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Handground Grinder Review

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Handground Grinder Review

There are many ways people can create a perfect coffee blend to start their mornings. Although some people are comfortable using quick and easy ways to make their coffee, others may prefer controlling their coffee’s flavor and richness quality themselves.

If you want consistent grind performance, you’ll need the Handground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder to support your coffee routine.

Check out our Handground Coffee Grinder review below or take a look at some of your other grinder options!

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Manual Coffee Grinder

Before buying a manual grinder, there are several factors you’ll need to consider. Although the ideal manual coffee grinder will differ from person to person, tons of people find them more appropriate for their brewing methods than automatic grinders.

Hopper Capacity

If you’re the type of person who wants to brew large quantities of coffee, it would be wise to find a manual grinder that can hold several grams of coffee beans.

If your hopper’s capacity is too small and you spend time grinding your beans in smaller increments, your coffee may start to lose its flavor.

Burr Material

While some manual grinders incorporate blades in their design, others have burrs. Typically,  burr grinders have two burrs that evenly crush and grind your coffee, unlike traditional blade grinders, which slice your beans and leave you with inconsistent grind size.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel burrs tend to retain and heat up swiftly compared to other materials. This material may be more appropriate for coffee enthusiasts who prefer coffee with smaller grind particles for their brews.


Ceramic burrs tend to be long-lasting. Unlike stainless steel burrs, they don’t retain as much heat or produce it quickly. Ceramic burrs won’t rust or deteriorate when exposed to large quantities of heat or moisture.

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They are also more fragile than metal burrs, so it would be wise to keep them from falling off your kitchen counters.

Product Overview – Handground Precision Coffee Grinder

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The Handground Precision Coffee Grinder has a wide hopper capable of loading up to 100 grams of coffee per grind, with measurement marks located on the side representing approximately 10 grams per line.

This hopper also locks tightly to keep your beans from making a mess and grips onto flat surfaces to ensure they won’t shake excessively while in use.

It also has several settings to give you the grind coarseness you want for your daily coffee needs. If you’re a coffee fan who wants to experiment with your grinds, this feature might be ideal for you.

Things We Liked

  • Adjustable grind selector with a total of 15 coarseness settings to match your brewing methods.
  • It has a removable crank mechanism that eliminates 90% of the noises electric grinders make.
  • Lock and load hopper that loads up to 100 grams of coffee.
  • 40-millimeter conical ceramic burr that crushes your beans evenly.

Room for Improvement

  • Its gears may desynchronize and loosen over time.
  • You may have difficulty cleaning the bean oils from the top hopper.
  • It may be challenging to set the grind size between each number.
  • You can’t remove the burrs if you need to dislodge something.

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Features and Benefits

The  Handground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder has many features that may pique your coffee brewing interests. Whether you’re in the mood for a pour-over, cold brew, or espresso, you may need to make as many adjustments as you can to create the perfect brew.

If you’re interested in its functional or cosmetic features, it would be best to determine what you want in a grinder before selecting one that suits your needs. Like others, I prefer using the best tools for making my coffee, so it would be wise to use each of these features to their fullest extent.

Side Mounted Handle

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While most manual coffee grinders have crank handles located on the top of the device, the Handground has one located on its side. This feature might be useful for people who prefer grinding their coffee more naturally.

When you seal the Handground’s hopper, you can place one of your hands on top of it. This feature is ideal for giving users a more comfortable experience without worrying about the device getting too shaky. Unlike horizontal grinders, vertical models encourage an ideal amount of force during each crank.

Design-wise, the handle has a solid aluminum build with a pakka wood knob on its end.

Balanced Conical Ceramic Burr

If you’re like me and prefer your cup with even particle size, you may find the Handground’s ceramic burr useful for your daily coffee needs. This ceramic burr has an intricate design to balance its grinding speed and torque amount on each handle turn, despite its 40-millimeter measurement.

Ceramic burrs tend to last five times longer than traditional stainless steel blades, so it would be best to keep it from falling off your countertop. If you need to clean the burr with water, it won’t rust after prolonged exposure to moisture and you won’t have to replace it after it corrodes.

Adjustable Ring for Grind Sizes and Coarseness Settings

Another aspect of the Handground I enjoy is the adjustable grind selector. It functions similarly to a camera lens’s focus ring by lowering by raising the conical burr based on where you turn it clockwise or counterclockwise.

Its first setting produces a fine grind, while its eighth creates a coarse grind. You can also designate your grind between each numbered, giving users a total of 15 grinding settings.

If you need a reference for your personalized brewing methods, the Handground comes with a magnet for your kitchen. It lists different brewing techniques, the grind settings you should consider, the hopper’s measurement marks, and how much coffee and water you should add.

If you want a good grind consistency for your pour-over, I recommend setting the ring’s level to 3.5. Most of the time, particle size distribution can be affected as grind size goes up. If you want a fine, even espresso blend, set it to the first, and if you want the same consistency for your French Press, adjust the ring to its last setting.

No matter what coffee style you prefer, consistency is key to balancing its flavor.

Easy Cleaning

If there’s one thing I appreciate from the Handground Precision Manual Grinder, it’s how easy it is to clean. If you need to clean your grinder, unscrew its inner burr compartment and remove it. After doing that, you can clean it with warm water or a brush and reassemble it shortly.

One advantage that manual grinders have over electric ones is the simplicity of cleaning and recalibrating it after prolonged use. While some electric and manual grinders won’t let you access the burr area, the Handground allows users to reach it and clean it without any issues.

Due to the Handground’s sleek and clear design, users can spot stains on its surface and remove them within minutes.

Gripping Base

When I grind my coffee beans, I find it frustrating how mine wobbles as I try to make my coarse grinds. Each grinder has a grip pad on the glass catcher’s base. The extra grip is also useful for reducing the strength needed to keep it steady.

To further enhance the Handground’s stability, it also incorporates a triple-mounted axle running through the grinder’s center. Having extra support for daily grinding makes preparation more enjoyable and saves time to dedicate my free time to my hobbies.


Another aspect I love about the Handground is its compact size. Suppose your office space runs out of premade coffee grinds, and there’s a long line for the coffee machine. You may not even have enough time to measure your grams of coffee to match your preferences.

If you bring the grinder with you on your commute, you can prepare your coffee beans efficiently without wasting time and grinds for your coffee intake. No matter what size your house is, the Handground takes up enough space in any place. Its lightweight characteristics also make it easy to store when you finish using it.

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Alternatives and Conclusion

We think this manual grinder makes an excellent addition to anyone interested in making multiple quality cups a day of any brew style. Its compact size and design make it ideal for any kitchen or office environment. Its side-mounted handle also provides natural motion while grinding with your dominant hand and allows you to keep it balanced with your other hand. The price isn’t our favorite but there are always other options if you’re on a tighter budget.

Some people might be more comfortable using a manual grinder with stainless steel burrs. The Comandante Grinder is an excellent portable alternative for your home. Although it’s not ideal for making more than six cups of coffee at a time, its design incorporates wood and stainless steel to ensure long-lasting durability.

If you prefer using electric coffee grinders, but want a model with many grind size settings, the Oxo Burr Grinder might be ideal for you. Its bean capacity is approximately 110 grams and has a one-touch start feature to grind your coffee to be as coarse or fine as you want.

Suppose you prefer wasting less time grinding and cleaning your manual grinder. In that case, the 1Zpresso Manual Grinder is a valuable option that allows users to clean it easily by dismantling it without tools or calibration. This manual grinder lets users create a grind within 18 to 40 seconds.

Happy Caffienating!

Handground Grinder Review: Flavor You Work For
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