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Moccamaster KBG Review

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Are you in the market for a brand new coffee maker or looking to upgrade to something special? You may have heard of the Technivorm Moccamaster KBG 741, considered one of the best all-around auto-drip coffee makers on the market. Moccamaster is known for its quality craftsmanship, but does the machine hold up? Let’s take a closer look.

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Moccamaster KBG machine


Things to consider before buying a Technivorm Moccamaster KBG 741

All coffee systems are not made equal, and the Technivorm Moccamaster is no exception. If you’re looking for an exceptional pot of coffee, Moccamaster was awarded the Golden Cup Standard by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. 

They’ve been hand-crafting Moccamaster coffee makers since 1968. Every coffee machine comes with a five-year warranty and lifetime repairs. 

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If you’re still up for buying a great coffee-making system, then keep reading my Technivorm Moccamaster KBG 741 Review to find out what I learned.

Basic Specs

  • Dimensions: 12.6″ L X 6.6″ W X 14.17″ H
  • Volts: 120V / 240 V
  • Colour: Various
  • Water Reservoir: 42 oz / 10 cups
  • Carafe: Glass
  • Brew-basket Style: Auto Drip-Stop
  • Hot Plate: Yes
  • Warranty: 5 years

The Technivorm Moccamaster KBG 741 is an automatic drip-stop brew-basket coffee machine. It comes in various colors and features a glass carafe that holds 10 cups of coffee and a hot plate that automatically shuts off after 40 minutes.

Every Technivorm Moccamaster Drip Coffee Maker includes the copper heating element and showerhead design. It will also arrive at your door with an adorable coffee scoop to measure out your coffee grounds and a disposable paper filter for your first brew.

Compared to the Moccamaster KB, the KBG does not feature a manual drip-stop, so you don’t have to worry about messing around with finding the proper flow of your morning coffee. It also does not come with a thermal carafe like other models.

However, I have a few favorite features of this model that I think you’ll appreciate.

Fast Brewing Time

This coffee machine promises a 6-minute brew time, a massive bonus for coffee lovers rushing through their morning routine. The average time for most coffee makers is fifteen minutes, but the KBGs are some of the fastest coffee machines around and the entire brew cycle is 4-6 minutes.

Pouring Water In Moccamaster KBG


With a brewing time that fast, you can be out the door and halfway to work while other coffee systems are just finishing up.

Nine-hole Showerhead Design

The Technivorm Moccamaster KBG 741 includes a removable nine-hold showerhead outlet arm. This showerhead design helps to disperse the water evenly over the ground coffee, ensuring an ideal saturation for the coffee bloom during extraction. 

Moccamaster KBG Nine Hole Showerhead


I find that I can’t enjoy cups of coffee made in a drip coffee brewer without this showerhead design. The extraction time, coupled with the water saturation, creates exceptional coffee.

Copper Heating Element

The Technivorm Moccamaster KBG 741 includes the copper heating element tucked away inside the sleek design. But trust me, it’s doing its job! It brings the brew to the proper water temperature, between 196°F – 205°F, in very little time.

Moccamaster KBG Copper Heating


This temperature is essential for optimum coffee quality. Having the correct temperature for your cups of coffee makes a big difference.

Heating Plate

Everyone has their opinions on carafe style, and though I usually prefer a thermal carafe to keep my coffee warm for hours, I appreciate this unique hot-plate element. This coffee machine holds your coffee between 175°F and 185°F and automatically shuts off after 40 minutes. 

5-Year Warranty

The 5-year Warranty on Moccamasters is probably my favorite feature of all. I brew a lot of coffee, and I put my coffee maker models to the test, so a warranty comes in handy. They also include lifetime repairs on all parts, which is another bonus. In addition, most of the pieces are removable, and that’s essential for long-term maintenance and repair.

There are so many aspects of this beautiful coffee maker that are ideal and guarantee delicious coffee. But like all good things, nothing is perfect.

The Drawbacks

I found the coffee brewed by the Moccamaster to be exceptional, but there are some drawbacks. Depending on what you need in a coffeemaker, these drawbacks may be deal-breakers.

There are no programmable features.

Moccamasters are simple to operate, a feature many people like. But that also means you can’t program your machine to brew your coffee while you wake. I love waking up to the smell of my classic coffee brew and being able to program that ahead of time is a big deal. 

The Moccamaster lets you turn the machine on to start the brew and adjust the hot plate’s temperature. That’s it. The device automatically shuts off after 40 minutes if you forget. So if you’re like me, you may want to look at other coffee makers.

The water reservoir isn’t removable.

My water filter is upstairs, and my coffee maker is down. And, I’ll admit, I like bringing my water reservoir to the filter or the sink. But, unfortunately, the Technivorm Moccamaster KBG does not come with a removable water reservoir, and you do have to fill it with every brew because it only brews a whole pot. 

Moccamaster KBG Water Reservoir


Of course, there’s an easy solution: keep a water jug on hand.

It doesn’t have a manual drip-stop.

Some Moccamaster models include a manual drip-stop, like the Moccamaster KBTS. This manual drip-stop lets you control the flow of coffee, slowing it down or stopping it altogether. It is an excellent feature if you want to open the brew basket and thoroughly saturate your coffee grounds.  The manual drip-stop also lets you slow it down enough to brew a single cup.

There are no bells or whistles, but it still costs a lot.

If you want a coffee machine that froths milk, brews different sizes, or lets you use coffee pods, the Technivorm Moccamaster KBG probably isn’t for you. And if you’re looking for an affordable coffee machine, you may want to look elsewhere. Moccamasters carry a high price tag, but they do make excellent batches of coffee.

Should You Try It?

The Technivorm Moccamaster KBG 741 is an automatic drip coffee maker that delivers an entire pot of high-quality coffee in minutes. Though it lacks any programmable features, it makes up for in quality craftsmanship and, of course, the 5-year Warranty. 

There are a lot more affordable alternatives on the market. As an alternative, I recommend the OXO 8 or 9-cup Coffee Maker with a thermal carafe to keep your coffee hot for hours. It also includes the same showerhead design and copper heating elements to make a great-tasting coffee.

Overall, the Technivorm Moccamaster KBG is a well-made, quality coffee maker that I recommend for the coffee aficionado seeking the best tasting cup of coffee.

Happy Caffeinating!

Moccamaster KBG Review: Auto-Drip Your Way To Caffeinated
Moccamaster KBG Review

In our Moccamaster KBG review, we'll let you know if this automatic drip coffee maker delivers a high-quality pot of coffee the way it should

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