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29 Best Gifts For Iced Coffee Lovers

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For some coffee lovers, iced coffee is the only acceptable form of coffee. The lower acidic rate and smooth flavor make it a favorite even during the freezing holiday season. So if you’re wracking your brain to find the perfect gift for that iced coffee nerd, then you’ve come to the right place.

At a Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Best Gifts For Iced Coffee Lovers

We’ve gathered all the most thoughtful gifts for people who love iced coffee. And we’ll even teach you how to brew it

If you’re looking for more than cold brew coffee, head to our Ultimate Gift List for a complete coffee-inspired selection.

Quick Summary: Best Gifts For Iced Coffee Lovers

rc-table__imageATLAS COFFEE
  • World's Best Coffees
  • Fresh Roasted
  • Offers Amazing & Exotic Coffees
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rc-table__imageTrade Coffee Celebration Box
  • Gift Coffee Subscription
  • Specialty Coffee Flavors
  • Celebration Box
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HyperChiller Long Lasting Beverage Chiller, For Alcohol, Juice, Coffee, Hc2Long-Lasting Coffee Chiller for Iced Coffee
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Easiest, Most Cost Effective Way To Chill Your Favorite Beverages
  • BPA Free Polypropylene Plastic & Food Grade Stainless Steel
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Starbucks Summer 2021 Color Changing Confetti Reusable Cold Cups Summer 24 oz, Set of 5REUSABLE COLOR CHANGING CONFETTI CUPS
  • Perfect Way To Make Iced Coffee At Home
  • Not Dishwasher Safe
  • Not Advisable To Put In A Rack
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Thoughtfully Gifts, Mega Coffee Syrup Sampler Gift Set, Includes a Variety of Coffee Syrups, Pack of 18QUITE POSSIBLY THE WORLD’S LARGEST SAMPLING OF SYRUPS
  • Includes A Variety Of Coffee Syrups
  • Pack Of 18
  • Different Flavors
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Atlas Coffee Club World of Coffee Sampler

Atlas Coffee
Atlas Coffee

This World of Coffee sampler box includes 8, 1.8-ounce bags of specialty coffee from 8 different countries. Also a picturesque postcard from each country and tasting note cards for each roast.


If you want to introduce your iced coffee drinker to a coffee adventure, the Atlas Coffee Club Sampler is the ideal gift. Atlas delivers bold, delicious flavors with eight coffee bags from eight different countries. 

Each coffee gift basket also includes picturesque postcards from each country that provide tasting notes for every roast. Countries included on the world tour of coffee are Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Peru, Uganda, Kena, Guatemala, and India. 

And if you’re looking for something more, try an Atlas Coffee Club Subscription. 

The Trade Celebration Gift Box

Trade Celebration Gift Box
Trade Celebration Gift Box

Elevate their mornings with a gift box or digital coffee subscription from Trade! Give them a journey through specialty coffee’s flavors with a gift box including three coffees to unwrap.


If your friends or loved ones adore cold coffee, the Celebration Box by Trade is the gift they need in their lives. This box includes three hand-selected craft coffee bags curated by in-house experts, plus a fourth that you get to choose.

If you’re ready for something longer term, try the Trade Coffee Subscription service. The Trade Coffee Subscription will deliver a bold and delicious brew to the door every month, with flexible delivery frequency and curated selections roasted to order.

And, a purchase from Trade Coffee supports local businesses with sustainable practices. These flavorful beans are the gift that keeps on giving.

The Pakt Travel Coffee Kit

The Pakt Coffee Kit is everything you need to make barista-quality coffee in one sleek, portable package. Use anywhere you have access to water and electricity.


If you’re looking for a gift for someone that loves to travel the world, then look no further than the Pakt Travel Coffee Kit. This kit promises barista-quality pour-over coffee anywhere there is water, electricity, and of course, ice.

This kit is so compact that they can pack it into their carry-on bag! So they’ll enjoy cups of coffee on all their camping trips and weekend getaways.

The Ninja DualBrew 12-cup Coffee Maker

On Sale

Nothing says “I love you” like an upgrade to a coffee maker. With the Ninja DualBrew 12-cup Coffee Maker, your iced coffee lover will be able to choose from three brewing methods: classic, rich, and of course, cold brew.

And if they’re feeling like a hot coffee on a cold winter day, the warming plate will keep it warm for up to four hours. 

Our favorite feature is the removable 60-ounce water reservoir that lets you take it to the sink for easy filling.

10-cup Coffee Maker with Milk Frother

Every coffee-loving gift recipient will adore this 10-cup Coffee Maker with a fold-away milk frother by Ninja. This machine isn’t like other drip coffee makers. Instead, it allows you to choose between four brew styles: classic, rich, over ice, or specialty brew.

The specialty brew setting lets you create a coffee concentrate that can make delicious coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and all your favorite brews. Perfect for espresso lovers.

