20 Most Exhilarating Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors to Electrify Your Day!

A Burst of Caffeine

With 120mg of caffeine, a medium Rebel is like savoring a double espresso, but with your favorite flavors.

Electric Berry & Aftershock

Dive into the vibrant Electric Berry flavor or the intensely sweet Aftershock for a colorful energy kick.

Shark Attack & Double Rainbro

Get adventurous with the visually striking Shark Attack or the fruity bliss of the Double Rainbro.

Simple & Exquisite Peach

Keep it simple yet delicious with the purely peachy Rebel Drink.

Midnight Rebel & Vampire Slayer

Indulge in the dark berry sweetness of Midnight Rebel or the juicy thrill of Vampire Slayer.

Unique Twists: Fire Lizard & Orangesicle

Experience unusual yet delightful combinations with the Fire Lizard and Orangesicle Rebel Drinks.

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