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7 Best Coffee Makers With A Thermal Carafe

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Picking a new coffee maker is a big deal. You need that morning caffeine fix, so you want to choose a machine that offers you all of the perks. You probably pick the cup size you need, then look at the possible settings before making your choice.

Stop right there. You’ll also want to consider buying a coffee maker with a thermal carafe. They’re more expensive than glass carafes, but the benefits outweigh the price. A thermal carafe coffee maker keeps coffee hotter longer without a heat source.

Buying a coffee maker with a thermal carafe doesn’t mean you must forgo any other special features. Check out our round-up of the best coffee makers with thermal carafes so you can see all they have to offer.

At a Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Best Coffee Maker With Thermal Carafe

best coffee maker with thermal carafe

Quick Summary: Best Coffee Maker With Thermal Carafe

BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker, Black/Silver, CM2035BBLACK+DECKER 12-CUP THERMAL COFFEE MAKER
  • Double-Walled And Vacuum-Sealed
  • Customizable Brewing Options
  • Wide-Mouth Carafe Opening
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Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker, Programmable Coffee Machine with Auto Pause, 10 Cups, Stainless SteelMR. COFFEE 10-CUP COFFEEMAKER
  • Removable Water Reservoir
  • Double-Walled Thermal Carafe
  • Strong Brew Selector
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Hamilton Beach Programmable Front-Fill Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe (46391), 12 Cup Capacity, Black and StainlessHAMILTON BEACH PROGRAMMABLE FRONTFILL COFFEE MAKER
  • Extra-Large 12 Cup Thermal Carafe With Drip-Free Pouring
  • 3 Brew Options & Programmable Timer
  • Immediate Auto Shutoff
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Cuisinart Stainless Steel Coffee Maker, 12-Cup Thermal, SilverCUISINART PROGRAMMABLE 12-CUP THERMAL COFFEE MAKER
  • Hotter Coffee And Brew Strength Options
  • Light Indicator Signals
  • Fully Automatic With 24-Hour Programmability
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Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder and Thermal Carafe (Renewed)CAPRESSO COFFEE TEAM 10-CUP DIGITAL COFFEEMAKER
  • With Conical Burr Grinder
  • Permanent Goldtone Filter
  • Automatically Grinds Fresh Whole Beans
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Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker, Single Serve and 12-Cup Carafe Drip Coffee Brewer, Compatible with K-Cup Pods and Ground Coffee, BlackKEURIG K-DUO PLUS COFFEE MAKER
  • 12-Cup Carafe Drip Coffee Brewer
  • Compatible With K-Cup Pods And Ground Coffee
  • Multiple Brew Sizes
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Ninja CP307 Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker with 6 Brew Sizes, 5 Brew Styles, Frother, Coffee & Tea Baskets with Thermal Carafe Black 50 oz.NINJA HOT AND COLD BREWED SYSTEM
  • Auto-iQ Tea
  • Smart Basket Recognition
  • 5 Brew Styles
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We tested seven coffee makers with thermal carafes. On average, they kept the coffee hot for about four hours after the initial brewing process.

Black+Decker 12-cup Thermal Coffee Maker

On Sale

If you want to try a coffee maker with a thermal carafe without breaking the bank, the Black+Decker is the perfect budget option for you. It looks like a standard coffee maker but has nice options, like brewing strong pots of coffee for a richer taste.

This machine has the “Sneak a Cup” feature, which lets you pour a cup of delicious coffee while it’s still brewing. This can be crucial for people who can’t wholly function until they have a sip. The brewing cycle time is only about 10 minutes, which isn’t too long, but it’s nice that you don’t have to wait.

Things We Like

  • 12-cup thermal carafe
  • Basic design, but offers many features
  • Most affordable option on the list

Things We Don’t

  • Plastic elements on the machine seem cheap

Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Coffeemaker

On Sale

This coffee maker is slightly smaller than the previous one, with a 10-cup thermal carafe. But, Mr. Coffee is a high-quality brand, so you can’t go wrong with this machine. Some nice perks include being able to pause brewing to pour a mug of coffee and a two-hour auto shut-off feature.

Our favorite thing about this coffee maker is that it’s self-cleaning. Stainless steel requires a bit more work when compared to cleaning glass carafes, so it’s nice to know that the machine takes care of that chore for you.

Things We Like

  • 10-cup capacity
  • Self-cleaning option
  • Second most affordable option on the list

Things We Don’t

  • It takes up a lot of counter space despite its smaller coffee capacity

Hamilton Beach Programmable FrontFill Coffee Maker

On Sale

This Hamilton Beach model has a lot of options for an affordable coffee maker. You can change the brew strength for each pot of coffee. It also has a 1-4 cup setting, though the stainless steel carafe can hold up to 12.

