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Eco-Friendly Keurig Alternatives That You Should Consider

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Remember when the Keurig came out and it was the best thing invented since sliced bread? Walking into any office that had a Keurig was always a complete game-changer when it came to experience. It was instant happiness.

Now that the novelty has worn off, however, the Keurig isn’t necessarily the most eco-friendly option on the market, and consumers are becoming more aware of that fact.

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With over 25% of American households owning a coffee maker that operates with single-use pods on a daily basis, the number of K-Cups that have been trashed in landfills could wrap around the planet 10 times.

Mindblowing, right?

But what else is out there? Let’s explore the world of other single-serve coffee makers and how some Keurig alternatives can have an even greater impact on both you and the environment we live in. Your coffee maker one cup stop and more starts here.

Why not a Keurig?

Young woman in white shirt pours morning coffee into beautiful c

There are people out there who will swear by their Keurig machines. My sister is one of those people. We too have a soft spot for the brand and how it revolutionized making coffee at both home and in offices.

However, here at, we also aim to give you a balanced point of view. You can check out one of our many articles in support of the Keurig here.

On the other hand, here are some reasons you may not want to consider a Keurig:


Other than being wasteful with single-serve coffee. Anyone who owns a Keurig knows that cleaning it can be a bit of a beast.

Yes, it is marketed as the press and go machine that we all know, but the reality is that coffee oils and grounds do build up over time.

Since some of the parts, such as their inner tank and hoses cannot be removed, you’re looking at a day of flushing white vinegar through your machine just to keep your coffee tasting on par.

It’s not a lifetime investment

In all fairness, we admit that these days it’s hard to find any products that will guarantee a lifetime of service as companies have made a business out of the latest upgrades and new features in products.

Consumers reported a big drop in quality performance in the last few years of use. That is years and cups of coffee that you will never get back.


You could be looking at a 50% mark up in cost depending on the brand of k-cups you use. Regular ground coffee usually works out to be around $0.20 – $0.30 per cup, while a branded k-cup can go for up to $0.40 – $0.60.

Crazy, right?

If you’re looking for something a little easier on the wallet, you can find some cheap non-branded k-cups on Amazon for around $0.35 – $0.40 per pod.

Which is better, Ninja or Keurig?

If you’ve looked at either of these brand’s latest models, it is clear to see that they are both competing to gain control of the market. But which is better?

Whether you’re looking for more detailed coverage on the topic or just the specs, we’ve got you covered.

There’s no denying that the Ninja came out with guns blazing with their latest model. The Ninja Coffee Bar is a solid machine made of stainless steel and a permanent filter.

That means you don’t need any additional plastic or paper to make your desired cup of coffee. Just add your ground coffee to this easy to use the coffee maker and let the machine go.

It can accommodate a 10 oz. glass coffee carafe, a travel mug, and it also has a stand to support other various cup sizes as well.

One of the best features of this model is the built-in milk frother that allows you to achieve your own best microfoam.

Back to Keurig K-cup coffee makers

If you’re looking for something a bit simpler with no frills attached, not trying to be your own at-home barista, the Keurig K250 Coffee Maker would be a good choice to match your lifestyle.

However, if you’re like us and you love a good latte or cappuccino, then the K-Café Single Serve Coffee, Latte & Cappuccino Maker would be a better fit for you.

What we love:

  • Due to the nature of each machine, you can make multiple flavors and strengths of coffee with the press of a button and the switch of a K-cup.

What we don’t love:

  • K-cups are wasteful and just plain bad for our earth.
  • Plastic that is exposed to certain levels of heat has been linked to several potential health issues including but not limited to cancer.

Already have a Keurig machine? Not looking to buy a new one but wanting to contribute to a better environment? No worries, there is a solution!

If you have a Keruig 1.0 or 2.0 then there is a refillable coffee filter that you can use with your machine: Fill N Save Elite Series Stainless Steel Reusable K Cup.

What are the different Keurig models?

Having updated information is always the best way to make an informed decision. We thought it would be a good idea to go over different types of Keurigs to give you the best scope of what your current choices are in 2020.

Besides Hamilton Beach and the other Keurig alternatives we’re about to mention ahead, if your heart is dead set on a Keurig, then this section is for you.

Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker 

Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker
Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker

Introducing the Keurig K-Duo Plus Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker: the perfect brewer for any occasion. This versatile brewer is the best of both worlds, using both K-Cup pods and ground coffee to brew a cup and a carafe of your favorite varieties.

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This model sets itself apart with its sleek design that can accommodate various brew sizes from a full carafe to a single cup of coffee as well.

Keurig K55

It boasts a 48-ounce water reservoir and can brew a cup in under a minute. It uses its official Keurig coffee pods but is also flexible in the fact that it can use alternative coffee pods as well. With 3 cup size choices to choose from, the flexibility of this Keurig machine is a great selling point.

Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker

Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker
Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker

The Keurig K155 Office PRO Commercial Coffee Maker brews a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage in under one minute at the touch of a button. Now everyone you work with can brew K-Cup pods they love.

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This is a nice choice for larger offices with its 90-ounce water tank programmable touch screen features. Its durable nature can withstand the abuse that an office coffeemaker sometimes takes while serving you great coffee all day long.

Keurig K Classic K-Cup Coffee Maker

On Sale

This is the model that comes to mind when you think of a Keurig. If you’ve got the kitchen space for this kind of machine, its larger water tank can be convenient. However, if you’re looking for something a bit sleeker, we’d suggest going for the Keurig K15 K-Cup Machine or the Keurig K-Mini Plus for their more compact styles.

What is a good alternative to a Keurig?

So we’ve covered both the Keurig and the Ninja, and we’ve also gone over the current different Keurig models, but what about the other coffee machines that are out on the market? Which one brews up the best Keurig alternative? Whether you are looking for a single cup or a multi-cup machine, we have got you covered. Eye on the prize, one great cup of coffee coming up.

Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker, Fast Brewing, Stainless Steel

On Sale

What we love about it:

  • It doesn’t use coffee pods
  • It’s great on the wallet.
  • No filters or pods needed
  • Automatic shut off feature

This one cup coffee maker boasts the ease of 3 steps to your perfect cup of coffee. Scoop your coffee, place your cup under the machine, press the start button, and watch that coffee go. This would be great if you are someone who lives alone or who only needs to brew one cup of coffee at a time. This particular model brews up to 14 ounces into a travel mug or coffee cup.

What we don’t love:

  • The design is slightly on the bulkier side.

Hamilton Beach is a great Keurig alternative for several reasons. However, most people don’t travel with their coffee machines in their carryons when going on a business trip or sightseeing around the world. However, if you were the type of person who wanted to maintain that kind of consistency in their life and how they brew their coffee, this model wouldn’t be for you. Check out the next option instead.

Adir Chef Grab N’ Go, Coffee Maker

On Sale

If you are someone who has to wake up early and run out of the house as we do, this coffee maker is a great match for you.

What we love:

  • It’s eco friendly and BPA free
  • The cup size fits in most cars
  • You can actually travel with it

The Adir Chef Grab N’ Go Coffee Maker is highly rated for its compatibility and actual travel nature. Weighing a mere 1.3 lbs., in comparison to Hamilton Beach’s 5.58 lbs. This coffee maker is light enough to throw in a backpack or suitcase and brew coffee for you on the go. Toss your coffee pods aside because this machine only needs ground coffee to get a brew going.

What we don’t:

There isn’t a lot of versatility.

If you’re going to purchase this coffee maker to brew your desired cup of coffee, one thing you should realize is that it’s kind of a one-trick pony. While you probably could experiment with using other cup sizes with this machine, at the risk of burning at least one of your hands, we suggest you look elsewhere. This particular coffee machine is designed to fit like a glove to its built-in travel mug. While that is the perfect lifestyle choice for some, we know single cup coffee makers are not always a one size fits all kind of deal.

Cuisinart SS-10P1

So we’ve talked a lot about the different types of single-serve coffee machines, but what happens if you need to make more than one cup of coffee? What if you have a family and a single cup of regular coffee just won’t cut it? This is a solution for that.

What we love:

  • It’s versatile
  • 40-ounce removable water tank
  • Energy save mode

This coffee maker offers the option to brew both single cup coffee and a full-on pot of coffee to suit your needs.

While this model is definitely up there in price, it comes with a 3-year warranty, and a lot of extra features to help justify its expense.

