Perfect Your Press: Master the Grind for French Press Coffee

The Art of the Grind

Grinding coffee properly is key to a flavorful French Press experience.

Why Grind Matters

A coarse, uniform grind is essential for even extraction and minimal sediment in French Press coffee.

Grinder Choice: Burr is Better

Use a quality burr grinder to achieve the perfect coarse grind for a full-bodied coffee.

Coarseness is Crucial

The ideal grind size for French Press coffee resembles sea salt for the perfect balance in extraction.

The Best Beans for the Press

Dark roast beans are preferred for their strong flavors and oiliness, which are ideal for French Press brewing.

Grinding for Greatness

Always grind whole beans right before brewing for the freshest flavor and ideal coarseness.

Measure for Mastery

Aim for a 1:12 coffee-to-water ratio to find the perfect brew strength for your taste.

Temperature and Time Tips

Water should be just off the boil (195°F to 205°F), with coffee steeping for about four minutes.

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