And with the fold-away milk frother, you can add a frothy cream to the top. It also lets you brew anything from a single cup to a full carafe. No pods are required! 

Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

On Sale

This Electric Rapid Cold Brewer will make smooth, delicious coffee in 15 minutes. Coffee grounds spin through the water in a “tornado” motion to extract full flavor fast. 

The elegant glass coffee maker holds up to 22 ounces per batch, and the power base includes a detachable cord and whirlpool speed control. This brewer is the perfect addition to any coffee routine.

Gallon of Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This gorgeous gallon-sized Cold Brew Coffee Maker includes a stainless steel spigot for dispensing. The coffee-obsessed person in your life will love brewing ten cups at once.

The glass carafe fits easily into most refrigerators and is crafted with reinforced, extra thick glass. Coffee will stay fresh for up to two weeks, making it perfect for busy drinkers.

Quaint Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

The rustic charm of this cold brew Mason Jar Iced Coffee Maker will be the delight of your favorite coffee people. This coffee maker is easy to use, easy to clean, and made from food-grade components.

The 2-quart mason jar is durable glass that won’t retain stains or odors. The heavy-duty stainless steel filter prevents coffee grounds from entering the pot during the long brew process. The flip cap lid with a handle is leakproof and makes pouring easy.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Dispenser

The only thing better than a cup of cold-brewed coffee in the morning is ten! That’s why your favorite coffee drinker will love this Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Dispenser that holds a gallon of their favorite icy brew.

This mason jar will keep coffee fresh for weeks, and the screw-on lid is airtight and rust-free. We love that it fits easily into most refrigerators.

Airtight Glass Cold Brew Maker

On Sale

This airtight Cold Brew Coffee Maker by Ovalware holds 1.5 liters of brew and keeps it fresh for two weeks. The glass is stain and odor-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and includes a non-slip rubber cushion base.

The filter is perfect for coffee grounds or tea, and don’t feel required to make only cold coffee! This coffee maker can brew hot as well.

Personal Handheld Milk Frother

Save your coffee lover a trip to the cafe with this handheld milk frother. They’ll adore getting to be a barista at home and topping their bland brews with frothy cream.

This frother will whisk instant coffee, powdered drinks, cream, or any liquid in seconds. We love that it’s easy to clean, battery-operated, and comes in so many colors, and we bet it becomes a part of their daily routine.

Long-Lasting Coffee Chiller for Iced Coffee

This long-lasting coffee chiller is the perfect gift for the busy coffee drinker.  Your favorite coffee nerd will be sipping their icy beverage in a minute with this gift.

It works with all types of coffee makers. Simply fill it with water, pop it in the freezer overnight, and pour 12 ounces of coffee in the morning for a drink on the go. The best feature is that it keeps coffee from becoming watered down.

Silicone Ice Cube Trays

On Sale

If your favorite coffee addict loves iced coffee but hates watering it down with ice, these silicone ice cube trays are an excellent gift. These durable, food-grade silicone trays create the perfect 1.25-inch ice cubes from any drink at all.

The silicone is fade-resistant and easy to clean. Just add coffee to create the perfect ice cubes for cold brew.

Shh…Don’t Speak! Glass Coffee Mug

This hilarious glass coffee mug will say it all for the iced coffee fan in your life. With clearly marked instructions, everyone will know when a coffee drinker has reached the proper level of caffeinated goodness and is ready for conversation.

This mug holds up to 12 fluid ounces of their favorite drink and makes a great addition to a coffee gift basket.

A Tumbler for the Iced Coffee Aficionado

If you’re looking for gifts for coffee lovers who want to drink on the go and keep their cold-brewed coffee cold, then they need this gorgeous glass tumbler. This tumbler features odor-free, stain-free, 100% borosilicate glass with a bamboo lid.

The silicone sleeve provides a non-slip grip for when the coffee starts to sweat. This tumbler keeps drinks hot and cold for hours. And we love that it comes in a variety of colors.

Acrylic Tumblers with Straw Cleaner

This four-pack of colorful acrylic tumblers is the perfect coffee cup for on the go. Each cup holds 16 ounces of liquid and will keep coffee hot or cold for hours. 

This set includes lids and straws, as well as a straw cleaner. We love that the vinyl exterior allows you to customize the cups if you’re feeling crafty!

Reusable Color Changing Confetti Cups

The easiest way to tell if your coffee is cold is with this set of five Starbucks Color Changing Confetti Cups. Each cup holds 24 ounces and changes color when you add ice. In addition, this set includes five lids and straws.

These cups are perfect for on-the-go drinking and make a great addition to an iced coffee gift basket.

Three Cozy Coffee Sleeves

Keep your coffee extra cozy with these three reusable coffee sleeves. The three-pack comes in three different sizes, compatible with Mcdonalds, Starbucks, and Dunkin’. 

