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Fellow Stagg Kettle Review: Specifications and Performance

Our Fellow Stagg EKG product review is as fresh and hot as the pour-over coffee you’ll brew with it. Read on to find out if this popular tool is a worthy addition to your brewing routine or if you’d be better off with something else.

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Sometimes it’s hard to beat the simple pleasure of a pour-over coffee. That’s what a Fellow Stagg Kettle could add to your daily routine.

The Fellow Stagg Kettle has a sleek design and various features to help you brew the perfect cup of pour-over coffee. Here’s what you can expect to get from the Fellow Stagg Kettle if you make it part of your kitchen.

fellow stagg kettle review

Key Takeaways

  • The good folks at Fellow designed the Stagg EKG with pour-over coffee drinkers in mind, featuring degree-specific temperature control and a precise pour spout to help create the perfect brew.
  • This beautiful product marries aesthetics and functionality, is customizable to match a wide range of kitchen setups, and is useful to all hot beverage enthusiasts, not just coffee fanatics.
  • The kettle boasts additional features that competing products don’t have, like a built-in thermometer and a counterbalanced handle. However, it also has a higher price tag and smaller capacity than others like it.

A Fellow Stagg Kettle Review

 Fellow Stagg Kettle view from above

A gooseneck kettle, Fellow’s Stagg EKG is specifically for pour-over coffee. The product promises to provide a steady pour — a key component in getting the best brew from your pour-over coffee maker.

The Stagg EKG’s gooseneck spout also means it looks a bit different from the tea kettle currently sitting on your stovetop. Its design is, in our opinion, more sleek, modern, and aesthetically pleasing than a traditional kettle.

A Brief Overview

Things We Like

  • The Fellow Stagg EKG electric kettle has a sleek and modern design. It also comes in multiple colors, meaning you’ll find something that fits in with the rest of your decor.
  • The kettle has precise temperature control — we’re talking to-the-degree precision — so you can bring your water to the perfect brewing temperature every time.
  • The product has a precision pour spout that allows you to accurately and evenly distribute hot water over the coffee grounds.
  • The Fellow Stagg EKG’s antler-like handle is counterbalanced and designed to be easily gripped, helping keep you in control as you pour.

Room for Improvement

  • As far as electric tea kettles are concerned, the Fellow Stagg EKG is on the expensive side of the spectrum.
  • This product holds less water than some of its competitors.
  • The Fellow Stagg EKG isn’t dishwasher safe.

Product Specs

  • Dimension: 11.5″ x 6.75″ x 8″
  • Kettle weight, including square base: 2.75 pounds
  • Volume: 0.9-liter capacity to the max fill line
  • Cord Length: 2.5 feet
  • 1200W heating element

Product Features

Brew Range Thermometer

Brew Range Thermometer

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Creating optimal pour-over coffee requires getting water to an optimal temperature. The Fellow Stagg Kettle comes with a built-in brew range thermometer on top to help you reach that temperature without the guesswork.

The ideal water temperature for pour-over coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit, and the Fellow Stagg Kettle’s thermometer has this range highlighted in red, so it’s easy to see when the water reaches that perfect range.

Precision Pour Spout

pouring water into pour-over from Fellow Stagg Kettle gooseneck spout

Having an accurate, precise pour is a must for brewing good pour-over coffee. That’s why Fellow equipped the Stagg EKG with a gooseneck spout. The precision pour spout’s function is to provide a slow, steady stream of water that allows smooth, even distribution of water onto the ground beans.

Pour-over coffee aficionados know that the gooseneck spout isn’t unique. Most other kettles designed for pour-over coffee brewing have them. However, not all of them have the flouted tip and custom curve that the Stagg EKG does.

Counterbalanced Handle

 Fellow Stagg Kettle Counterbalanced Handle

The Fellow Stagg EKG’s precision pour spout is just one-half of its pour-over-friendly design. The counterbalanced handle is the other.

The weighted handle shifts the kettle’s center of mass closer to your hand, contributing to your pouring control. Plus, it gives you a secure and steady grip to help ensure all of the warm water goes onto your coffee grounds, not the countertop.