Another option is a programmable brewing time. With this option, you can wake up to a fresh pot of coffee that starts brewing without any input from you. It also comes with a charcoal water filter that purifies the tap water you pour into the reservoir. 

Things We Like

  • 12-cup capacity
  • Includes a charcoal water filter
  • Affordable, especially considering the programmable features

Things We Don’t

  • It doesn’t seem to keep the coffee as hot as other options

Cuisinart Programmable 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker

Cuisinart has several models of coffee makers on the market, but this one with a thermal carafe is a great choice. It has three different heat settings: regular, hot, and extra hot. Along with the Extreme Brew selection, this option means your coffee pot will be ready 25% faster than other coffee makers.

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It also has a 24-hour programmable timer, meaning you can set it before bed and have fresh, hot coffee ready for you in the morning. Because of the quality of their thermal carafe, this coffee stays hot for hours.

Things We Like

  • 12-cup capacity
  • Coffee stays hotter than most other carafes we tested
  • Thermal carafe is dishwasher-safe, and the machine has a self-cleaning option

Things We Don’t

  • The carafe seems heavier than other options

Capresso Coffee Team 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker

The Capresso 10-cup coffee maker gives you the option of having a fresh batch of coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans, so you have a lot of control over your coffee’s flavor. The machine has a built-in burr grinder that gives your beans a uniform grind for the best-tasting coffee. 

Other features include the programmable brew time so you can wake up to hot coffee. It also has an internal charcoal water filter system to purify water before brewing.

Things We Like

  • 10-cup capacity
  • Includes a built-in grinder so you can have fresh coffee
  • Built-in charcoal water filtration system

Things We Don’t

  • It doesn’t grind oily beans well, which is a bummer if you love dark coffee.

Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker

On Sale

It might seem strange to have a Keurig on a list that features thermal carafes. Most people know Keurig as the coffee machine famous for making a single cup of coffee. Well, they scaled up their game with this machine, which can make up to 12 cups of coffee at once.

Keurig created their coffee maker to be slimmer than other models out there, so it looks sleek and doesn’t take up much counter space. If you want a coffee maker that can brew a quick cup or enough to serve guests, then you’ll get it all in this machine.

Things We Like

  • Brews a single cup or an entire carafe—up to 12 cups
  • Programmable brew time, which is unique for single-serve machines
  • Removable, easily-refillable water reservoir

Things We Don’t

  • It’s fairly expensive.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Ninja is a brand known for their blenders, but they got into the drink side of things and have been designing incredibly innovative coffee makers ever since. This machine will make almost any beverage you can imagine.

The coffee maker will make a single cup of coffee or brew a thermal carafe of 10 cups. It makes drip coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, iced tea, and more. It comes with separate baskets so your tea won’t have a coffee taste, and vice versa. Because it has settings for the iced drinks, you can make them strong enough so the ice won’t dilute the flavor.

Things We Like

  • Brews single cups or a carafe up to 10 cups
  • Has five brew strength options
  • Can make hot beverages or iced without sacrificing flavor

Things We Don’t

  • The most expensive option on the list


You’ve read about the benefits of seven of our favorite coffee makers with thermal carafes. Now it’s time to learn why thermal carafes are so great and what else you might want to look for in your new coffee maker.

Types of Coffee Makers

You don’t have to buy a specialty coffee maker to get a thermal carafe. Even the most basic coffee makers with little to no unique features can come with a thermal carafe. And, choosing a simple option can be a great way to make drip coffee that stays hot for hours.

However, as you noticed with the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, not all coffee makers are made equal. You might want to level up your coffee game and get coffee makers with special features. 

We especially recommend coffee makers with programmable brewing times. Preparing coffee ahead of time and waking up to a fresh pot is hard to beat.

If you like a strong brew, we’d also recommend that you choose a coffee maker with a thermal carafe that includes brew settings. A couple of them, like Black+Decker and Mr. Coffee, have a “strong” option that makes rich coffee.

To go above and beyond those brew settings, check out the Cuisinart, which has three heat settings and the Extreme Brew option. The Ninja coffee maker tops that, with five brew settings for hot and iced drinks.

How Thermal Carafes Work

Thermal carafes are superior to glass carafes because of their heat retention. They have double walls of stainless steel that keep the coffee hot. Because of how they’re constructed, they don’t need to stay on a warming plate.

