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Lavazza vs. Nespresso: Which Coffee Machine Is Right for You?

Nespresso and Lavazza manufacture excellent lines of single-serve coffee brewers. If you want a premium coffee experience and a wide range of flavors, Nespresso is your perfect match. If you want a good, satisfying cup of coffee or espresso on a budget and don’t need a huge choice of coffee blends, Lavazza makes a coffee maker just for you.

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Without a doubt, single-serve pod coffee machines have revolutionized the home coffee industry.

They’ve made it quick, easy, and convenient for anyone to get high-quality espresso from the comfort of their home without the hassle and cost of traditional espresso machines. With these capsule machines, you can be a barista in your own home!

If you’re in the market for a capsule-based coffee machine, you’ve got a lot of options. Do you go with a Nespresso machine with its stylish design and intuitive interface, or do you buy a Lavazza machine with a more affordable price point and a more versatile line of capsules?

Let’s discuss Lavazza vs. Nepresso…

lavazza vs nespresso

Nespresso and Lavazza: A Quick Recap

Nespresso’s story began in 1976 after Swiss engineer Eric Favre took a trip to Rome. He was inspired by the espresso served at cafes and wanted to create a convenient and easy-to-use system that would allow anyone, regardless of skill or experience with coffee, to create delicious, high-quality espresso from the comfort of their home.

Nestlé released the first Nespresso single-serve capsule machine in 1986, and Nespresso has become one of the most popular companies in the home coffee space in the last 35 years.

But Nespresso isn’t the only company that has developed capsule machines. After Favre left Nestlé, he developed a new capsule system called Monodor in 1991, which is used today in Lavazza’s coffee pod machine.

The Monodor system’s goal is to improve on the original Nespresso design by using non-aluminum capsules.

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Nespresso vs. Lavazza: What’s the Difference?


Nespresso and Lavazza produce coffee in single-serve portions, and they both use their own proprietary coffee capsules to create a shot of espresso.

They’re also simple and easy to use, with many machines featuring only a few buttons and minimal presets. They have similar functionality, and it takes about the same time to brew a cup on either machine.


There’s a huge difference in the overall texture and appearance of the shot of espresso that each machine creates.

Lavazza’s pods create a delicious espresso shot with a thick crema that more closely resembles “authentic” espresso. In contrast, Nespresso’s Vertuo machines create a thinner espresso-like coffee with a frothy crema-like foam.

Nespresso’s Original Line machines are the exception. They use a 19-bar pressure pump to produce a real shot of espresso.

Another big difference between the two coffee companies is the taste of the coffee pods. Lavazza Blue pods have a much more intense and bold flavor, while Nespresso pods have a milder and slightly more acidic flavor.

Who are Nespresso and Lavazza Machines Suited For?

Since both of these brands create single-serve coffee machines, you’ll likely find that they’re suited to very similar audiences.

They’re both excellent options for office spaces and other shared areas since people can pick and choose their own blends and brew sizes.

Lavazza machines are a great option for those who are low on counter space and looking for a small and simple machine that won’t crowd their kitchen.

They’re also suited for those who want a machine in a lower price range and aren’t too worried about premium features like stainless steel housing.

In contrast, Nespresso machines are more suited to the coffee drinker looking for a more premium experience and a wider range of flavors.

The Original Line machines are compatible with a whole host of coffee capsules from Nespresso and other brands, which means that there’s almost no limit to the number of coffee options out there.

Lavazza vs Nespresso: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Nespresso Machines

Nespresso is one of the biggest names in the coffee industry, and for good reason.

Nespresso’s coffee makers are beautiful, functional, and almost completely automatic. They’re the perfect machines for those who want a “set-it-and-forget-it” brewing method that still feels like a luxurious experience.

The wide range of machines that Nespresso offers means that there’s a coffee maker out there for just about every coffee drinker or lifestyle.

What We Like:

  • Most machines store used capsules in a built-in container, so you don’t have to take them out every time you use them.
  • The capsule recycling program is easy to use and eco-friendly.
  • This coffee maker’s water reservoir is large and easy to remove, making it ideal for heavy coffee drinkers or office environments.
  • Nespresso offers a wide range of capsule flavors for both lines of machines. The Original Line brewers offer even more variety because they’re compatible with third-party and reusable capsules.
  • The machines in Nespresso’s Original Line use pressure to create rich, authentic espresso.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Since Nespresso machines are designed specifically to brew coffee and espresso, there’s no option or capsule to allow you to brew tea or other beverages like chai or hot chocolate. Not all Nespresso machines have a hot water option.
  • Not every Nespresso machine comes with an integrated milk frother or steam wand, so you may have to pay extra for the accessories you want.
  • The machines and capsules cost more in the long run than the Lavazza machines. When this article was written, each Nespresso capsule cost about $0.75 to $0.80, making them less expensive than a coffee shop but pricier than other coffee makers.
  • Centrifusion is used to create pressure in the VertuoLine machines, which means the coffee it creates isn’t “authentic” espresso. This may bother the most hardcore coffee connoisseurs.

The Bottom Line:

There’s no question that Nespresso machines have earned their reputation. They’re stylish and fast, producing delicious, frothy coffees that serve as the perfect base for cappuccinos and lattes.

Those who want to handle and clean their machine as little as possible will love Nespresso’s minimalist design.

However, consumers should understand that they’re paying for style and convenience and will likely pay more in the long run than a less expensive coffee machine.

Lavazza Machines

While not as renowned in the capsule coffee industry as Nespresso, Lavazza’s machines can more than hold their own.

With a stylish design, a wide range of coffee capsules, and an affordable price range, these coffee machines are approachable, even for someone just beginning their coffee journey.

Lavazza machines are all about simplicity, with single-button brewing that takes all the guess and prep work out of your morning cup.

What We Like:

  • Lavazza’s machines are much quieter than Nespresso’s, which is a big plus if noise bothers you.
  • Most Lavazza machines have a small footprint and barely take up any space on your counter.
  • The heat-up time is quite fast, with minimal prep.
  • Lavazza machines brew slightly hotter than Nespresso machines, especially those from the VertuoLine.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Lavazza coffee machines are not compatible with third-party capsules. So, while Lavazza offers a wide range of pods, you’re stuck with what they offer.
  • Lavazza coffee pods are made of plastic and not as easily recyclable as we’d like.
  • Lavazza machines don’t have additional accessories like a milk frother or steam wand.
  • Generally, Lavazza coffee machines have very few features or presets, so they may not be right for someone who wants more control over their brew.

The Bottom Line:

The Lavazza lineup is a great place to start for those who want an affordable, approachable coffee maker.

From the simple and sleek designs to the minimal features, their machines are made for those who value speed, ease, and convenience over the “process” of brewing coffee.

However, Lavazza machine owners will have to give up variety and freedom of choice regarding their coffee pods since the machines are incompatible with other third-party capsules.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve now got a better idea of which coffee machine will fit your home, lifestyle, coffee preferences, and price range.

If you’re willing to pay more upfront and for the life of your machine, Nespresso offers a premium brewing experience, easily recyclable capsules, and a wide range of capsule flavors.

If you want a more affordable coffee pod machine that brews a bolder and hotter cup of coffee, we recommend buying a Lavazza machine instead.

Ultimately, the difference in the taste of the coffee these machines produce comes down to the pods, and taste can be subjective. We recommend trying both machines out for yourself to see how their brews taste.

Still unsure about which machine may be your better option? Learn more about the best Nespresso machines on the market or whether Nespresso machines are good value in the long run. 

Happy Caffeinating!

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