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Driftaway vs. Angels’ Cup Coffee: Two Tasting Experiences

Driftaway Coffee and Angels’ Cup strive to educate customers on coffee, origins, and flavor notes. Driftaway starts its subscription with a tasting kit that determines the beans sent to you, while Angels’ Cup has three different coffee subscription options, including its own tasting kit.

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One of our favorite things about trying new coffee is doing taste tests and experiencing the flavors on our own.

What’s even better is increasing our knowledge of different types of coffee beans and learning more about their origins.

We’ll admit this isn’t easy to do independently. The great thing is that many great coffee subscription services allow you to do just that.

Two of our favorites are Driftaway Coffee and Angels’ Cup Coffee. These unique subscriptions give coffee lovers a chance to experience coffee beyond what they can buy at the store or at their local coffee shop.

But, how is one different from the other? Let’s discuss Driftaway vs Angels’ Cup…

driftaway vs angels cup

What is Driftaway Coffee?

Driftaway Coffee Review
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Five coffees from around the world, with tasting notes & origin hidden so you can taste without preconceptions!

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The cool thing about Driftaway Coffee is that they make it their mission to sell international coffee from small farmers to the U.S to support their businesses.

They also ensure that only the best beans are delivered to your door right after they are roasted in their own roastery in New York.

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Driftaway Coffee Review

With Driftaway Coffee’s subscription, they first send you an Explorer Kit, a coffee tasting kit filled with five samples: Fruity, Classic, Balanced, Bold, and Extra Bold. Since the samples aren’t labeled, they give you a chance to taste the flavors without preconceptions and find out what you like.

Driftaway will then send you beans based on your preferences as frequently as you want them, always keeping the same taste profile.

What is Angels’ Cup Coffee?

angels cup coffee tasting
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We sample thousands of coffees each year, from roasters of all sizes. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

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With Angels’ Cup Coffee, you are guaranteed a unique bag of coffee, as they have 200 different varieties every year. They also have a huge list of roaster and origin options.

Angels’ Cup has three subscription levels, depending on what people are looking for in their coffee exploration. They are the Cupping Flight, the All-Stars, and the Black Box.

Black Box Tasting Cards

In the Cupping Flight, you can get 32-gram samples, which make about two cups per sample. You choose whether you want your coffee in whole bean form or ground into coarse or fine grinds. You can also choose your roasting preference for the samples.

In the All-Stars subscription, you only get one 12-ounce bag that comes solely as whole beans. However, Angels’ Cup ensures they only ship highly-rated coffee, so you’re getting a premium bag of coffee every time.

The Black Box subscription comes with four unlabeled coffees. It’s more of a taste test where you guess the flavors. This box allows coffee connoisseurs to test their knowledge.

How Are They Similar?

Driftaway Coffee and Angles’ Cup Coffee subscription boxes are similar because they both strive for the growth of coffee education.

They import from many countries and have their customers really taste the flavors of the beans sent to them and learn more about their origins.

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Both companies also have a taste test type method in their subscriptions. Driftaway’s Explorer Kit is a lot like Angels’ Cup’s Cupping Flight with a sampling option and the Black Box with a blind tasting.

How Are They Different?

Even so, the two coffee subscription services have their set of differences.

One of the main differences is that Driftaway Coffee roasts its own beans in New York, but Angels’ Cup Coffee has a variety of roasters available to its subscribers.

Black Box


While Driftaway Coffee uses the Explorer Kit to determine its customer’s flavor preferences, Angels’ Cup Coffee provides options of a sample subscription, a regular bag subscription, and a flavor-tasting subscription.

With three subscription choices, Angels’ Cup sets itself apart from Driftaway, which only has different size options.

Driftaway Coffee Pricing

Driftaway Virtual Coffee Tasting Kit scaled

NOTE: Prices can and do change over time. Please visit your preferred coffee company’s website to verify pricing before ordering.

In Driftaway Coffee’s subscription, you can buy an 8-ounce bag for $14.40, a 12-ounce bag for $17.10, a one-pound bag for $21.60, or a two-pound bag for $34.20. No matter your choice, you get free shipping!

They also allow you to change how frequently you get coffee delivered, whether it’s every week, two weeks, or four weeks.

Angels’ Cup Coffee Pricing

Black Box Subscription

Angels’ Cup Coffee has three subscription levels, all priced separately. The Cupping Flight subscription starts at $9.99, the All-Stars starts at $17.12, and the Black Box starts at $19.49.

With these options, you also can change how often the deliveries come, ranging anywhere from every week to every four weeks.

Which Subscription Is the Right Exploration For You?

While both of these coffee subscription boxes have the same goal, they also have different methods of achieving it.

If you’re still having trouble deciding which subscription to pick, we created a table to highlight the similarities and differences between the companies.

Driftaway CoffeeAngels' Cup Coffee
International CoffeeYesYes
RoastingFreshly roasted from their own roastery in New YorkFreshly roasted from a variety of roasters
PreferenceGives a coffee taste test to determine flavor preferenceHas coffee samples, highly-rated coffee, or a coffee taste test to find something new every time
OptionsDifferent sizesSample subscription, regular subscription, or a blind taste subscription
Pricing$15-$35 plus free shipping$10-$20

We love both Driftaway Coffee and Angels’ Cup Coffee because of their mission to educate coffee consumers on origins, flavor profiles, and more.

The coffee taste tests provide a fun and engaging experience, whether you’re looking to find your perfect taste profile or want to try something new.

Happy Caffeinating!

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