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Keurig K15 Single-Serve Coffee Maker Review

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Keurig K15 Single-Serve Coffee Maker Review

Are you looking for a simple, quick solution to the ever-present need for a single cup of coffee in the morning? Do you find yourself traveling on the road regularly yet always seem to be missing a lightweight and reliable single-serve coffee maker at your side?

If a single-serve coffee maker is what you need, then make sure you check out our review of the Keurig K15. We’ll take a close look at this model’s pros and cons–and see how it measures up against a sizable list of competitors.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Keurig K15

Whether you’re new to the world of single-serve coffee makers or a dyed-in-the-wool longtime user, there are some differences to be mindful of when deciding if they are the best model of coffee maker for you.

While there are many other excellent single-serve models available (have a look at our handy buying guide if you’re curious about the options), the Keurig is unique for a few reasons.

Like most Keurig models, the coffee grounds come pre-packaged in K-cups for an easy one-press start to brewing. There are dozens of K-cup options, but you will be limited to the selection in Keurig’s line-up. So if you prefer a different brand or type of coffee, this model wouldn’t be ideal.

Single-serve coffee makers are perfect for professionals living alone who need a one-button no-fuss solution to brew coffee one cup at a time. You can customize each cup, allowing you to change your coffee to fit your tastes throughout the day.

These are small, portable brewers suitable for on-the-go users too. Without a water tank, they’re light enough to bring on daily commutes. Just don’t expect to be able to share coffee with too many others, as you’ll need to brew a new cup every time.

Keurig K15–The Basics

Keurig K15 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 10 Oz Brew Sizes, Oasis

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The Keurig K15 is a budget-friendly, undersized machine great for one person. Thoughtfully designed to fit in tight spaces without hogging up your counter, it comes with the dimensions of 10.7 x 6.9 x 10.8 inches. Weighing in at only 11 pounds, it’s fair to call the K15 one of the most portable brewers around, and it comes in 7 colors.

By purchasing the K15, you get the coffee maker, user manual, and a 12-month warranty. Also, you’ll find a refillable K15 cup and a handy drawer to store K-cups.

The K15 offers three different brewing sizes for customizable cup size options: 6oz, 8oz, and 10oz. Of course, it is compatible with the hundreds of Keurig’s K-cup grounds now available. It doesn’t have a water reservoir, one of the significant size and weight savers, yet it does include a removable tray for improved cleaning.

Things We Like

  • Coffee lovers get access to over 250 custom K-Cup coffee blends
  • Industry-low price for single-serve coffee makers
  • The compact design makes it ideal for small counters
  • The refillable K-cup feature lets you use fresh grounds
  • 2-minute brew time beats many competitors’ speeds
  • Removable drip tray simplifies clean-up

Room For Improvement

  • 6oz cup size provides strong flavor, but 10oz is underwhelming
  • Not ideal for entertaining guests or breakfast groups
  • K-cups can be pricey in the long run and bad for the environment
  • Brewed coffee may not be as hot as some prefer

Features & Benefits

Without any further ado, let’s dive into what the K15 has to offer! We’ll cover what we think are some of the most prominent features that this single-serve coffee maker offers. Along the way, we’ll discuss some of the K15’s drawbacks and why they may or may not be relevant to your unique needs in a coffee maker of this caliber.

Easy to Use

In keeping with Keurig’s reputation as a quality manufacturer, the K15 comes ready to use right out of the box. Its interface is sleek and easy-to-master. You fill the machine with water for one cup of coffee, add your favorite K-Cup, hit the brew button, and in about 2 minutes, your cup is ready.

While some people might appreciate more control over more features like Strength Control or Altitude Control, I really like the pared-down minimalistic design in the K15. Check out this video to see the K15 in action.

For people who don’t need more from their cup of coffee than a consistently great flavor every morning, I think the K15 offers an intuitive, day-in, day-out reliable solution.

Compact and Practical Design

The size of the K15 has got to be one of its biggest selling points. If you want a small and powerful brewer but your kitchen is only suitable for compact size, the K15 fits the bill. I can imagine a large chunk of the coffee-drinking cohort who would welcome this model in their home.

I said that the K15 would fit in smaller kitchens, but it could just as well serve as a secondary coffee machine for your home or apartment. It can fit on office desks, a location where many people are spending more time recently.

Because it weighs in at only 11 pounds, the K15 would fit in RVs and camper vans too. I found that it also works well when camping (or “glamping”) when there are power sources nearby.

