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Gaggia Classic Portafilter Size: Brewing The Perfect Espresso Shot

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The portafilter is where the art of espresso happens in an espresso machine. In a Gaggia Classic Pro, the portafilter is where hot water and espresso powder are combined under pressure to create a rich, delicious espresso shot.  

If you need to replace the portafilter on your espresso machine, you’ll need to make sure you get the right size for your coffee maker. Portafilters come in a variety of sizes, so making the right choice is essential to getting that perfect espresso time after time.  

We can help you in finding the right size portafilter for your Gaggia Classic Pro espresso machine so you can enjoy perfectly brewed espresso shots. 

Why is the Portafilter Size Important? 

Getting a commercial-style portafilter that is compatible with your Gaggia Classic espresso machine is key to getting the best results. Whether it has a basket or is a bottomless portafilter, getting a suitable portafilter for your espresso machine will result in the best espresso shots for all your coffee drinks. 

Consider Tamper Size 

When making espresso, you’ll want to tamp the espresso powder down into the portafilter for best results. Tampers should be slightly smaller than the portafilter so as not to hit the walls of the portafilter’s bowl. 

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How Can I Tell What Size Portafilter My Gaggia Classic Uses? 

Portafilters come in different sizes, with most in the 49 to 58-millimeter range. The 58-millimeter size is the most common portafilter on the market and has become a standard size for most espresso machines. 

Even though many espresso machines take a 58-millimeter replacement portafilter, checking to make sure your Gaggia Classic takes that exact size is important to the quality of your espresso. Here are some easy steps to check to see what size portafilter is best for your espresso machine. 

Measure the Portafilter with a Tape Measure 

Use a retractable steel tape measure with 1/32 markings to measure across the diameter of the bowl of the portafilter. 

Change Measurement to a Decimal Number 

For example, 2 ¼ is 2.25 as a decimal number, making metric conversion easier.

Convert to Millimeters 

Multiply the inch measurement by 25.4 to convert it to millimeters since portafilters come in millimeter sizes. 

Get a Tamper That Fits Your Portafilter 

You can determine the proper size tamper to use by subtracting .75 from your portafilter measurement. Since common tamper sizes are in whole numbers, you’ll need to round up. Then you’ll be able to tamp down espresso powder without the tamper catching on the sidewalls of the portafilter. 

Why is the Portafilter Important?

Espresso machines may look complicated, but the concept behind them isn’t. Hot water is pumped into the portafilter filled with espresso powder that has been tamped down. Under pressure, the water and espresso flow out as an espresso shot, making the portafilter an essential part of the espresso-making process. This is why getting the right portafilter is so crucial to your espresso enjoyment.  

Benefits of Using a Gaggia Classic

The Gaggia Classic Pro lets you make coffee house-quality espresso easily at home, so its simplicity of use and performance are its two best qualities. 

Once the espresso powder is loaded into the portafilter, all you need to do is fill up the Gaggia Classic with water and turn the machine on to heat. Once the water is hot, you’re just a flip of a switch away from delicious, high-quality espresso. 

Use The Right Portafilter for the Best Espresso 

Portafilters are not one size fits all. They must be compatible with the espresso machine you’re using for the best espresso experience.

Like many espresso machines on the market, the Gaggia Classic Pro uses the 58-millimeter size portafilter, but determining the size portafilter you need is an important skill for espresso lovers and home baristas.  

Checking to make sure you have the correct size only takes seconds and will prevent you from purchasing the wrong size portafilter.  

Getting a tamper that fits well with the portafilter you choose is essential, too. The measurements you take for your portafilter should determine the size tamper you need. A tape measure and simple multiplication are all you need. 

Once your espresso powder is pressed down into the right size portafilter with the correct amount of pressure, you’re just a few minutes away from a dark, delicious espresso shot for your favorite coffee drinks.  

Happy Caffeinating!

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