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Oxo Burr Grinder Review: Simple & Significant Option For Coffee Grinding

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When it comes to a burr grinder purchase, you want to focus on a product that provides you flexibility and consistency. The nature of the Oxo Burr Grinder enables you to grind your coffee beans into uniform particles and create your ideal cup of coffee.

The OXO Burr gives you the convenient option to grind the beans coarse for the french press, or more excellent for the espresso maker.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Burr Grinder

OXO Grinder

The buying decision for a burr grinder is crucial, and there are many important things to consider. The first is the capacity of the grinder. Depending on how many people you make coffee for, you want to ensure that you make the appropriate amounts.

If you want to achieve a better cup of coffee, you should aim to grind small amounts at a time. The size of your grinder also needs to be suitable for your kitchen layout and household needs.

The investment in a coffee maker is also for the long haul. You want to prioritize products with stainless steel material because it costs less to repair or replace. Instead of substituting out the entire grinder, you can purchase individual burrs and fix it that way.

The speed of a grinder is also a vital aspect to consider when buying a coffee grinder. You should make sure and look for lower speed products because of convenience. The high-speed grinders create a higher static charge so that the particles will stick to the interior surfaces. This issue will make it difficult to clean.

Brief Product Overview

IMG 0086 scaledThe Oxo Burr Grinder comes in a much simpler design than its sister product, which comes with an integrated scale. The conical framework of the regular Oxo Burr offers a tapered design with 15 various grind settings.

The product is user-friendly, and you just turn the dial to the desired time for grinding and then push to start. Oxo Burr’s gold exterior color, compared to black in most of Oxo’s competitors, gives you a unique aesthetic for your kitchen.

While this product does not contain a scale like a lot of its competitors, it does hold a bean capacity of 12 ounces, compared to the lesser 8 of other grinders. The necessary fixtures that come with the Oxo Burr Grinder include:

  • Bean hopper lid
  • Bean hopper
  • Hopper knob
  • Removable upper burr
  • Grinder body
  • Grounds chute
  • Coffee scoop

The critical promise that this product makes is to help you have freedom and control over the consistency of your coffee grounds. The Oxo Burr provides burrs that are stainless steel and allow you to grind finer particles for espresso and coarser ones for the french press. Led by a multitude of different grind settings, combined with a compact design, you receive a coffee grinder with a suitable balance of benefits.

What We Like

When you evaluate your different product options, you need to look at the decision from all angles. Here are the things that we like about the Oxo Burr Grinder:

  • Quickly produces coffee grounds that are quality and consistent
  • The interface is simple and straightforward to use
  • The compact design makes it durable and reliable
  • The airtight hopper is UV-tinted and enables you to hold whole beans in the grinder for storage
  • The product has a low static, which prevents a mess

What We Don’t Like

But there a few things that need improvement:

  • There is no scale option available, compared to other grinder options
  • The most-fine grind is not suitable for the top-tier espresso machine
  • The coarsest grind result tends to be slightly inconsistent

Features and Benefits

The attractiveness of the Oxo Burr Grinder comes from its simple, but useful functionality. You have options for your type of grind, and the timer is simple to set up. This product is made for the minimalist coffee drinker, who is mindful of his grinding.

Durability Driven by the Conical Burrs

The product comes with a robust set of conical burrs, which are the critical piece of the Oxo Burr’s operation. Since the grinder promises uniform grind results for your coffee preferences, the burrs’ performance is essential.

While a conical burr grinder may spin at a slower speed than a flat burr grinder, this means that it will emit less noise in your kitchen. These sharp conical burrs also create a smaller amount of friction, which leads to fewer clumps and buildup in your grinder.

If you are always on the go, you do not have time to clean up your grinder. Extra maintenance creates work that you don’t need. You should already place a preference on low static grinders, but the Oxo Burr Grinder takes it a step further with its convenient grind speed.

The setup of the conical burrs is built for longevity. One of the burrs remains still in its place, while the other burr rotates to deliver the crushing or grinding part of the process. It is not the burrs themselves that produce the fine or coarse grounds, but the sharper ridges found on the edges of the burrs.

Since the Oxo Burr Grinder provides you 15 different grind options, you already have control over the intensity and desired consistency of the grounds. But, the conical burrs give you an extra level of authority of how you want your beans to finish ground.

IMG 0087 scaled

The many different benefits of the conical burrs all come down to one result, which you crave the most, and that is a better overall flavor.


The convenient interface comes from the clear and concise ground settings, as well as the timer right below. For someone who is making a cup first thing in the morning, the process only takes a few turns and a press.

This product keeps it simple because there is no panel for touch-control, but it provides you with just two main functions. The knob gives you the timeframe to set from 0 to 30 seconds. Another convenient feature is that the dial does not reset, so you can save time and go straight to the start button.


