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Does Kahlua Contain Caffeine?

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If you’re unfamiliar with Kahlua, it is one of the world’s leading coffee liqueurs and a staple to many favorite coffee-themed cocktails. It has a long, rich history from its birthplace in Mexico and uses local ingredients from the surrounding area.

So, does it have caffeine? Will it help boost your energy during a long night out or on a Monday morning in your coffee cup?

Let’s talk about Kahlua and its history, drink mixes, and caffeine content. 

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What is Kahlua?

Kahlua Caffeine

Kahlua was born in 1936 in the Mexican city of Veracruz, where they still make it today. It was created by the Alvarez brothers, who dreamed up the concept of coffee alcohol. The brothers made their dream a reality by using local ingredients from Veracruz. 

Carefully crafted and brewed to perfection, this Mexican coffee liqueur is a worldwide staple for many coffee lovers. The product from Veracruz today is the same that took the world by storm in the decades following its invention.

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The Original Kahlua has the flavor of rich black coffee, roasted chestnuts, and delicious sweet butter. It’s a combination of Arabica coffee and rum, so the ingredients are simple and unforgettable. There are some other flavors and mixtures available that offer unique experiences. 

Kahlua is coffee made from 100% Arabica beans grown and distilled over seven years.

Yes, you read that right, seven years for Kahlua liqueur. 

The coffee used in Kahlua takes six years to grow and prepare before you can buy it at home. This long, loving process ensures that all bottles of Kahlua taste incredible and consistent all around the globe.

The Creation Process

The Arabica coffee beans for Kahlua are shade-grown, meaning the growth process takes considerably longer than if the coffee trees were in full sun. The beans are inside coffee cherries, which need time to mature. 

Once these beans mature and reach a dark red color, they are opened, and the beans are extracted for the roasting process. 

Before the beans are roasted, they are left to rest for about six months. 

The rum in Kahlua is made from sugar cane. This iconic rum is mixed and left to rest with the extracted coffee for a month before it is bottled up and sent around the globe for everyone to enjoy. 

Does Kahlua have caffeine?

Yes, it does have caffeine. 

Since it is made from 100% Arabica coffee and rum, there’s no flavoring or watering down the natural caffeine from the coffee. Kahlua keeps it simple and authentic.

Now, to be fair, it is not going to give you much of a caffeine buzz. 

The standard serving of Kahlua is 1.5 ounces and contains roughly 5 mg of caffeine. You would need quite a few drinks to feel anything from that amount (it’s doubtful you’d be feeling the caffeine more than the rum at that point). 

If you are adding Kahlua as a pick-me-up in your morning cup of coffee, the caffeine is a pleasant addition. An 8-ounce cup of coffee contains up to 200 milligrams of caffeine. The level of caffeine punch depends on the type, roast, and brewing method. 

By itself, Kahlua isn’t a reliable way to get your caffeine kick. However, adding it to a coffee beverage or cocktail certainly won’t make you drowsy. 

Popular Drinks

This delicious coffee liqueur has a lot of options drink-wise to enhance and add to your cocktail or coffee. 

The original, winning drink that put Kahlua on the map and exploded in popularity was the White Russian, a drink made of Kahlua, Absolut vodka, and heavy cream. This Hollywood drink has been popular for decades and remains the foundation of Kahlua inclusive drinks.

The Black Russian is the hardcore big brother of the White Russian. This drink is made with only Kaluha and Absolut vodka for an unforgettable kick. 

Adding Kahlua to an Espresso Martini is a drink that boasts a nice wake-up and alcohol content. It’s a perfect martini to have with brunch or before you head out for a long night. 

You can add Kahlua to any latte, cold brew, or iced coffee you make at home. For an extensive list of options for Kahlua drinks, see the official list here


Kahlua Original is a mix of pure Arabica coffee and rum. It has a small dose of caffeine per serving, so you can’t get your daily amount from it, but you can add it to any coffee drink. Drink responsibly and enjoy the limitless combinations. 

Happy Caffeinating! 

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