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Is A Keurig Worth It?

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In a world where everything seems rushed, and many of us are running from place to place, we desire to have things available to us as quickly as possible. Prompt turnaround times work best with a fast-paced schedule when a cup of coffee can make all the difference in the world.

One of the products that help us accomplish a critical morning task in record time is the Keurig. This coffee maker allows you to make a whole pot of coffee or a single cup of coffee (depending on the model) in just a few minutes. But the million-dollar question is – is a Keurig worth it? This article will provide information to help you decide.

Keurig Background Information

Keurig And Coffee

John Sylvan invented the famous single cup coffee maker in the early 1990s. He was looking for another option besides cups of coffee sitting in an office pot for hours during the day. He and Peter Dragone, former college roommates, then partnered to start the Keurig company in 1992. 
Shortly after the development of the business, they collaborated with Green Mountain Coffee to have access to more capital for further product improvements. This collaboration is why early Keurig models came packaged with Green Mountain Coffee K-cups. Green Mountain was the first brand of coffee to use pod packaging. 

Since its inception, Keurig has gone on to create many different types of hot coffee makers. They have single-serve options for the basic coffee lover, commercial-grade products, and customizable machines that let you increase the strength and temperature of your favorite coffee. They even sell machines that make hot chocolate or soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper.

Some Keurig Coffee Makers Include:

  • K-Slim
  • K-Mini
  • K-Elite
  • K-Cafe
  • K-Supreme
  • K-155 Office Pro
  • K-Duo
  • K-Classic

How Does It Work?

The Keurig does the job of brewing coffee by utilizing a small capsule filled with coffee grounds. This single-serving capsule is known as a K-cup. The top of the coffee machine has a unique opening designed for the K-cup. After filling the water tank and inserting the pod, you can then select the strength and the size option you are looking to brew, depending on the model.

Once the coffee brewing is complete, you can dispose of the K-cup coffee capsule either by putting it in the trash or recycling, if applicable. To make another drink, you insert a fresh pod and start the process over again.

The care and maintenance of a Keurig are similar to a typical coffee pot. However, Keurigs are very sensitive to hard water so a descaling is necessary from time to time. Many customers with hard water have to use purified water for their machines or risk the internal components failing due to build-up. 

Does Keurig Make Good Coffee?

Although there are many benefits to the casual coffee drinker in owning a Keurig, there are some disadvantages as well. Some of these pertain to the quality, including taste, of the home-brewed coffee.


  • Quick turnaround time allows for a quick coffee after dinner
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Many coffee companies’ products are available in K-cup 
  • Comes in single cup or carafe option


  • K-cups are more costly than bagged coffee grounds
  • High purchase price of the fancier coffee makers
  • Weak coffee strength compared to your neighborhood coffee shop
  • Not environmentally friendly

Because the K-cups come pre-made with the coffee already in the coffee pod, the grounds can become stale if not used in a reasonable time. The small amount that they package within the pods doesn’t offer a very flavorful experience either. 

Even with newer models offering higher strength levels, the coffee created by Keurig doesn’t match what other brand’s makers produce. 

Additionally, the cost per cup to purchase K-cups versus a scoop of coffee grounds can differ significantly, depending on the brand, type, and price of the coffee you buy. If you’re into high-quality coffee beans, it can get pretty expensive

The Keurig itself can be expensive compared to regular coffee makers or even to a reasonable drip coffee maker. Although it sells alongside other single-serve coffee makers, its limited features compared to other brands and models set it apart from its competitors. 

Lastly, the biggest concern is the amount of waste that the K-cup pods produce compared to a regular drip coffee maker. Although K-cups are now more environmentally friendly and can be recycled, many users are not taking steps to recycle them. 

Because of that, there are billions of K-cups sitting in landfills throughout the world. 

Can You Use a Keurig Without K-Cups?

The answer is yes; you can use a Keurig without K-cups. They now offer reusable pods made of plastic that coffee drinkers can reuse for each cup of coffee.

To use these sustainable pod options, you spoon in a small amount of your preferred pre-ground coffee beans and replace the lid. You then insert the plastic pod into your Keurig and, with one minute brew time, brew a cup of coffee as you typically would.

This new sustainable option has its benefits. First, it is much cheaper to buy ground coffee than a package of K-cups. Secondly, it means fewer pods in our landfills.

What issue this does not compensate for is the weak coffee taste. Although you can avoid the staleness issue associated with coffee sitting in a pod over time, the small amount of grounds that go into making each cup still creates a less than rich brew of your average coffee.

Is A Keurig Worth It?

If you’re not a coffee snob, a Keurig is a perfect addition. The ease of use and quick function, as well as the smaller portions and additional features, makes it a natural extension of anyone’s kitchen and morning routine.

However, for those who desire a high-quality specialty brew in their morning cup, the Keurig will not meet their needs. The small number of grounds used and the containers that hold them do not allow for a potent brew. 

In a world where everything seems rushed, we desire to have things as quickly as possible to accommodate our ever-changing and busy schedules. Prompt turnaround times work best for us in many different instances. 

Although a Keurig is a helpful addition to the lives of many, it can be a source of frustration for others and not worth it. With many coffee-making options on the market comparable to the Keurig in quality and price, but often with more standout features, there are other routes to take to guarantee an excellent start to your morning coffee routine. 

Happy Caffeinating!

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