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Nespresso Citiz vs Pixie

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Nespresso offers top-of-the-line coffee brewers and accessories. If you’re buying a Nespresso, you won’t go wrong. However, you might like to know the slight differences if you’re stuck choosing between Citiz vs Pixie.

citiz vs pixie

Product Overview

Both the Citiz and Pixie allow you to make a tasty shot of espresso in the comfort of your own home. Depending on your caffeine needs, you can even choose between a single shot or double shot. 

Though they offer the same basics, key differences in these machines will influence your final decision.

The Citiz is arguably the more upscale option, as reflected in its price and the larger water tank. However, the Pixie stands out as our favorite because of everything it has to offer. Though it’s smaller and more affordable, it has key features the Citiz doesn’t.

While it has an auto-off function like the Citiz, we like that it has a power button for a little more control. With the Citiz, you only press the brew button to start the machine. When you turn on the Pixie, you can select your brew option or hold it down to customize your coffee drink size.

About Nespresso

Nespresso is part of the Nestlé brand based in Switzerland. Their single-use espresso machines are perfect for home and office use. 

The machines were first invented in 1976, decades before Keurig burst onto the scene. The original Nespresso machines were so cumbersome that it took ten years before they streamlined the product enough for residential use.

Nespresso also makes its own line of delicious coffee capsules. They’re made to work specifically with Nespresso machines because of how the head punctures the pod’s foil lid. The water pushes through these small holes to create the best-tasting espresso.

You can buy third-party capsules to use in your Nespresso machine, but they’ll taste different. Nespresso capsules have aluminum bodies and lids to best pressurize the espresso. Third-party pods are usually made from plastic, though some have aluminum lids.

Though the machines on this list are Nespresso OriginalLine machines, they also offer upscale coffee makers. The Vertuoline has its own capsule type with a barcode on the packaging.

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The coffee machine reads the barcode and adjusts the water temperature and pressure accordingly. This ensures you get the perfect classic espresso shot each time.

Nespresso strives to attain sustainability and reports that they recycle and repurpose 56% of the used capsules. The company also pays a fair price for coffee so the coffee farmers can maintain their business.

Buying from Nespresso means you’re supporting both people and the environment.


All Nespresso machines have a compact, stylish design. They’re made to fit on your kitchen counter, though the Citiz and Pixie are also small enough to keep on your desk at work!

You can make a single or double shot with any of the machines on this list. If you’re using a mug that’s bigger than an espresso coffee cup, you can move the adjustable drip tray to accommodate it.

A larger water reservoir size makes these machines easy to use. The Citiz can hold 34 ounces, while the Pixie holds 24. This is enough to make 30 and 20 shots of espresso, respectively. It cuts down on your time and effort because you don’t have to add water each time you brew a shot.

The machines also have water alert systems to let you know if the current water level is enough to brew a shot. That means you won’t stand around waiting for your caffeine fix when the machine doesn’t have enough water left.

The light turns red, so you know to refill the tank before making more espresso.

The Citiz and Pixie have unique looks, so you can choose what goes best with your kitchen decor. They come in a range of color options like black, white, red, lime, and silver. The side panels of the Pixie are even made of recycled aluminum coffee capsules.


With Nespresso machines, you don’t need any barista experience to make a delicious drink. The company crafted these machines to do all of the work themselves. The Citiz doesn’t even have a power button! 

The Pixie has three buttons—a power button and two programmable buttons for brewing. Still, it’s very straightforward and doesn’t require you to program any settings before using it. Nespresso’s user manuals and helpful videos make it incredibly easy to learn to use. 

Both Citiz and Pixie have choices for making a single or double shot with the press of a button. However, if you want a different brew size, you can brew it.

You can either hold down the brewing button until you have enough in your cup or only fill the water tank with enough water for a single cup of coffee at your ideal size.

As a coffee lover with a growing interest in the field, getting a Nespresso machine is a great starting point. You’ll learn about the flavors of a good espresso shot without having to experience the trial and error of pulling your own.

Even if you’re an experienced barista, investing in a Nespresso machine is a good idea because it requires no effort. If you want a hit of caffeine without working for it, these machines will deliver.

Capsule Selection

The capsules also make it easy to brew a delicious shot without any coffee knowledge. You can choose from plenty of varieties, such as:

  • medium roast
  • dark roast
  • limited editions accord to region
  • seasonal favorites

Flavored capsules include cocoa truffle, caramel crème brûlée, vanilla, and more. You can even choose from decaffeinated options if you want a warm beverage without the caffeine spike.


