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The Best Coffees At Publix

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Coffee is a drink that’s been enjoyed for centuries, and as faster and easier ways to enjoy a fresh cup have been developed, the drink’s popularity has only grown.

Back in ye olden days, if you wanted to sip a cup of java, you may have had to find, roast, grind, and boil your own beans — and after all that work, there wasn’t even a guarantee it would be good! Fast forward to the present day, when brewing solid coffee has never been easier. All you have to do is head to your favorite grocery store, pick up a bag of your favorite roast, and let the coffee maker of your choice do all the work.

And speaking of getting coffee from a grocery store…did you know Publix Super Market has a wide variety of brews? From dark roasts to breakfast blends, there’s a bean for everyone.

At A Glance: Best Coffees At Publix

Thanks to modern-day convenience, we can buy a bag of brew from Publix with a smile of relief on our faces, grateful someone else did the hard work of harvesting and roasting so we don’t have to. Read on to see what coffees we’re picking up from Publix.

Quick Summary: Best Coffees At Publix

Starbucks Ground Coffee—Dark Roast Coffee—Organic French Roast—100% Arabica—6 bags (10 oz...STARBUCKS FRENCH ROAST
  • Organic French Roast
  • 100% Arabica
  • Pure, Explosive Flavor Of Darkest Roast
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  • Dark Roast Level
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Gevalia House Blend Medium Roast 100% Arabica Ground Coffee, for a Keto and Low Carb Lifestyle (20...GEVALIA KAFFE HOUSE BLEND
  • 100% Arabica Coffee Beans
  • Medium Bodied With Smooth, Sweet Caramel Notes And Lightly Roasted Flavor With Citrus-Like Finish
  • Kosher Specialty
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Dunkin' Original Blend Medium Roast Coffee, 60 Keurig K-Cup PodsDUNKIN’ COFFEE ORIGINAL BLEND
  • 100% Premium Arabica Coffee
  • Medium Roast
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Lavazza Classico Whole Bean Coffee Blend Medium Roast 12oz, Classico, Full-bodied medium roast with...LAVAZZA CLASSICO ROAST
  • Blended And Roasted In Italy
  • Nut Free
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Eight O'Clock Coffee Ground Coffee, The Original, 24 OzEIGHT O’CLOCK COFFEE ORIGINAL ROAST
  • 100% Arabica Coffee Beans
  • Medium Roast
  • Tastes Great Every Time You Brew
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illy Ground Coffee Espresso - 100% Arabica Coffee Ground – Classico Medium Roast - Notes of...ILLY COFFEE CLASSICO ROAST
  • Classic Roast With Notes Of Chocolate & Caramel
  • 100% Arabica Coffee
  • All-Natural, No Preservatives
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Larry's Coffee Organic Fair Trade Whole Bean, Bean Martin, 2.2 Pound (Model: COMINHKG074334)LARRY’S COFFEE BEAN MARTIN BLEND
  • USDA Organic
  • Bean Martin Flavor
  • Kosher Diet Type
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Kicking Horse Coffee Organic Pacific Pipeline, 454 GRKICKING HORSE COFFEE 454 HORSE POWER
  • Canada's #1 Organic Fair Trade Coffee
  • Certified QMI Organic
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Kauai Coffee Koloa Estate Medium Roast - Whole Bean Coffee, 32 oz. PackageKAUAI COFFEE KOLOA ESTATE
  • 100% Premium Arabica Whole Bean Coffee
  • Hawaii’s Largest Coffee Grower - Bright Aroma with Light Floral Notes
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Top Publix Picks

Starbucks French Roast

First up on our list is a brew you probably already know and love: Starbucks Coffee Company French Roast.

This blend of coffee grounds delivers a deliciously bold yet smooth cup each and every time. The beans, sourced from Asia-Pacific and Latin American areas, bring forth a smoky and intense flavor, so it’s no wonder this light-bodied, low acidity brew has been a fan favorite since the early 1970s.

Publix Premium Ground Coffee

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We couldn’t leave out the retailer’s very own brew, so allow us to introduce you to Publix Premium Coffee.

An easy option for coffee lovers everywhere, the Publix brand ground coffee is packed with delicious and bold flavors of dark chocolate, cocoa, and molasses. This rich flavor and affordability make this dark roast a nice option for home coffee brewers everywhere.

Gevalia Kaffe House Blend

Crafted according to Swedish traditions, Gevalia Kaffe’s coffee promises to be rich but never bitter, and this declaration rings true in every last drop of the brand’s House Blend.

The House Blend’s trio of East African, South, and Central American Arabica beans creates a delightfully satisfying, full-bodied medium roast with hints of caramel and a slight citrus finish. Gevalia’s House Blend is perfect for an early morning jumpstart or a mid-day pick-me-up, giving you both the jolt of energy you need and the smooth flavor you want.

Dunkin’ Coffee Original Blend

Another well-known and popular brand, the Dunkin’ Donuts line of coffee blends delivers a variety of flavors and is designed for the home coffee brewing enthusiast.

Dunkin’s Original Blend is a classic medium roast, smooth and flavorful, and packed with the signature Dunkin’ Donuts taste you know and love. Whether you brew it hot or over ice, you’ll enjoy this blend’s full-bodied flavor and delightful aroma.

Lavazza Classico Roast

Treat your taste buds to the magic of good Italian coffee with a bag of Lavazza’s Classico roast.

This blend of Arabica and Robusta beans from South America and Africa makes for a rich and fruity tasting drink with a nice fruity aroma. The flavor profile of this medium roast, delicate intensity coffee lends itself well to everyday enjoyment, making it a solid option for avid coffee drinkers everywhere.

