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CBD Oil in Coffee

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If you’ve been switching up your coffee game and experimenting with roasts, brewing methods, and flavoring isn’t enough, we’ve got the perfect twist for you to try.

CBD oil has been steadily growing in popularity among many coffee enthusiasts. Whether you’ve already heard of CBD coffee or if you have no idea what it is, it can easily become one of your favorite coffee additions. Read on to find out more!

Breaking It Down: CBD Style

Just an oil, or something else entirely? We’ll be the first ones to tell you that even though CBD oil may cause hesitation for some, it’s completely natural, safe, and can potentially become your favorite addition to your morning latte. 

CBD Oil in Coffee

What It Is

CBD oil, better known as cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in cannabis and hemp plants. Discovered in 1940, it is a phytocannabinoid (a fancy word simply meaning that it’s from the cannabis plant) that can be absorbed into the body through many different facets. Contrary to popular opinion, even though it comes from the hemp plant (AKA marijuana) it will NOT get you high.

Furthermore, scientists have also discovered that it actually holds many health benefits, including potential treatment for severe illnesses and diseases.

Potential Health Benefits

Though there is still much to learn about CBD, there is thorough research being conducted about its influence on a variety of health problems. CBD oil has been linked to relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as other disorders like inflammation, insomnia, and alleviating pain. As of 2018, Epidiolex, a manufactured drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration, has been released on the market as a treatment for epilepsy disorders.

Doctors have also been conducting experiments to see how effective CBD oil is when it comes to treating cancer patients. Even though there have been no confirmed conclusions, there lies potential in cannabidiol to be much more useful than previously imagined.

The Reputation Behind CBD

Just one of the over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis (also called marijuana), CBD has a more positive reputation and more benefits than THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as THC, is the psychoactive component in cannabis that creates the sensation of getting “high,” unlike CBD. Though these two cannabinoids can be combined together, the FDA has restricted most THC from CBD formulas unless it contains less than 0.3 percent THC. This is why it’s important to explore your options and make sure you’re well informed about the products you’re considering purchasing.

And for the record, CBD oil is completely legal as long as it is regulated and processed correctly. It also isn’t psychoactive, so it can’t create a sensation of being “high.” This regulation isn’t necessary for making sure the “right kind” or the “right amount” of CBD is sold properly, but it’s primarily to ensure that unwanted or harmful chemicals aren’t combined with it during distribution.


So… do people actually put CBD oil in their coffee? Though it may seem like its just the latest, most hipster coffee trend, the benefits may be far more worthwhile than that. 

For a while now, CBD has been consumed by many through the form of gummies or candy, food, or vaping. Over the last few years, however, putting CBD in coffee has become a favorite choice for many. Individuals have been consuming CBD and coffee separately for hundreds of years, and many coffee/CBD lovers are now discovering the benefits of combining the two together.

Why Put CBD Oil in Coffee?

Due to its positive health benefits, many are starting to experiment with placing CBD oil in their coffee for a multitude of reasons. Not only can a small dosage provide a mild kick of flavor, but it can also create a calming feeling for those with anxiety or stress. Studies have also revealed that it can also even help alleviate some of the symptoms that come with the consumption of caffeine.

Though coffee can help awaken and alert your senses, as well as give you energy, it can also accelerate your heartbeat, cause agitation, and increase stress. Adding CBD to coffee can help eliminate these negative side effects, allowing you to experience the positive benefits of caffeine consumption without suffering the negative side effects. Those who are healthy individuals looking to enjoy CBD coffee can easily enjoy it, often reporting that they feel alert and focused, but also calm.

How Much is Too Much?

To a healthy person, low doses of CBD can be an extra nutrient to a balanced diet and lifestyle. There are no set rules on the “correct” dose of CBD oil to put in coffee, but overdoing it may not be in your best interests. This is because the main risk with CBD isn’t that it’s harmful, but that it affects every person differently. As always, if you aren’t sure how CBD will positively or negatively impact your health, we recommend discussing the usage of CBD oil with your doctor beforehand.

Most of the time, the most available places where you can acquire CBD coffee will be in a coffee shop that specializes in blending the oil with their coffee beforehand. If you’re adding CBD oil to your coffee at home, a couple of drops per cup should be more than enough.

Brewing With CBD

So how can you experiment with CBD coffee? One of the trickiest problems to solve is accessibility. If you’re lucky enough to find a coffee shop near your home that offers it, then that’s your easiest bet. However, if you don’t have that option or you’re just looking to make your own CBD coffee, then you’ll need access to a CBD product, whether that’s drops, creamer, coffee pods, etc.

It’s also important to note that the stability of CBD in hot coffee beverages remains consistent with warmer temperatures, but may not hold up as well with colder brewing. Thankfully, there are several hot brewed coffee options for you to drink and enjoy.

