresso machine will automatically adjust the water temperature after the steam to guarantee the best temperature for espresso extraction
  • Triple Prime Pump: This features releases three squirts of hot water to moisten your ground coffee, making for a more significant build-up to achieve the most robust flavor
  • Thermoblock Heating System
  • Highly durable stainless-steel material
  • Includes filters, cleaning tools, tamping tools, and a stainless-steel frothing pitcher

Room for Improvement

  • Has a louder and noisier pump than other similar models
  • Doesn’t have a built-in grinder for your convenience; you must purchase separately
  • Doesn’t have an auto-off feature that shuts the machine down after the extraction process
  • The pressurized filter baskets limit the quality of your espresso, but the basket part can be upgraded

Features & Benefits

These are the best as most noteworthy features of purchasing the Breville 800ESXL. We aimed to highlight convenience, aesthetic appeal, portability, and functionality.

15 Bar Italian-Pump

BREVILLE 800ESXL 15-bar Italian Pressure System

According to industry experts, the Breville 800ESXL espresso machine has a 15 bar pump, which produces the tastiest espresso shots. I personally appreciate this component because I’ve experienced less pressure, and let’s just say, no bueno!

When you have a pressure that’s too low, it makes your espresso less flavorful and weak overall. The concentration will be really off, and we’re not going for mediocrity, right? On the flip side, too strong a pressure pump will give you a very bitter and over-extracted espresso. 

I’ve found this to be the perfect pressure to make a quick espresso with minimal effort, so I definitely recommend buying an espresso machine that has a 15 bar pump.

Thermoblock Heating System

I can’t tell you how convenient this feature is when waiting for your machine to heat up. If you’re in a rush in the morning, or any time of day, really, it’s a hassle to have to wait for a full boiler before can make your espresso shot to put in your cup of coffee.

A thermoblock transports the water from the reservoir and heats it quickly. This cuts down your waiting time tremendously while simultaneously managing your steam function, brew function, or both. The only drawback to this feature is that the temperature for your steam or brew may not be as consistent as you’d want.

I personally don’t mind this because I can be impatient, but that’s just me!

Stainless Steel Finish

Durability is a huge feature of any appliance that we purchase, regardless of its function. When it comes to investing in a quality espresso machine, make sure that it’s made from high-quality material.

What I admire most about the Breville 800ESXL is the stainless steel exterior because it pretty much harmonizes with any kitchen design or pattern. Plus, the finish means it’s durable, easy to clean, and won’t go out of style.

Cup Warmer

So this is probably self-explanatory, but the utility of a cup warmer can’t be overstated. If you have children or you’re just a busy body in the mornings in general, it’s helpful to have this cup warmer to keep your espresso at a pleasant temperature in the meantime.

The option to keep your drink warm means that you don’t have to worry about coming back to a cold cup of espresso when you finally get around to grabbing it from the machine. Be careful though, I’ve experienced that letting it sit there too long can produce a bit of a burnt taste sometimes.

Four and a Half Inch Cup Clearance

If you appreciate versatility, then this feature is a small but much-needed add-on to an espresso machine.

The Breville 800ESXL has a 4.5″ cup clearance, meaning it can accommodate large travel cups and coffee mugs for coffee on-the-go. This is really good for different espresso variations like the cappuccino, caffè latte, and the Americano.

Detachable Water Tray

BREVILLE 800ESXL Large Detachable Water Tank

With the 75oz water tank on this Breville model, you can make at least 50 single shots of delicious espresso per refill.

The fact that you can remove the water tank so easily from the actual machine makes cleanup a breeze, which is always appreciated by people like me. I hate having to try to reach into awkward spaces to clean the crevices of my coffee machine.

The tank is conveniently located in a compartment that’s concealed behind the drip tray. It’s also illuminated so that you can easily see the water level that you’re at, so you’re aware of when it’s nearly time to refill the tank.

Steam Wand With a Nice Swivel

BREVILLE 800ESXL Stainless Steel Steam Wand


So this pretty much just comes down to that authentic “barista-style” experience.

One of the most satisfying additional features of the Breville 800ESXL is that the steam wand maneuvers so effortlessly when used to dispense hot water or froth the milk. The swivel steam wand is mounted onto a ball, making it super easy to move it around; consumers report that it also doesn’t get stuck. 

You can use the steam to produce dry steam, which is great for tasty milk-based coffee drinks such as mocha lattes, one of my personal favorites.

You can also play around with which types of coffee drinks you like without purchasing additional equipment. Word of advice, though, you should always wash the wand after using it; dried-on froth is really hard to clean. Trust me!

Alternatives & Conclusion

The Breville 800ESXL is an easy-to-use, high-quality espresso machine that will add a touch of sophistication to any home kitchen.

Giving you that genuine coffee-house feel, the high-quality stainless steel look, easy to maneuver steam wand, and multiple semi-automatic settings make for a great experience every use.

The selector dial is a handy feature specifically for espressos, hot water, and steam levels. It even has the function to remember what your precious selections were. The machine is compact, accommodates different drink sizes, and produces a delicious shot of espresso time and time again for a reasonable price.

That being said, we understand that this may not be the model for everybody, especially those who love having a built-in grinder or more specialized features.

If you’re interested in affordability, a highly competent but lower-priced alternative might be the De’Longhi EC155M, along with other models that are very affordable and still produce high-quality shots of espresso and coffee drinks.

If you don’t mind spending a little more for lots of extra features and a professional espresso machine, the Jura brand won’t disappoint. They have a line of coffee machines that cost a bit more, but the luxury element is apparent, and they always deliver.

Either way, with a bit of research and knowledge of your specific needs, you’ll find a great espresso machine in no time.

Happy Brewing!

Breville 800ESXL Review: Duo-Temp Espresso Machine
Breville 800ESXL Review

Looking for something easy to use but want to also make some high-quality espresso? Check out our review of the Breville 800ESXL!

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