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Jura E8 vs. ENA 8: Two Super-Automatic Espresso Machines

The Jura E8 and ENA 8 are both middle-of-the-road (for Jura) super-automatic espresso makers that offer a lot of beverage options, easy maintenance, and high-quality drinks. The E8 undoubtedly offers more features, but the ENA 8 is a great option for those wanting to save some money while still getting a robust beverage menu.

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The Jura ENA 8 and Jura E8 come from Jura’s entry-level ENA series and stepped-up E Series, respectively.

The Jura ENA 8 automatic coffee machine is slightly more compact, with a smaller bean hopper, a smaller water tank, and a shorter menu of beverages.

As you’d expect from an upgraded model, the Jura E8 offers more of Jura’s exclusive technology for brewing the perfect espresso shot. It also features a longer menu, a dual spout, a separate cappuccino spout, and larger water and coffee bean containers.

Despite the obvious upgrade from ENA 8 to E8, both machines have a lot of great features and can be the right coffee maker for different users.

jura e8 vs ena 8

Jura E8Jura ENA 8
Size (L x W x H)17.6 x 11 x 13.8 in17.5 x 10.7 x 12.7 in
Weight21 lb24 lb
# of Drinks1710
Water Tank Capacity64 oz37.2 oz
Bean Container Capacity10 oz4.4 oz
Hot WaterYesYes
Milk FrotherYesYes

Jura E8 vs ENA 8: The Differences

Brewing Capabilities

The Jura E8 is programmed with the ability to make a stunning 17 specialty beverages. This includes favorites like espresso and cappuccino as well as perhaps lesser known options like the cortado.

The E8 can also brew several of its beverage options with an extra shot of espresso.

By contrast, the ENA 8 offers only 10 drink options, and none of them are preprogrammed with an extra shot. While the menu for this machine is shorter, it’s still robust and produces great-tasting coffee.

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The E8 offers a few upgraded features not found on the ENA 8. One notable feature is intelligent preheating, which helps make your coffee piping hot from the first cup.


The E8 comes equipped with one-touch milk system cleaning. This additional cleaning feature eliminates the most labor-intensive step in cleaning the ENA 8.


Jura’s entire line of machines is sleek and well-designed. However, the E8  has one major design advantage – the adjustable cappuccino spout can be raised up to six inches high, allowing most travel mugs to fit beneath it.

The maximum height on the ENA 8’s spout is only 5.4 inches, and transferring my coffee between mugs each morning is one of the only bones I have to pick with that machine.

The E8 also has dual spouts, allowing you to brew more than one shot at once.

Notably, the E8 also has a much larger bean hopper and water reservoir, so large households (or particularly avid coffee drinkers) may find it more convenient than filling the smaller containers on the ENA 8 more frequently.

The Similarities


The E8 and ENA 8 feature the ability to customize brew strength at one of 10 possible coffee strength settings and temperature at one of three possible levels.

The amount of water and milk foam used is also customizable and programmable on both machines.


Both automatic coffee makers are equipped with an AromaG3 grinder and PEP variable pressure extraction, two of the technologies Jura uses to ensure a fresh and great-tasting cup of espresso or coffee.

Both machines have a bypass chute for pre-ground coffee, which can be a good option for an occasional cup of decaf.

If you’re especially tech-savvy, both machines are also compatible with J.O.E., Jura’s app.


Cleaning your machine isn’t the most exciting part of having an espresso machine, but luckily both the E8 and ENA 8 make it extremely simple.

Both machines have an integrated cleaning, rinsing, and descaling system. They also have a monitored drip tray that will let you know when it needs to be emptied.

Overview of the Jura E8

The Jura E8 is a high-quality super-automatic espresso machine with a huge amount of features and control.

It has a built-in frother and cappuccino spout as well as a separate dual coffee spout that allows it to brew a huge menu of coffee drinks, including some with extra shots.

With the Jura E8, you can easily brew:

  • Espresso
  • Double espresso
  • Coffee
  • 2 x coffee
  • Cappuccino
  • Cappuccino Extra Shot
  • Caffe Barista
  • Americano
  • Espresso Doppio
  • Macchiato
  • Cortado
  • Latte macchiato
  • Latte macchiato Extra Shot
  • Flat White
  • Flat White Extra Shot
  • Portion of milk foam
  • Hot water

Between the lengthy menu and the adjustable brew strength, brew temperature, and milk foam flow, there are endless opportunities to create just the beverage you want.

This machine has an 8-cup water tank and a 10-ounce bean hopper, making refills less frequent.

Features such as AromaG3 Grinder, P.E.P. pre-infusion, and intelligent preheating help guarantee that every drink is hot and delicious.

This machine might be a great choice for coffee fans who don’t mind a higher price tag if it means getting lots of features, options, and proven quality.

Overview of the Jura ENA 8

On Sale

The Jura ENA 8 is at the top of Jura’s entry-level ENA series, and as such, it has a wide range of features while still offering less than the E series.

The Jura ENA 8 has a built-in frother and can brew 10 specialty beverages:

  • Ristretto
  • Espresso
  • Coffee
  • Cappuccino
  • Espresso doppio
  • Macchiato
  • Latte macchiato
  • Flat white
  • Portion of milk foam
  • Hot water

It has a 4.4-ounce bean hopper and a 37.2-ounce cylindrical water tank, which is likely to feel small for large households or individuals who brew a lot of drinks throughout the day.

With Jura’s AromaG3 Grinder and PEP pre-infusion technology, this machine brews really high-quality beverages and is a great option for those who want to save 20-25% on the price they’d pay for an E8.

Which is Right For You?

When comparing the Jura E8 with the Jura ENA 8, the more extensive features that Jura’s E-Series offers put the E8 on top. The larger water tank size, greater coffee bean hopper capacity, extra features, and lengthy menu put this machine a cut above the ENA 8.

However, the ENA 8 still offers enough of Jura’s quality brewing features to make this an attractive option for those wishing to spend less but still brew quality espresso shots, coffee, and other coffee specialties.

Both of these machines fall near the middle of Jura’s extensive lineup. If these machines’ features don’t align with your needs, chances are good that Jura has another that will suit you better.

Happy Caffeinating!

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