Eight O’Clock Coffee Original Roast

The Original Roast from the widely recognized Eight O’Clock Coffee Company is the brand’s oldest blend and most popular product.

This sweet, fruity, and balanced medium roast is best enjoyed at any time on any day ending in “y,” and Eight O’Clock’s century and a half’s worth of expertise and passion is evident in every bag of coffee. You definitely won’t be able to get enough of these fresh, flavor-filled beans.

illy Coffee Classico Roast

Enjoy the bold flavor of authentic Italian coffee with illy Coffee’s classically roasted beans.

A blend of 100 percent Arabica beans sourced from different growing regions creates a perfect cup — smooth, balanced, and never bitter. To guarantee the best taste every time, these finely prepared beans are sealed in air-free, pressurized cans that are designed to lock in flavors and protect against oxidation. A bonus: they grind up easily for use in any coffee brewing system you may have.

Medium roast coffee lovers everywhere will rejoice at the taste of illy’s Classico roast. It’s a mild and balanced brew with a slight sweetness and notes of caramel, jasmine, and orange blossom in every cup.

Larry’s Coffee Bean Martin Blend

Everyone can appreciate a good dark roasted bean, and Larry’s Coffee Bean Martin blend is just that.

This elegant blend is a mixture of unwashed Ethiopian and organic Bolivian and Sumatran coffee beans, and the notes of bittersweet cocoa and berry will make your taste buds do a happy dance. The best part of this brew? There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives; it’s just naturally good!

Kicking Horse Coffee 454 Horse Power

If you’re looking for a coffee that’ll giddy-up and get you going, the search stops here: Kicking Horse Coffee 454 Horse Power blend has you covered. These beans are roasted to bring out the full earthy flavors and to maximize your energy levels. The scent of cacao nibs, peat, and a hint of nutmeg present in this roast will be just the kick in the pants you need to get your day going.

To make the most of this dark roast coffee’s strong flavors, try brewing it with a French press or pour-over.

Kauai Coffee Koloa Estate

Take a trip to the Hawaiian islands with a freshly brewed cup of Kauai Coffee’s Koloa Estate brew. This dark roast brings a bold and rich flavor with delicious nutty and chocolatey notes.

These 100 percent Arabica beans are grown on the United States’ largest coffee farm, the Kauai Coffee Estate, and each step of the growing, harvesting, and roasting process employs environmentally sound practices. Kauai Coffee beans are truly good from the tree to the cup.

Black Powder Coffee Good Morning Blend

Black Powder Coffee’s Good Morning Blend used to be the company’s best-kept secret, only available in North Carolina where the brand is headquartered. Since becoming available out of state, this blend has become a Publix top seller, and once you taste this smooth medium roast for yourself, you’ll understand why Black Powder decided it too good to keep to themselves.

This brew consists of three individually roasted beans carefully combined to create a drink with notes of caramel and vanilla and a smooth nutty finish. Give these craft roasted beans a chance, and they just might become your favorite way to start the day.

Pro Tips for Buying Coffee

Whole or Ground

Most coffee enthusiasts know whole beans are better than ground when it comes to getting a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee. The oils that give the various coffee beans their beautiful flavors will begin the process of breaking down and will decrease in quality as soon as the beans are cracked and crushed.

That means pre-ground coffee loses flavor every day it sits in a bag, no matter how well-sealed it is. Making the switch from pre-ground to grinding your beans at home will give you richer and bolder flavors in every single cup.

When it comes to shopping for your bags of whole bean coffee, look for bagged and pre-packaged coffee beans. Steer clear of whole coffee beans in large open barrels or dispensary bins at the store. Exposure to the air, UV lights, and germs make them basically worthless in terms of freshness and taste.

Though preferred by baristas and coffee aficionados everywhere, whole bean coffee is not your only hope for a good cup of coffee. Whether there’s no time to grind up fresh beans before your day starts or you’re traveling without your usual coffee accessories, you can make pre-ground coffee work for you.

A few things to keep in mind while purchasing pre-ground include checking for expiration or grind dates on packaging, researching the brand, buying smaller amounts to guarantee none of it goes bad, and keeping your brewing equipment clean to avoid diminishing any of your coffee’s flavors.


Two important things you should always look for on a bag of coffee: where the beans were grown and where they were roasted. Tasty coffee is all about transparency, and the best roasters will make sure to give consumers as much information as they can about when, where, and how their beans were prepared.

A bean’s origin plays a huge role in determining its flavor profile, as geographical factors like soil quality and altitude can greatly influence how the coffee will taste.

When the opportunity presents itself, lean toward coffee that’s been locally grown and roasted; even the quality of whole beans will start to fade over time and a long transport time from roaster to store may leave you with stale, bland beans.

Roast Date

One more thing you’ll need to consider is when your coffee was prepared. This is where the roast date comes in.

 Beans can be easily transported before roasting without losing a lot of flavors. Beans grown in Colombia, for example, could be shipped to the United States to be roasted and will still likely end up creating a fresh and delicious brew. Once they’ve been roasted, however, the clock on your coffee’s flavor begins to tick.

To brew the freshest, most flavorful coffee, it’s recommended to find beans that are 8 to 21 days from their roast date. This gives the coffee time to release carbon dioxide that was formed during roasting (also known as degassing) and locks in the rich flavors and aromas coffee enthusiasts love so dearly.

In Conclusion

We know there are a lot of factors to consider before buying a bag of beans at the grocery store, but we think finding the right bag of whole coffee beans is worth the work…plus, the end result — a delicious cup of Joe — will be a worthwhile reward for all your efforts.

Happy Caffeinating!

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