Coffee Shops

One of the most immediate ways to get CBD in your coffee is by going to the professionals. There are certain coffee shops that specialize in blending the perfect amount of oil with the right amount of coffee. Since they’re brewing with a specialized ratio, they’re sure to provide you with CBD coffee that is well portioned, delicious, and effective. However, depending on where you live, this resource may not be as easily available. So when it comes to sipping on a cup of some of the best CBD coffee, your best bet would be to make your own at home.

Adding Your Own Drops

So, how do you make CBD coffee at home? The advised amount differs, but a good ballpark ratio would be about 5-7 milligrams per 8-ounce cup of coffee. The great news is that when it comes to adding the oil, it doesn’t necessarily matter what brewing method you use. From drip coffee, to French press, to the pour-over, you can add CBD to your coffee for all of them. However, it may leave a tiny layer of oil on the surface of your coffee, which may or may not be noticeable depending on how much you put into it.

Though this is more accessible for those who may not have access to a coffee shop that specializes in CBD coffee, the primary challenge of making it is thoroughly blending the oil into the coffee. Thankfully, there are ways to make this process easier. Before you begin brewing, it’s best to make sure that your CBD container has a dropper of some sort to accurately measure your milligrams of oil.

Not a Fan of Black Coffee?

If you prefer drinking your coffee with milk or creamer in it, then adding CBD oil to your coffee will be an even simpler process. If you have a blender at home, the best thing that you can do is brew your coffee, add your dosage of CBD with a dropper, add your milk/creamer, and blend for about 20 seconds.

Blending is a great method for you to really work in your CBD oils because it will break down the larger compounds in the oil into small doses, making it easier to absorb into the coffee and in your body. It will also help establish consistency in both flavor and texture.

So, if you enjoy cafe au laits, lattes, cappuccinos, and everything in between, this simple method will help you thoroughly mix in your CBD. Whether that’s brewing a cup before your morning commute to work, or during the afternoon if you need something soothing to sip on, all you need to do is find the right oil: coffee ratio for you to enjoy this drink daily.

Try Bulletproof Coffee

If you enjoy drinking bulletproof coffee, then you may be in luck. If you want to mix the oil in your cup of coffee as thoroughly as possible, you can do so by adding a healthy fat source like coconut oil or organic butter to help blend it in. This will also help your body to absorb the CBD oil. Bulletproof coffee is a delicious way to shake up the flavor of your morning cup of joe if you’re used to using creamer, milk, and added flavor in your coffee.

CBD Coffee Brands/Oils

Though CBD products are new to the market, we do have a few recommendations that can allow you to begin brewing CBD coffee at home. All of these products are legal, THC free, and are approved for consumption, especially when paired with coffee. As usual, please make sure to consult your doctor and conduct thorough research before experimenting with CBD/hemp products of any kind.

Good Vibes Oil

A vibrant, THC free product, Good Vibes CBD Oil is perfect for those who need something soothing to sip, but also need their daily dose of caffeine. Adding 1-2 drops of Good Vibes Oil to your morning brew can be a great way to start out your day, helping you feel awake, alert, calm, and ready to go. If you find you struggle with anxiety, trying a few drops of this might help. Blended with flavors of cinnamon and citrus, Good Vibes won’t only give you a balanced feeling, but a savory taste as well.

Organic Hemp Artizan Coffee

Coming in a variety of grind sizes, Organic Hemp Artizan Coffee is a USDA certified coffee blend that is mixed with hemp powder. With a medium coffee profile, it’s low in acidity and has a robust, nutty aftertaste. With beans from Columbia, Guatemala, and Brazil, Artizan Coffee also has some of the most robust coffee on the market today. Furthermore, with its medium grind size, it’s ideal for brewing with an Aeropress, pour-overs, and drip coffee machines.

Elev8 Hemp Coffee

With a medium acidity, Elev8 Hemp Coffee is mixed with hemp herbs to ensure a rich aroma with hints of citrusy lemon and earthy, smoky tones. In addition, it provides an extra dose of protein, ensuring that every cup is both a tasty and a healthy one. Coming in six delicious flavors, Elev8 has options like Espresso, House Blend, Hazelnut, Dark Roast, French Vanilla, and Chocolate Rasberry Truffle.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, even though CBD is super new to the market and the coffee scene, it can be a great addition to your morning cup. Though there’s much research still being done on CBD, it’s benefits are already prevalent. The combination of the antioxidants in coffee along with the healthy compounds in CBD can create a savory brew that every coffee connoisseur should enjoy at least once.

There are many methods you can utilize when it comes to figuring out what works best for you. So do some research, consult your doctor, and begin brewing away! And as always,

Happy caffeinating!

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