Wake Up Your Keurig: Coffee Maker Troubleshooting and Fixes

Keurig Conundrums Solved

Keurig woes? Learn the tricks to keep your coffee flowing smoothly every morning.

Power Puzzles

Is your Keurig turning on/off by itself? It could be the auto-brew feature—here's how to fix it.

Leak Lockdown

Stop leaks in their tracks by checking the cold water reservoir and gasket alignment.

Clog Crisis Averted

A quick brew cycle without a K-Cup can clear out those pesky clogs.

Banish Bad Brews

Regular cleaning prevents bitter, gritty coffee—freshness in every sip.

Water Warnings

Persistent "Add More Water" message? A clean and correctly filled reservoir should help.

Power Play

Ensure it's plugged in and try different outlets before calling Keurig customer service.

Silent Signals

Strange beeps or noises? Time to descale or realign to get back to brewing.

Custom Cup Control

From too much coffee to grounds in your cup, troubleshoot for the perfect brew.

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