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Jura A1 Coffee Maker Review

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Jura A1 Coffee Maker Review

The Jura A1 coffee maker is a luxury coffee and espresso machine which touts barista-quality drinks at the touch of a button. The Jura A1 contains both a dispenser and a built-in grinder for convenience.

The Jura A1 is an all-around nice coffee maker most people would definitely enjoy having in their home. Still, for the sake of a concerned buyer’s curiosity, it is worth looking closer into exactly how these coffee machines work and if it is the right choice for you.

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Things to Consider before Getting a Jura A1 Coffee Maker

The Jura A1 is a burr grinder and coffee dispenser which can dispense three different espresso drinks in total. Truly made for the coffee purists. All three are different flavors, but all three are also still single servings of espresso.

For people interested in something more in line with a Keurig or other single-cup coffee dispensers, this may be something worth considering. Oh, and if you tend to use different cup sizes every day, the height-adjustable coffee spout will help with that!

If you are looking for a machine that makes a full pot of coffee, the A1 may be as radically different as you are likely to find on the market. Yet, for those who want high-quality espresso shots to wake them up in the morning, the Jura A1 is a great choice.

The A1 makes coffee and ristretto, but they both dispense in the same single-cup form as the espresso and are a bit slower to make than a pod-loaded coffee maker of the same size.

As a  coffee maker, the A1 is very much quality over quantity. The dispenser adds foam and other forms of flavoring which come with the machine and can be refilled when necessary.

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A lot goes into the production of the Jura A1’s quality coffee, which may not be what everyone wants. But for those who do, the A1 is an excellent coffee maker to have.

Jura A1 Product Overview

Jura A1 Super Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Piano Black

The A1 is a touch-activated coffee dispenser and grinder which makes three different types of drinks in total. All three are unique and come with foam and flavoring to ensure a great drinking experience that will wake you up in the morning as intended.

The A1 comes as both piano black and piano white to match the decor of your kitchen as well. Jura claims that their coffee comes out barista-quality every time.

The Jura A1 comes with a 37 fluid-ounce water tank, conical burr grinder, and grounds tray all built into its sleek model and uses a Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) to make the coffee you crave. One might say it specializes in putting a “pep” in your step.

All this at the touch of a button. You can even adjust the quantity of hot water dispensed with the coffee or espresso to ensure the ideal flavor and richness for you.

For anyone who is not a coffee aficionado, think of the Jura A1 as a luxury version of a standard Keurig or other single-cup coffee makers. Most of the input is similar, as well as many of the processes which the A1 uses. The difference is that the Jura A1 simply turners out a better product in the end.


  • You can control how much water goes into each cup of coffee or espresso, meaning you can control the richness and flavor of the coffee.
  • The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) ensures that every cup is premium quality and rich with flavor.
  • The A1 makes three different beverages.
  • The Jura is eco-friendly and produces almost no waste.


  • The Jura A1 is a bit pricey for most people, though not so much that it couldn’t be done.
  • Some customers complain that the construction of the bean hopper lid and the water tank lid both have issues.
  • The small serving size may not be what certain people are looking for.

Features and Benefits of the Jura A1

Let’s start with the bean grinder itself. The Jura A1 Super Automatic Coffee Machine uses an AromaG3 grinder to grind whole beans into the ideal consistency for smooth coffee or espresso. These beans can come from anywhere and are not specific to Jura.

However, you will have to change out the beans quite frequently. If you want a cup of coffee and a shot of espresso, then you will have to swap out the coffee grounds and grind fresh espresso grounds.

In the case of someone who wants to wake up to their favorite warm beverage immediately, the Jura A1 has you covered! While there is some controversy in the instruction manual, the manufacturers confirm that the A1 does have a custom timer built into it.

The timer lets you set a specific time that the A1 starts brewing. All you will need to do is hit a button and receive your morning wake-up in your favorite mug.

As there are no pods or packaged beans, Jura boasts to be one of the most eco-friendly coffee maker companies on the market. The beans are natural and degrade into compost.

The A1 has a built-in filter, saving you money as well as saving the environment. And many of its competitors use individual coffee pods to make their cups of coffee. Eco-friendliness is one area where the A1 excels.

While it may seem like a small thing, the drip tray on the Jura A1 is another interesting facet of its design. The drip tray is easy to monitor and does not leak. Any run-off from the dispenser will not stain your counter.

Something as minor as the drip tray wouldn’t warrant talking about if it was not so commonly a shortcoming of other brands. Along with the intricate design, it’s super simple to clean. Just rinse it, along with the coffee grounds container, with hot water!

With the smaller details of the Jura A1’s design out of the way, we can move on to the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) directly. Coffee often does not require this process, but both the ristretto and espresso benefit greatly from it.

The P.E.P. is the process that creates the foam on the top of the espresso or ristretto without any additives. The use of the P.E.P. adds a great deal of flavor to any drink it makes, as well as a richness and texture that is hard to find.

Last of all is water control. You can, through the use of settings, control the amount of water used in the brewing of your beverage. The reason you might want to do this is simple.

Less water used in the brewing process means a higher concentration of the coffee or espresso. Any drink made with less water will have a stronger taste, and the caffeine may even hit faster.

The Jura A1 is a compact coffee maker which can easily fit into a narrow space in your kitchen, a further benefit of using it over the many bulkier espresso machines on the market. Crew Review has a great video on this as well as other aspects of the A1 model to consider. Overall, this is a solid product that most coffee-lovers will adore in their homes.

Alternatives and Conclusions

You aren’t exactly hard-pressed to find other reasonable coffee or espresso makers, or even a machine that does both. It is, however, slightly harder to find an affordable drip coffee or espresso maker which fits nicely into as small of a space on your kitchen counter. Jura has a couple of others similar to the A1 which do similar things, but the more compact ones have fewer functions and others are just massive.

The Jura E6 is one option. The machine is fast and reliable and comes with a wide array of features and drinks which it can make. The E6 also weighs an excess of 30 pounds before adding water or coffee into the mix.

Part of that mass is the built-in coffee filter, water filter, drip feed, and cream dispenser. The E6 offers a complete barista experience, down to cream and foam in your drinks, but it is huge and bulky all the same.

The E8 coffee machine by Jura has the opposite problem. It is roughly the same size as the A1, but it only makes different types of coffee. It does have a feature for injecting cream, but the end result is still just an extra nice cup of coffee. The E8 cannot make ristretto and espresso.

The A1 is still a great coffee and espresso maker, as are many other Jura products and most of the reviews on the product are positive. The A1 is not perfect, and it is not for everyone or even every coffee lover out there. But the A1 is right for a lot of people, especially those who need a quick jolt awake in the morning but might want a more even and neutral beverage from the same machine later.

Happy Caffeinating!

Jura A1 Coffee Maker Review: A Steadfast And Reliable Machine
Jura A1 Coffee Maker Review

You're ready for the real thing? Try out this heavy, yet highly-compatible Jura A1 coffee maker that'll brew what you need.

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