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Crema Coffee vs. Driftaway Coffee: Which One Is for You?

Both Crema Coffee and Driftaway Coffee seek to educate coffee lovers. While Driftaway Coffee determines your coffee preference through a taste test, Crema Coffee allows you to determine your coffee preference by sampling.

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Though coffee subscriptions are awesome, it can sometimes be hard to know what kind of coffee we like, especially if we haven’t tried it yet. There’s a whole world of coffee with flavor notes you may never know existed.

Luckily, we’ve found two coffee subscription boxes perfect for coffee drinkers who haven’t yet found their preference, and we put them side-by-side.

Let’s discuss Crema Coffee vs Driftaway Coffee!

crema coffee vs driftaway coffee

What is Crema Coffee?

Crema Coffee subscription
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Fresh roasted & shipped right to your workplace.

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Crema Coffee is much like other coffee subscription services, as they have a large selection of coffee beans and roasters. What sets Crema apart is the structure of its website.

They have an explanation of each coffee with an image and the flavor notes. You can search the varieties of coffee beans through filters, such as light, medium, or dark roasts.

Crema Coffee subscription

With your choices, you can create a playlist of coffee that meets your personal preference and will eventually be sent to you. Because of this, you are entirely in control of your coffee subscription, with no surprises.

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Crema allows you to figure out your preferences through their “try it for free” sample system. They will send you three samples for free, which you can rate before you sign up, and you don’t even have to pay for shipping!

What is Driftaway?

Driftaway Coffee Review
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Five coffees from around the world, with tasting notes & origin hidden so you can taste without preconceptions!

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Driftaway Coffee also distinguishes itself from most coffee subscription boxes through its Explorer Kit.

This coffee tasting kit is sent to you at the start of your subscription so you can have a fun blind taste test to decide what you like and don’t like.

aeropress and driftaway coffee bag

Once you’ve sent your ratings in, Driftaway will begin to send you your preferred coffee beans as frequently as you want. The best part is that these beans are only the healthiest single-origin beans from small farmers in many countries.

Driftaway also chooses to roast the beans in their own roastery based in New York. Because of this, they ensure their customers get fresh coffee beans.

How Are They Similar?

As you may have noticed, Crema Coffee and Driftaway Coffee are similar in their sampling systems. They both strive to ensure you get coffee you truly love when signing up for their subscription.

Because of Crema’s “try it for free” sample system and Driftaway’s Explorer Kit, both coffee subscription services can present you with a coffee delivery that suits your taste profile.

How Are They Different?

While these two subscription services have the same goal, they differ in many ways.

First and most obviously, Crema’s sample system is entirely free.

Not only that, but Driftaway chooses bags of coffee for you based on your rating. Crema simply makes suggestions for you after you’ve sampled coffee. From there, you can choose which coffees get sent to you through the coffee playlist you create.

Another noticeable difference between the coffee subscription boxes is that Driftaway only offers single-origin coffee from different countries. Crema has a wide range of blends and single-origin coffees.

Driftaway also roasts their own beans, whereas Crema outsources to various roasters. Ultimately, it seems there is a lot more customization when it comes to Crema Coffee.

Crema Coffee Pricing

NOTE: Prices can and do change over time. Please visit your preferred subscription service website to verify pricing before purchase.

When looking at the pricing, it’s a little bit more difficult to determine exactly how much Crema Coffee costs. Since they have a variety of options from different roasters, their prices vary depending on the bags of coffee.

We found that their average price range is $15-$20, but there are more expensive and cheaper options. It also depends on your customization choices, but you can always filter your search.

The shipping frequency for Crema is way more adjustable than most coffee subscriptions, as well. You can change it from anywhere between every three days to every month!

Driftaway Coffee Pricing

Driftaway Virtual Coffee Tasting Kit scaled

Driftaway Coffee’s cost structure is simpler, as they give you four different size options. An 8-ounce bag starts at $14.40, a 12-ounce bag starts at $17.10, a one-pound bag starts at $21.60, and a two-pound bag starts at $34.20.

No matter what you choose, all deliveries come with free shipping! You can also choose how often you get bags of coffee, whether every week, two weeks, or four weeks.

Which Coffee Subscription Should You Sample?

Yes, both of these coffee subscription options seem great! Honestly, it really just depends on whether you want to be surprised by the coffee sent to you or if you want to specify which coffee is sent and when.

Either way, you’re bound to love the coffee selection you get since it’s derived from your personal tastes!

To make it a little easier, we’ve crafted a table that lists the similarities and differences between Crema Coffee and Driftaway Coffee.

Crema CoffeeDriftaway Coffee
Blend or Single-OriginBoth blends and single-originSingle-origin
Sample System"Try it for free" samples before you sign upExplorer Kit
CustomizationCan pick and choose which coffees get sent to youSends you coffee based on the taste profile you created
RoastingFreshly roasted from a variety of roastersFreshly roasted from their own roastery
PricingAverages $15-$20$15-$35 plus free shipping

Now that it’s all neatly laid out for you, hopefully, you can choose one of these amazing coffee subscription services! Whether it’s Crema Coffee or Driftaway Coffee, we know you’ll love the experience and what you get!

We appreciate the coffee education that these subscriptions create through their tastings and that they ensure their customers a good cup of coffee every time.

Happy Caffeinating!

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