2-Minute Brew Time

Two minutes is an average brew time, granted, but I’ve found the K15 remarkably consistent. If you find yourself drinking only one or two cups a day like me, then the two-minute wait time is pretty appropriate. If you’re a more frequent returner to the coffee carafe, then the K15 may get a little tiring to refill over and over.

However, there is a benefit to refilling the machine with every cup. You get fresh water for every brew. If you appreciate a “freshly brewed” smell and taste with every cup, the K15 might excite you. Guess what? There’s also a hot water option if you want to make hot chocolate or tea on a non-coffee kind of day.

Detachable Drip Tray

Some other single-cup coffee makers are known for being difficult to clean, but the K15 is quite the opposite. Its design allows it to break down for no-hassle cleaning. The removable drip tray goes a long way toward simplifying the cleaning process.

Another plus that we found with the detachable drip tray function was fitting taller mugs under the spout when you remove the tray. Users can fill a 5.2-inch travel mug or container once the tray is out. While it’s true that 7-inch mugs still won’t fit in the machine, I find that the customizability the drip tray offers is a nice bonus.

3 Customizable Brew Sizes

The K15 isn’t suitable for coffee lovers who want to have total control over what blends they brew. (For more options, we recommend  the Keurig K50 or K55) But the K15 does allow you to control three different brew strengths.

You can pick between 6oz, 8oz, or 10oz cups. While there isn’t much else that’s customizable with the K15, I liked having the options to control my coffee strength.

The 6oz cup I found to be quite strong. The 10oz size, on the other hand, was not very strong at all and might not appeal to coffee drinkers who prefer strong brews.

One other thing to mention related to brewing strength: some customers have reported that the K15 doesn’t deliver the hottest boil. While I didn’t encounter any lukewarm brews, it is true that the K15 won’t boil water as hot as higher-power single-serve coffee makers.

The lack of a water reservoir can limit the temperature to which the machine can boil water. So, keep in mind that you might periodically find your coffee less than hot.

K-Cup Compatibility

By now, the people at Keurig have developed over 250 varieties of coffee blends for their distinctive K-Cup products. One of the big selling points for purchasing a Keurig coffee maker like the K15 is to have access to the vast library of flavors selected just for you.

Despite Keurig’s claim that only K-Cup pods will fit in their brewers, dozens of other coffee makers sell their blends in cups, too. These cups will work perfectly well in the K15.

Keep in mind that the Keurig warranty only covers damages to your machine if you’re using Keurig branded cups. Just a reminder!

Since the K15 has no reservoir, users will not be able to use Keurig’s K-Carafe or K-Mug products. If you’re interested in those blends, look no further than a largerK-Carafe compatible Keurig coffee maker.

Alternatives & Conclusion

For frequent travelers, students in tight living arrangements, or people who like a no-frills single cup of coffee in the morning, the appeal of the Keurig K15 is wide-reaching. One thing is for sure, no matter your kitchen size or coffee brew preferences, the Keurig name carries with it a guarantee of quality construction.

However, there are plenty of functions that the K15 doesn’t have. If you’re looking for a portable, cost-effective coffee machine, but the K15 isn’t precisely what you’re looking for, there are no problems there! We have lots of coffee machine reviews that might fit your needs a little better.

If you like the Keurig brand and its high standard of design, but you need a machine that can brew four or five cups of coffee before refilling the water, we recommend the Keurig K55 Classic. It boasts a 48 oz water reservoir, which allows you to expand your brewing capabilities.

It’s a bigger machine, and the brew time is about 5 minutes.  We reviewed it recently and found it a convenient, more powerful upgrade from the K15.

Are you looking for another ultra-portable coffee machine that can brew a cup ASAP? There are a few good options besides the K15.

In our overview of the fastest drip coffee machines on the market, we put several models to the test. The Aeropress stands out among the competitors for its equally speedy brew time (under two minutes) and low price.

Finally, if you’ve got to have the speed, convenience, and great taste of the K15, but you’re open to purchasing a more premium machine, you might be interested in the Cuisinart SS-10P1. This coffee maker would be an excellent upgrade from the K15 if you’re looking for superior power (hotter boils) and a water reservoir.

The Keurig K15 is a solid choice for a lot of people. With its relatively low price and portable, one-button press design, it could be a good workhouse coffee maker for students, one-cup per day drinkers, and people on the go.

With our review, we hope that you now have all the resources that you need to find the perfect single-serve coffee maker for you!

Happy Caffeinating!

Keurig K15 Single-Serve Coffee Maker Review: Compact And Quick
Keurig K15 Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

For the coffee lovers that aren't looking for anything too classy, the Keurig K15 might be for you. Check out this compact coffee maker!

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