Blonde Espresso Buzz: 6 Starbucks Must-Trys!

What Is Blonde Espresso?

Blonde Espresso uses lightly roasted beans with a subtler flavor and higher caffeine content than dark roast.

The Classic Shot: Blonde Espresso

The Blonde Espresso Shot: A straightforward choice for those who enjoy their coffee strong and unadorned.

Creamy Delight: Blonde Espresso Con Panna

The Blonde Espresso Con Panna adds a touch of sweetness with whipped cream to enhance the light coffee beans.

Sweet and Mellow: Blonde Vanilla Latte

Savor the softness of the popular Blonde Vanilla Latte, with a gentle balance of espresso, milk, and vanilla.

Smooth and Creamy: Blonde Flat White

Discover the smooth texture and heightened caffeine of a Starbucks Blonde Flat White.

Light and Foamy: Blonde Cappuccino

A Blonde Cappuccino brings out bright, citrus notes with a delightful foam on top.

Nutty Indulgence: Blonde Hazelnut Latte

The Blonde Hazelnut Latte combines the mellow taste of blonde roast with the comforting flavor of hazelnut.

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