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Nespresso Vertuo vs. Vertuoplus: Which Machine Will You Choose?

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Picking the perfect Nespresso machine for your kitchen can come down to matters of taste, price, and style. When it comes to Nespresso’s Vertuo and VertuoPlus machines it’s hard to go wrong on any of those points. 

Nespresso created their innovative coffee machines to serve their Vertuo Pods, updated versions of their OriginalLine pods. They make quick, delicious cups of coffee, and in more sizes than Nespresso’s OrginalLine.

We’re going to compare and contrast the differences between the two machine models to help you brew your ideal cup of coffee. 

About Nespresso

Nespresso has been serving up a one-touch brew at home coffee for over 30 years. They are known for their delicious flavor profiles and easy-to-use machines

The Nespresso mission is to bring coffee-shop quality espresso into the home. You don’t need to be a professional barista to wrangle the flavor out of your morning coffee. Nespresso built their brand on a portioned coffee system (pods) to remove the guesswork out of serving the perfect espresso shot. 

Nespresso started with their OriginalLine products and have been experimenting with design elements and coffee pods ever since. Nespresso serves up home-brewed coffee through over 15 coffee and espresso machine options, accessories, and add-ons. They are a trusted and world-renowned brand. 

The Original Line Nespresso Machines

If you aren’t familiar with all Nespresso products it’s important to know a little about their OriginalLine products so you can recognize the difference between them and the VertuoLine products. 

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The OriginalLine products all work with the original Nespresso coffee capsules, and can not be used with the larger, rounder VertuoLine capsules. 

The Nespresso OriginalLine capsules are the more recognizable of the pods Nespresso makes since they’ve been around longer. If you’ve used a Nespresso, you’ve probably seen one of these. They’re small and oblong compared to the larger rounder Vertuo pods.

The major differences are in flavor extraction and size. The OriginalLine machines use a 19 bar pressure pump for extraction of the coffee. The VertuoLine machines spin the specially designed Vertuo pods at about 7000rpm, making a different, some might say fuller, flavor profile. 

The Vertuo pods are also larger, and the machines in this line can make large Americano coffees. Most of the OriginalLine coffee makers brew smaller espressos and cappuccinos.  

This might seem like a lot of information, but if you’re a true coffee connoisseur, you’re going to want to know what you’re keeping in your kitchen. Now that you’ve done the reading, let’s compare Nespresso’s Vertuo and VertuoPlus so you can pick the best option for your home. 

You Should Consider a Nespresso VertuoLine Machine If

  • You want fast and easy morning espresso or coffee
  • You’re obsessed with delicious coffee
  • You want a machine that will look good in your kitchen (they come in many colors)
  • You want an espresso maker that will fit in your kitchen (Nespresso has very compact options)
  • You want a variety of size, brewing, and flavor options
  • You’re budget-conscious: Nespresso has machines in a wide price range and bundling a range of options for devices and accessories

All about Vertuo

On Sale

So you probably know you want a Nespresso coffee maker that can handle a larger cup of coffee. The VertuoLine from Nespresso makes coffee in five coffee cup sizes; from Espresso (40ml) to Alto (414ml). 

The Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine offers excellent design, flavor, and an affordable price. The Vertuo coffee maker and pods make for smooth taste, full body, and rich crema every time with the push of one button.

All VertuoLine machines are designed to read the bar code on each Vertuo capsule and automatically adjust to the perfect settings for that flavor. These settings include the flow and volume of water, temperature, brew time, and capsule rotation. The machine does all the work for you, so you’ll brew your favorite flavors and get the same taste every time. 

The Nespresso Vertuo is small at under a foot high, but it holds up to 40 ounces in its water tank. It will turn on after just a 15-second warm-up, and you have 13 uses before you need to empty the used pod container. So you don’t need to do any cleanup for almost two weeks if you don’t feel like it. 

You also don’t have to worry about wasting power or leaving a hot product turned on as this machine has an automatic shut-off after nine minutes. 

The flavor from the VertuoLine pods is incredibly rich and creamy. The spinning extraction brewing process is unique and never fails to make a full-bodied cup in any of the five sizes you can have from this machine. The Alto was a pleasant surprise as it had the same amount of delicious crema and flavor as the smaller-sized cups. 

All about VertuoPlus

The Nespresso VertuoPlus coffee and espresso machine has a lot in common with the Vertuo. They both make five sizes (espresso to Alto), have an automatic shut-off, use the same spinning extraction process, and use only Nespresso VertuoLine pods. 

The specs for both machines are relatively close, too. The VertuoPlus has a slightly longer warm-up time (20 seconds) and a somewhat smaller water tank capacity (37.1oz)

The biggest difference that the VertuoPlus offers is the machine’s physical design. The VertuoPlus has an automatic motorized head and capsule ejection and a movable water tank. 

I can’t say I’m too concerned with the automatic ejection. It’s nice to have, but not necessary. The automatic head closing is cool, but again, it’s not like it’s difficult to close the lid onto your coffee pod. 

For some people, the moveable water tank is a must. You might have limited counter space due to the size of your kitchen or because of the number of other products you own. Being able to move the position of the adjustable water tank means you can set it in a tight storage space or tuck it away out of sight if you want. 

Maybe you’re low on outlets instead of counter space, so there’s only one spot your new VertuoPlus can go and reach an outlet. That water tank will let you maneuver it into place easily.

Vertuo vs VertuoPlus Recap

The Vertuo and VertuoPlus machines will both give you fantastic coffee easily. They are reasonably similar all around, and choosing one will come down to personal preference and needs. 

For you, it could be as simple as preferring a color that the Vertuo comes in that the VertuoPlus does not. As a reminder, here are the pros and cons of each:

Why The Vertuo:

  • It’s smaller and sleeker
  • Faster warm-up
  • Less cleanup

Why Not:

  • It’s more expensive for a very similar machine

Why the VertuoPlus:

  • Moveable water tank
  • The automatic head close and eject are fun (though not necessary) design features
  • It’s cheaper 

Why Not:

  • You can move the adjustable water reservoir, but this machine is a little larger overall
  • It holds less used coffee pods (10 large capsules) in its capsule compartment

A note: neither machine comes with a built-in milk frother, so you won’t be making other types of coffee like lattes or cappuccinos. Nespresso sells their Aeroccino frother separately, or you can search for a deal that will bundle it with the machine you pick. 

Top Pick

Both machines are excellent choices for the average coffee drinker and will make identically great coffee drinks for you on a daily basis. 

For me, the top pick is the VertuoPlus. It’s the least expensive of the VertuoLine coffee maker options and looks great wherever you put it. 

Being able to move that positionable water reservoir is extremely useful in my kitchen, where I often need to reposition things based on what I’m cooking. There are days where you use your kitchen more than others, so any amount of flexibility when you just need more space is worthwhile.

Happy Caffeinating!

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