French Vanilla Cappuccino Recipe


– ¾ cup 2% milk – ½ cup strong brewed coffee – ½ teaspoon vanilla extract or ½ vanilla bean – ½ teaspoon of sugar (more or less to taste) – Cinnamon


Combine milk and vanilla on the stovetop over medium heat until the mixture starts to bubble. Continuously stir when your mixture is on this heat.



Remove from heat and add in sugar, stirring until it dissolves.


Using a frothing method (blender, hand frother, mason jar shaking), froth the milk mixture until foamy. Gently spoon the fluffy top layer of milk foam off and set it aside in a small bowl or cup; you’ll need it later on in the recipe.


Fill a mug with brewed coffee or a shot of espresso, and pour the frothy, hot milk over it.


Now, we'll come back to the milk foam you saved in the previous step; use a spoon to shovel it on top of your drink.

Sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy!