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Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Cycle Not Working

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If you have a Ninja Coffee Bar system, you already know that it is the peak achievement of Western Civilization. If you don’t have one, you can never understand and will never be as good as the rest of us until you get one.

But, it still has to be cleaned because even a coffee machine gifted from Olympus, like this one, can’t make good coffee if it’s dirty. If the cleaning process isn’t working, your entire life can grind to a caffeine-headache halt. 

Maybe the machine is really dirty, perhaps you’re doing something wrong, or there’s a chance the computer inside is hinky. Whatever the case, you’ve got to get that clean cycle to work.

If you haven’t yet cleaned your Ninja Coffee Bar, you need to do so now, and here’s how. But since the Ninja Coffee Bar is a machine, sometimes it won’t work like it’s supposed to. Here are some of the most common issues people encounter when trying to clean the Ninja Coffee Bar.

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Failure to Deep Clean

If you’ve been running the cleaning cycle regularly but not running a deep clean, your machine’s cleaning cycle may not run correctly due to limescale buildup, or mineral deposits. Running a deep cleaning cycle involves using white vinegar or a descaling solution, then stopping and starting the cycle manually to allow the liquid to dislodge the limescale.

However, if you’ve not done this before, enough limescale can build up in the machine to interfere with the cleaning cycle. Check your device for apparent signs of limescale, including opening it up. 

Once you’ve found an excessive amount of limescale, you’ve likely diagnosed your problem. Clean out the scale, run a cleaning cycle, make some coffee, and go back to living life like a normal human being.

Pressing the Wrong Button

If pressing the wrong button is your issue, just don’t tell anyone. Keep it to yourself, or your friends will mock you. Many people run their clean cycle, then complain that it didn’t clean anything and the Ninja Coffee Bar clean light is still on.

However, if they pressed one of the brewing buttons, all that happened was regular water ran through the coffee maker in a regular brew cycle with no coffee grounds involved. Well, fresh water and vinegar, so it’s not like you got some warm water you could drink.

Be sure you press the Clean button. It will have a light under it to make it even easier to find. If you have been making this mistake, you’re not alone. Still, keep it to yourself.

The Basket Has to Be In Place

Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Cycle Not Working

It’s a legitimate mistake people make and one that’s completely understandable. We all know we must remove the coffee grounds for the clean cycle to do any good. There’s no purpose in running the clean cycle if there are grounds in the machine, and you’ll be wasting coffee grounds. 

If you went to the trouble to get your coffee grounds from us, that’s even more of a tragic waste. But the mistake people run into is taking the brew basket completely out before running the clean cycle. 

Sure, you want the grounds out of the machine, and this is a logical way to get them out, but the basket needs cleaning as much as the rest of the Ninja Coffee Bar does. Plus, the clean cycle won’t run without the basket firmly lodged in its rightful place.

A Reset

You know how sometimes the IT guy at your office comes up with really spectacular advice like, “Did you try turning it off and then back on?” and you wonder to yourself how much they pay this guy for phenomenal insights like that one?

The thing is that sometimes, he’s right. Your Ninja Coffee Bar has a computer in it that’s a little brother to the desktop you have at the office, meaning that sometimes, it just needs resetting.

Unplug the machine, leave it unplugged for at least five minutes, then plug it back in. You will, much more often than not, be able to run the clean cycle after that.

If All Else Fails

Unless there’s something genuinely wrong with your Ninja Coffee Bar, you’ve likely already fixed the problem if you’ve read this far. But if you’ve tried all these things, then it may be time to call the pros, and I don’t mean a plumber or a barista. Contacting Ninja can get you good results, as their customer service seems to be pretty top-notch.

But the chances are that once you made sure excess lime wasn’t the problem, you weren’t pushing the wrong button and that you might need a good old off-and-on reset, you’re back to normal and not panicking about your coffee needs getting met tomorrow morning. 

You shouldn’t have trouble at all with this glorious machine, but if you do, the solution is often an easy one to find.

Happy Caffeinating! 

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