OXO BURR GRINDER Precise grind size

On the upside of the bean hopper, there is a grind select feature. This circular dial gives you the option to twist to one of the 15 grind settings, catered to your desire and needs. Please ensure that you stay away from the finest or coarsest grind settings, as it may produce less than consistent results.

The slower RPM of the Oxo Burr also means less noise in your kitchen. For a product in the $100 range, you are getting everything you need, without the hassle and complexity of an overpowering grinder.

Fights Static

Coffee lovers gravitate toward the Oxo Burr Grinder because of its manageable grind speed. The simple design of the conical stainless-steel burrs limits the heat, which could alter the taste and quality of the ground coffee bean product.

MEtal cup

The pure speed of the burr blades also prevents the product from heating up and causing an inconsistent grind. The Oxo also contains a prong for grounding, which is in the power plug. This fixture allows the bin to keep the static down and produce a smooth grind.



OXO BURR GRINDER Stainless steel grounds container

The Oxo Burr Grinder provides comfort for the active coffee drinker who needs a quick cup on the go. You will be spending less time on maintenance with your grinder, thanks to the stainless-steel design. There are valuable benefits that a stainless-steel grinder provides that a ceramic one does not.

While stainless steel blades might become duller quicker than a ceramic blade, they will peak higher. When you first purchase a stainless-steel grinder like the Oxo, the burrs will give you more precision for the grounds. For most of the product life, you are guaranteed uniformity in your result.

No matter how many people are in your household, this product has you covered. Because of the oversized bean hopper, the grinder can produce up to 0.75 pounds of coffee during a single session.

Because the hopper is completely sealed, you can extend the life of the beans and keep them in the container. They will not spoil, and the grind consistency will stay the same, while they get stored inside.

Hopper OXO burr grinder

So, what is the typical flavor profile of the convenient steel burrs? Because they aim to make even grounds, they are less likely to produce the finest grounds. These types of burrs best accommodate pour-over, batch, or home coffee brewers.

Although the Oxo Burr does not produce the most pristine grounds, they are suitable for creating an espresso that is modern style. And depending on your desired setting, you can conveniently program the machine to give you an ideal grind consistency for the french press.

When you do find the time to clean the coffee grinder in-depth, you can remove the top burr for precise cleaning. Because of this simple process, you can keep yourself accountable in maintaining the burrs clean so that they will last longer.


OXO BURR GRINDER UV-blocking hopper

Because of the Oxo Burr’s compact design, you will receive a consistent brew. A big reason for this guaranteed flavor is the UV-blocking tint, which gets paired with the airtight hopper. UV rays could have an impact on the quality of the beans, so this combats this issue.

When you wash the steel burrs, they will not rust as much over water. Although they will not be as long-lasting as the ceramic, you are always going to get a more consistent distribution of grounds because of the durable design.

Because of the lack of static and buildup of coffee ground clumps, this product is a consistent cleanup. With a simple removal of the conical burr, your cleaning and restoration process should take little to no time at all.

Other Alternatives to the Oxo Burr Grinder

The Oxo Burr Grinder is designed with consistency and simplicity in mind. For someone who needs a compact, trustworthy product to get the job done, this is the perfect product. The straightforward interface that allows you to not waste time in your coffee grinding process.

And for someone who does not switch up their coffee routine a lot, this product makes it easy because of the default grind setting and simple timer knob, which starts after a simple push of a button.

Uniform coffee grounds are a top priority for this product, too, mainly because of the stainless-steel conical burrs. Because they do not overheat and create friction, you can expect a quality and consistent product.

Although the overall structure of the product is not significant, you can create and store a large number of grounds. You can prepare coarsely or find grounds for just yourself or a crowd of people if you desire. You can also save the grounded beans in the sealed container without them spoiling.

While 15 grind settings offer you a simple set of options, there are quality products that provide you a more extensive selection like the Baratza Encore conical burr grinder. This product offers many of the benefits that the Oxo does, but you will need to purchase it at a slight premium because of the versatility.

If you are looking for a more precise ground setting in grams, cups, or ounces, you may want to look at products that have an intuitive scale. Another excellent option for you to evaluate is the Krups GX420851, which provides this automatic scale and produces a little less noise than the Oxo Burr Grinder.


Overall, if you are focused on a reliable grinder that does not break the bank, the Oxo Grinder is the way to go. Given that it has an above-average grind performance for a less than average price, you are investing in this product for its intrinsic value.

The important thing is to go after a grinder product that will match your needs and daily routine. You want an option that will make your life easier, provide you with a consistent grind, and perk you up to tackle the day with confidence.


Oxo Burr Grinder Review: Simple & Significant Option For Coffee Grinding
oxo burr

With 15 different grind settings and a simple design that's easy to use, the Oxo Burr is a great choice for all grinding needs. Check out our full review.

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