The 4-millimeter thick, eco-friendly sleeves slip easily over any cold brew and prevent melting ice, puddling, and sweating. These sleeves are durable, reusable, and washable.

Death Wish Coffee

If you’re shopping for adventurous coffee drinkers who are ready to take on the world’s strongest coffee, then introduce them to Death Wish Coffee. These come in a 12-pack of 8-ounce cans of iced cold brew latte.

A single can delivers 300 milligrams of caffeine. That’s more than a cup of coffee! Made from 100% organic Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, this latte contains sugar, milk, and an icy punch of caffeine.

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Ground Coffee

Bizzy guarantees optimal cold brew coffee with these 1-pound coffee bags of Organic Cold Brew Coffee. The course ground beans allow for a consistent, extra smooth brew. 

Made from ethically sourced, USDA organic Arabica beans, you’ll find notes of caramel and hazelnut. The coffee expert in your life will appreciate this on its own or in a coffee gift basket.

Cold Brew Coffee Liquid Pods

This Sumatran Dark Roast Cold Brew Concentrate comes in a 12-pack of liquid pods. Perfect for road trips, camping, and weekend getaways. 

These pods are made from 100% Arabica coffee beans and contain hints of cocoa and spice. One pod makes a 6-8 ounce cup of hot or iced coffee. Simply peel and pour.

These liquid pods are the perfect addition to a coffee gift basket.

Pure Organic Coffee Extract

This bottle of concentrated Coffee Extract is twenty times stronger than regular coffee or cold brew and perfect for creating instant iced coffee. 

Only one tablespoon of this ultra coffee contains 150 milligrams of caffeine. Your coffee connoisseur will love making lattes or iced coffee with this extract from organic and sustainable coffee beans from Central and South America.

A Microdose of Pure Liquid Coffee

The coffee professionals agree that the best way to have quick, caffeinated iced coffee without the instant coffee taste is to add a teaspoon or two of Javy Coffee Concentrate to any beverage. 

Each teaspoon contains 100 milligrams of caffeine made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. This coffee extract is crafted sustainably, roasted to order, barista grade, and a fraction of the cost of the local coffee shop. 

Starbucks Naturally Flavored Syrups

The best way to brighten up any iced coffee is with these Starbucks naturally flavored syrups. The set includes two 12 ounce bottles of vanilla and one 12 ounce bottle of caramel and hazelnut.

These are the perfect stand-alone gift for all your favorite coffee people, or add it to a coffee gift basket. And don’t feel restricted to just coffee. These syrups are delicious over ice cream too.

Classic Syrup Sampler with None of the Guilt

This syrup trio by Jordan’s Skinny Mixes guarantees to deliver all of the flavors with none of the guilt. Each bottle contains zero sugar, zero calories, and zero carbs. 

Included in this sampler are three 12-ounce bottles of salted caramel, mocha, and vanilla syrup. These make a great gift alone or added to a coffee gift basket. 

the World’s Largest Sampling of Syrups

We’re not claiming that this is the largest Syrup Sampler Gift Set, but with 18 unique flavors, we bet it’s pretty close! 

This set will elevate their iced coffee or hot chocolate. Flavors include peppermint, almond, amaretto, hazelnut, and so many more. 

A Classy Stainless Steel Mixing Spoon

On Sale

Your caffeinated friend might think a 12-inch stainless steel mixing spoon is only for cocktails, but coffee professionals love how versatile it is. The longer length makes it ideal for mixing extra-large lattes or cold brew pitchers.

This spoon is dishwasher safe and rustproof. It makes the perfect addition to a cold brew coffee gift basket.

Velvet Caviar Coffee Inspired Keychain

On Sale

Your coffee lover may still lose their keys, but this Coffee Inspired Keychain by Velvet Caviar will make them easier to find. All designs are hand-drawn by NYC artists and made to stand out. 

Each keyring contains gold-plated alloy and an enamel finish to prevent fading. This keyring is also the perfect addition to a coffee gift basket.

The Coffee Advent Calendar

Bean Box Advent Calendar
Twelve Mornings of Coffee Advent Calendar

The Twelve Mornings of Coffee™ Advent Calendar captures the flavors of the season with tasting notes including: roasted chestnut, cranberry, sugar & spice, and everything nice. Every Bean Box Twelve Mornings of Coffee™ gift box features a tasting flight of our limited edition holiday blends ready to be revealed.


What could be better than a new cup of coffee for the twelve days of Christmas? The iced coffee enthusiast in your life will love this Coffee Advent Calendar by Bean Box Deluxe Coffee.

Behind every door is a new limited-edition holiday blend. Imagine your loved one pouring notes of cranberry, roasted chestnut, sugar and spice, over ice!

We love that it arrives gift-wrapped and ready for the holiday.

Happy Caffeinating! 

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