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Simple Iced Latte Recipe

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If espresso is too strong for your liking but you need that caffeine to get you through the day, you’ve come to the right recipe. This iced latte recipe is only two ingredients and adds an easy twist that is totally worth the extra steps. No sugar required!

Iced Latte Recipe

Let us show you why we think our extra steps are needed for a much less bitter and much more enjoyable iced latte.


In a typical, maybe not as tasty, iced latte recipe, you would gather your prepped espresso and milk, combine them over ice, and call it a day. We want to change that. In this recipe, we start with steaming the milk. Sounds counterintuitive, huh? Stick with us!

While we heat the milk, we bring out the sweetness that milk can give us in a nice iced latte. Adding to that, the steamed milk gives us a frothy texture and cuts the bitterness from the straight espresso we put in. 

If you’re still on the fence, check out the process and watch as our simple iced latte gets reimagined with the same ingredients but a few tricks to make it worthwhile.

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Remember, this recipe only calls for two-ingredients; unless you count the ice! Our espresso and milk will be the main contenders in this iced latte recipe.


Step 1: 

Fill your cup with ice.  When you pour over ice, you’re probably going to want a glass that holds 16-20 ounces so you have enough room for your delicious concoction.

Ice In Glass

Step 2:

Prep your milk and espresso. We recommend about 8 ounces of milk for this recipe. Any milk option will do but with heavier milk, like 2% or whole, you will be able to take more bitterness out of the espresso and add to the sweetness of the drink.


We went with 16.5 grams of ground espresso beans which equals out to be a little under 2 ounces of espresso. Of course, use however much espresso your heart desires but you may then need to find a larger glass and more milk! 


Step 3: 

Steam your milk. Only about 3-4 seconds of steaming should be enough! This will create a nice texture and give our drink more body. It will feel lukewarm to the touch and have a gentle frothy consistency. 

Steamed Milk

Step 4: 

Combine your ingredients. Pour a little bit of milk over your ice to start. 

Milk and Ice

Add some of your milk to the espresso shot to cool it down before pouring your espresso over your ice as well. This is key so you don’t end up with a watered-down latte.

Milk and Espresso

Top it off with the rest of your milk, and voila! A simple iced latte recipe with a twist.

Milk Over Latte

If you have an espresso machine at-hand and are looking for something on a hot summer morning, this twisted recipe will be everything you need and more!

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Iced Latte Recipe

Iced Latte Recipe

Yield: 1
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

A simple twist to a typical iced latte recipe that'll sweeten your drink without adding sugar.


  • Ice
  • 7-9 ounces of milk of your preference
  • 16.5 grams of ground espresso beans


      1. Fill your cup with ice.
      2. Prep your milk and espresso.
      3. Steam your milk for about 3-4 seconds until lukewarm.
      4. Pour a little bit of milk over your ice.
      5. Add some of your milk to the espresso before pouring your espresso over your ice as well.
      6. Top it off with the rest of your milk, and voila!
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