The beans used for espresso are only part of the equation that makes a great shot. Pressure is also essential for the richness and taste of espresso. Instead of learning the pressure needed to pull a perfect shot, Nespresso machines handle that for you.

Nespresso calibrates each machine with a high-pressure pump that extracts the most flavors from the coffee capsule. Both the Citiz and Pixie machines have a 19-bar pressure pump. The baseline for making espresso is a 9-bar pump, so Nespresso goes above and beyond.

The way the machines puncture the capsules allows water to flow through while the capsule itself provides resistance. This means the 19 bar pump pressure pushing through the coffee grounds extracts all of the flavor and strength of the beans.

Many single-serve coffee makers give you watered-down coffee, but the extreme pressure delivered by Nespresso machines guarantees that won’t happen. Even though you’re letting the machine do all of the work, you’re going to end up with a shot that tastes like a barista pulled it.


When debating Citiz vs. Pixie, make sure you know everything that each machine has to offer.

Nespresso Citiz

Nespresso Citiz is our favorite pod coffee machine because it’s compact and easy to use. It offers two settings: single shot or double shot.

There’s not even a power button on the machine—insert the pod and pick your choice. It takes about 25 seconds for the machine to heat up and 20 more seconds to brew the espresso.

If you’re familiar with K-cups, you’ll know how to work the Citiz. Move the lever so you can insert the pod, then push it closed to puncture the package before brewing. All pods must be from the Original Line, though, so make sure you read the listing carefully before buying pods online.

This coffee machine is made of stainless steel and is incredibly durable. If you use it daily and notice it’s suffering from wear and tear, simply contact Nespresso.

The company offers a two-year warranty on the Citiz. You can choose from a white or black finish to suit your kitchen aesthetic.

Things We Like

  • Preheats in 25 seconds
  • Compact design fits easily on your countertop or table
  • Automatically shuts off after use so it won’t waste power

Things We Don’t Like

  • Relatively expensive for a simple coffee maker

Nespresso Pixie

Having a water reservoir isn’t unique to Nespresso machines, so it’s not a surprise that the Pixie has a 24-ounce water tank. It will brew about 20 shots before you need to refill it. The bonus offered by the Pixie machine is that it also has a container for used capsules.

After you brew your coffee, flip up the handle to the brew chamber. The used pod will automatically fall into the used capsule container. It’s large enough to hold ten capsules before you have to empty it.

This means you don’t have to clean up after every cup. Combining the water reservoir and used capsule container makes using the Pixie a breeze.

The company has a recycling program for used coffee pods. Add recycling bags to your capsule order so you can put the used aluminum coffee pods in the mail. Seal the bag when it’s full and drop it in a UPS box for recycling.

In addition to the automatic shut-off saving on power, the Pixie also has the extra energy-saving benefit of LED lights. These take less electricity to run, so you won’t see a jump in your utility bill even if you use this machine twice a day.

Things We Like

  • Used capsule container makes clean-up a breeze
  • More compact than the Citiz
  • Less expensive than the Citiz

Things We Don’t like

  • Limited to using Nespresso pods to make coffee

You Might Also Like…

If you can’t decide between the Citiz vs. Pixie, consider these other quality machines by Nespresso.

Nespresso Inissia

On Sale

This machine is as compact as the Citiz and the Pixie, but since it’s made of mostly plastic parts, it’s more affordable. It has a 24-ounce water tank and can make single or double shots. The Inissia also uses the Original Line capsules and comes with 16 different flavors to get you started.

Nespresso Essenza

The Essenza is similar to the Inissia, though it’s a little more expensive. Choose from black, red, or lime green to spruce up your kitchen. This machine is smaller than any others on this list but still has a 20-ounce water reservoir.

It uses Original Line capsules and makes both single and double shots.

Wrap Up

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on an espresso machine. Nespresso’s options give you great choices depending on your needs. If you want a machine that can brew more, choose the Citiz, which has an impressive 34-ounce water tank capacity.

If you don’t need that much water on standby, you can’t go wrong with the Pixie’s 24-ounce reservoir.

While both the Citiz and the Pixie are compact coffee machines, the Pixie is slightly smaller. If counter space is an issue, choose the Pixie. It’s also more affordable, so you’ll save money as well.

If neither of those machines works for you, consider Nespresso’s other best-selling models to make a great-tasting espresso shot at home.

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