For a few extra dollars, you can switch the kettle’s standard option with a wooden handle. You get the same pouring control but in a different yet equally pleasing package.

Electric Base

 Fellow Stagg Kettle Electric Base

It can be difficult to determine if your water has reached the target temperature if you’re using a stovetop kettle. That’s why we love that the Fellow Stagg EKG relies on an electric base, not a stove.

The small base, which fits the kettle perfectly, brings water to the exact temperature of your choice from 135 degrees to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only that, but it can keep the water at said temp for up to an hour. So, if you decide to brew a few more cups of coffee within that timeframe, the kettle is ready and waiting.

Built-in Brew Stopwatch

One noteworthy feature of the Stagg EKG is the built-in stopwatch, a tool particularly useful for anyone who plans to use the stainless steel kettle to heat water for their pour-over brews. Timing matters in the pour-over brewing process, and having a stopwatch built into the kettle makes things easier.

Sleek and Modern Design

Fellow Stagg EKG

We’d be lying if we said one of the Fellow Stagg EKG’s main selling points isn’t that, as far as kettles are concerned, it’s an attractive option. Sure, it brings efficiency to pour-over coffee lovers’ routines, but it also adds style to their kitchens. And that’s just as important, right?

The kettle, with its uniquely shaped counterweighted handle and curvy spout, comes in four different classic color options and nine different wooden accent color options. We’ve listed all the colors and wooden accent options a Stagg EKG buyer can choose from. With so many choices, there’s a design to match almost any home.

Classic Colors

  • Matte Black
  • Matte White
  • Polished Steel
  • Polished Copper

Wooden Accents

  • Matte White + Maple
  • Matte Black + Walnut
  • Stone Blue + Walnut
  • Matte Black + Cherry
  • Sweet Cream + Maple
  • Slate Grey + Maple
  • Matte Black + Maple
  • Stone Blue + Maple
  • Warm Pink + Maple


For some, a brewer or brewing appliance’s cleaning process is a determining factor in whether or not it’s right for them. That’s why we felt it important to share with you, pour-over coffee enthusiast, that the Fellow Stagg EKG is not dishwasher-safe.

You’ll have to clean it by hand with warm, soapy water. We know — not being able to just pop it into the dishwasher can be a drag. However, handwashing helps ensure the product stays intact and operating properly in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use the Fellow Stagg for Tea?

It’s no secret that Fellow’s Stagg EKG kettle is marketed to the pour-over coffee aficionado. But that poses the question of whether tea drinkers can use it, too. Of course! Anyone can use the beautiful kettle to heat water for tea, rice, soup, or anything else that calls for hot or boiling water.

Can You Put Milk in a Stagg Kettle?

You can…but you shouldn’t. Per the company’s website, putting anything other than water into the product voids the warranty.

Besides, Fellow designed the tool to give users the best experience possible with water only. Even if you set it at a lower temperature, the kettle’s heating cycle works so quickly that it could scald milk or other liquids.

Where Is the Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle Made?

Though designed in San Francisco, California, Stagg EKG kettles are manufactured by Fellow’s partners in China.

Is the Fellow Stagg EKG Worth It?

We think so!

The Fellow Stagg EKG is high-quality and easy to use, and if you’re searching for the perfect kettle for brewing pour-over coffee, this gadget might be it. Its features, including but not limited to variable temperature controls and a narrow spout, help make the pour-over process go smoothly.

However, the Fellow Stagg EKG is one of the most expensive pour-over kettles on the market, making it inaccessible to coffee drinkers on a budget or impractical for pour-over newbies. Fortunately, there are other cheaper options worth exploring. Check out some of them here.

If you have the funds to spend on it, though, we highly recommend the Fellow Stagg EKG (or its more upscale older sister, the Fellow Stagg EKG Pro). It blends aesthetically pleasing design and functionality beautifully, making it a worthwhile addition to your pour-over coffee setup.

Happy Caffeinating!

Fellow Stagg Kettle Review: Specifications and Performance
fellow stagg kettle review 1

Delve into our comprehensive Fellow Stagg Kettle review. Uncover its features, performance, and suitability for coffee brewing.

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