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MistoBox vs. Craft Coffee: Which Subscription Is for You?

MistoBox Coffee and Craft Coffee both strive to provide you with high-quality, freshly roasted coffee. While MistoBox focuses on having a wide selection of authentically grown coffee from around the world, Craft Coffee makes sure they’re one of the cheaper subscription options.

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When getting a coffee subscription box, you want to ensure you’re getting high-quality, delicious coffee at a good price.

That’s why we love MistoBox Coffee and Craft Coffee subscription services. Both of these options meet these requirements, it just depends on how much of a budget you’re on and whether you want to receive the coffee you’re familiar with or branch out to new regions.

mistobox vs craft coffee

What is MistoBox Coffee?

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  • Personalized coffee selections
  • Freshly-roasted whole bean and pre-ground options
  • Each 12 oz. bag makes ~24 cups of coffee
  • Delivered on your schedule straight to your door
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MistoBox Coffee is a good coffee subscription choice because they offer a large variety of coffee from around the world with over 500 different options to choose from. They also give you access to many of the country’s most talented roasters.

MistoBox Coffee

After you take a short quiz, MistoBox gives you suggestions based on your flavor profile, and you can choose all of the coffee you want to try using your Brew Queue. From there, you can pick the order in which the coffee is delivered to you and how often.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what you might like from their library of beans, you can always contact one of their coffee curators to help.

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What is Craft Coffee?

The neat thing about Craft Coffee is that they make it their mission to provide you with the best coffee at the best prices. Before you begin a subscription with them, they ask you what you currently drink day-to-day.

Based on that answer, they give you several suggestions that meet your taste profile. Since Craft doesn’t have a large variety of authentically grown coffee from around the world, they try their hardest to match the flavors of popular coffee brands.

Craft Coffee subscription

The main blends they roast are Streetlight, Into the Black, Daydream, Throwback, and Day in the Life, all of which have similar tastes to bigger coffee brands.

Other blends include Fascination, Ruckus, Wanderer, and Shoulders of Giants, all similar to some of the smaller coffee brands.

Craft Coffee roasts its own coffee to guarantee quality and freshness, but they also have different grinds for any methods you may use to make your daily cup of coffee, whether that be for your espresso machine or a French Press!

How Are They Similar?

MistoBox Coffee and Craft Coffee subscription services are similar in that they make sure you’re receiving high-quality and freshly roasted coffee in every shipment.

They also have different options within their subscriptions to fit your coffee fix needs. They also let you pick which coffee is sent to you from their suggestions, and you can always change your delivery frequency based on how often you run out!

How Are They Different?

However, MistoBox Coffee and Craft Coffee are different in many ways. While MistoBox gives you a variety of coffee options from all over the world, Craft Coffee is limited to its custom blends.

But because of this method, Craft Coffee roasts are cheaper than MistoBox coffees. So, if your purchase of a coffee subscription box depends on affordability, we’ve listed the exact cost comparisons.

MistoBox Coffee Pricing

You have three-tier options with the MistoBox Coffee subscription.

The Basic tier, which has a goal of simply providing you with good coffee, starts at $10.95 per 12-ounce bag before shipping.

The Deluxe tier, which is promoted as exquisite coffee for coffee experts, starts at $12.71 before shipping.

pouring MistoBox coffee into a wooden cup

The Exclusive tier, which contains some very limited roasts, starts at $15.26 before shipping.

All of these allow you to create a shipment schedule ranging from every week to every month. You can always edit this delivery frequency and change your subscription.

Craft Coffee Pricing

Craft Coffee prides itself on being one of the cheapest coffee subscription services, so here’s the rundown.

Your standard 12-ounce bags of coffee start at $7.99 per bag! They also have other options, which can go up to $10.99 per bag.

If you want a bag of single-origin coffee, the prices start at $11.99 each. Craft Coffee also has a decaf option, which starts at $7.99 per bag, as well.

Moreover, Craft Coffee guarantees free shipping! The delivery frequency can be changed anywhere from every week to every month, or you can even create your own custom delivery cycle.

Choosing How You Get Your Fresh Coffee

So, you’ve officially decided you want to get a coffee subscription. But which one is right for you? Well, we’ve created a table that will hopefully help you out a bit more.

MistoBox CoffeeCraft Coffee
Coffee QualityHigh-quality coffee from all around the worldHigh-quality coffee made to match popular coffee brands
Blend or Single-OriginBlend and Single-OriginBlend and Single-Origin
CustomizationGiven suggestions to create your own Brew QueueGiven suggestions to choose which coffees get sent to you
RoastingFreshly roasted from top-rated roasters around the countryFreshly roasted in their own roastery
Pricing$11-$16 before shipping$8-$12 and free shipping

Whether you choose MistoBox Coffee for its wide variety of coffee beans from around the world or Craft Coffee for its amazingly cheap prices, we hope you find the coffee subscription perfect for you!

We love both of these services and can tell you, that no matter which you choose, you’ll be happy with the coffee you get.

Happy Caffeinating!

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