The water reservoir also has a charcoal water filter attached to it to ensure some of the cleanest coffee your machine will every brew. It has a removable drip tray for larger cups and travel mugs. The 10-cup thermal stainless steel carafe is self-cleaning and offers a 24-hour brew start. And it’s compatible with k-cups or offers a reusable filter cup so you can choose to use your own coffee as well.

What we don’t:

  • The price.
  • Not 100% eco
  • The size

If you are the type of person who has a family or that entertains often, then the price could easily be worth it for you.

Since this particular coffee machine can brew with or without k-cup pods, we can’t say that it is 100% eco friendly. Although it does offer you the option of using ground coffee as well.

Lastly, because it is literally 2 coffee machines in 1, the size will obviously be bigger than the other alternative coffee machines we have mentioned above. If kitchen space is an issue for you, then we suggest opting for a smaller machine that fits your house better.

Coffee Machines for the Office

The needs of a coffee machine at the office are much different than those that stay at home. Depending on the size of your office, the number of employees, and the amount of coffee that is drunk, it may be better to consider a commercial size coffee maker.

While Keurig does offer a commercial small business model, an alternative that you may want to consider from a Keurig machine is the De’Longhi Essam Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso and Coffee Maker. Although it may not be too easy on the budget, this commercial coffee maker is an amazing alternative to consider as both a coffee and espresso machine.

We may be biased because this is the current commercial coffee machine in our office, but it will give Keurig coffee a run for its money in several different areas. Pod-based brew systems might be a better alternative that the k cup system. But what if you could eliminate both the Kcup and coffee pod all together?

The De’Longhi offers you that possibility and more.

What we love:

  • 60-second heat-up time.
  • Patented cappuccino system-no more clogged steam wands, this machine just magically makes it appear.
  • Bean to cup system
  • Eco-friendly and easy to clean

Another really convenient feature that this Keurig alternative offers, is a twin brewing system. This means if two people are in a rush to get stuff done, this machine now cuts both of your waiting times down in half. Pretty cool.

What is the best single-serve coffee maker?

Keurigs will always have a special place in our hearts, especially when it comes to their invention of easy to use single-serve coffee machines. But what is the best one out there?

From where we are sitting at the coffee table, one of the best machines to consider on the market right now is the Oomph Coffee Maker.

Besides having an amazing name, this single-serve coffee maker is known for being the ultimate portable single-serve coffee machine. It’s perfect for people at home, the office, or even when traveling.

This compact machine looks simple, but it works similar to a French press and can deliver some overall great tasting coffee.

Keeping Any of These Models Clean

Keeping your favorite coffee brewer in top condition means cleaning and maintaining it on the regular.

Keurig has put some rinse pods on the market to keep their coffee brewing systems in good condition and to prevent the nasty carryover of flavors from any previous brew from transferring over.

If you’ve recently won the lottery and you can afford to throw some extra money towards your coffee habit, you can always invest in a Jura E8, fully automated, and even includes a rinse feature. Hey, if we could afford it, we would.

But, If you’re like the real-life version of us and you’re not trying to spend extra money on expensive pods, you can also accomplish the same level of cleanliness by grabbing some white distilled vinegar and running it through the reservoir until it’s empty.

This is especially important to consider if you are using your Keurig alternatives for things such as plain hot water for tea or other hot water-based beverages


If you are an individual or a business that is trying to take care of the planet and that cares about sustainability, like a future partner, you are going to want to find a company or brand that holds the same values as you.

The good people at Moriondo Coffee have written a fantastic article on 8 Eco-friendly Tips For Your Workplace click here to check it out.

The Take-Away

Keurig has forever revolutionized the way that we view and brew coffee. Making coffee that you can brew without any plumbing and just the press of a single button was revolutionary, to say the least.

While Keurig coffee makers are still a popular choice on the market, seeking out Keurig alternatives for your best brew and environmentally friendly lifestyle can also be a great idea as well.

The best Keurig alternatives are affordable, easy to use, adjust to various cup sizes, offer a customizable brew strength, and of course make the most delicious coffee.

If you are already searching for a new machine, why not help our planet combat global warming by finding an eco-friendly option that can work without K-cups or paper filters? It’s the best for all involved, including you!

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