While glass carafes are usually more affordable than thermal, the glass doesn’t keep the coffee hot. A glass carafe has to stay on a hot plate to keep the coffee warm. The coffee can burn or lose its taste as it remains in contact with heat.

One downside of using a thermal carafe is that you can’t see how much coffee is left. You’ll have to open the lid and try to gauge from there unless you can keep track of how many cups you’ve poured.

Because they’re made of two layers of stainless steel, thermal carafes are also heavier than glass. However, if you’re a coffee lover who likes to sip all day long, a thermal carafe is going to give you the best-tasting coffee throughout the day.

How Much Coffee Do You Need?

The capacity of the thermal carafes might influence which coffee maker you’ll buy. Most of our options hold 10 or 12 cups, which is relatively standard for coffee makers.

The Ninja and Keurig machines give you the option to brew single cups, which can be nice if you want to try different flavors of k-cups. Depending on the model you choose, you can also brew up to a full carafe of 10 or 12 cups, giving you a lot of flexibility.

How Hot Is Coffee in a Thermal Carafe?

The optimal brewing temperature is typically anywhere from 195 to 205 degrees. The coffee machine heats the water to that temperature to extract the most flavor from the coffee grounds. Once the coffee is in the carafe, it might cool down slightly, but the double walls will keep it warm.

If you like your coffee at different temperatures, you might want to choose the Cuisinart Programmable 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker. It has three temperature options: regular, hot, and extra hot. 

How Long Will a Thermal Carafe Keep Coffee Hot?

A Consumer Reports study found that thermal carafes lose about four degrees of heat every hour. Since coffee brews at 195 to 205 degrees, we’ll use 200 degrees as the average. After an hour, your coffee is 196 degrees. 

When we tasted our carafe coffee at the four-hour mark, it would be about 184 degrees. It still seemed plenty hot for us; it’s an ideal temperature for drinking coffee without scalding your tongue.

How Do You Clean a Thermal Carafe?

Because they’re made from stainless steel, you should use a solution of vinegar and water to remove hard water residue from the carafe. If you’re unsure about how to care for a thermal carafe, it might be worth splurging on a self-cleaning option.

Otherwise, look for a carafe that has a wide mouth. The wide mouth makes it easier for you to clean because you’ll most likely be washing it by hand. Only the Cuisinart Programmable 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker is dishwasher-safe.

Best Brands of Coffee Makers With Thermal Carafes

We didn’t choose the coffee makers on our list just because we like the machine. We also really respect the brands we feature.


Black+Decker started in 1910 in Maryland. They made power tools until World War II. The company then shifted its focus to producing gun shells and war supplies. After the war, they resumed making power tools and added small appliances to their name.

Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee, which started in 1970, is America’s original coffee maker. They have various models on the market, such as drip coffee makers, espresso makers, iced coffee machines, cappuccino machines, and more.

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach was founded in 1904. They’re known for their motorized kitchen appliances, which they developed when motors were only used in commercial machines. They’re best known for their mixers, food processors, toasters, can openers, and more. 


Like Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart is another company that makes small home appliances. They also have lines of cookware and bakeware.


Capresso’s name combines “cappuccino” and “espresso,” so you know they’re going to manufacture quality coffee makers. They started in 1994 and have since expanded to other drink-making machines.


Keurig was founded in 1992 in Massachusetts. The company initially set out to make single-serve coffee makers that use k-cups for brewing. They’ve expanded into manufacturing larger coffee makers and other drink machines.


Ninja became famous for their portable blenders, but they also make food processors, pressure cookers, ice cream machines, and juicers.

Other Brands

Many other brands manufacture coffee makers with thermal carafes. We wish we could feature them all, but if you’re interested, you can check out:

  • Behmor
  • Bonavita
  • Breville
  • Bunn
  • Frieling
  • Melitta
  • OXO
  • Zojirushi


We hope our list helped you narrow down the coffee maker with a thermal carafe that suits your needs. In case you have additional questions, read on.

Is a Glass or Thermal Carafe Better?

There’s no bad carafe for a coffee maker. Depending on your coffee drinking habits, a glass carafe might work well. If you drink your coffee before it sits on the burner too long, you won’t need a thermal carafe.

If you like to sip coffee all day long, you’ll want to choose a thermal carafe. Glass carafes have to stay on the heating element to keep the coffee warm. As a result, the heat continues to cook the coffee, giving it a burnt and bitter taste.

One downside of thermal carafes is that you can’t see how much coffee is inside. Clear glass is better for that. However, glass is more fragile and can chip or shatter, whereas stainless steel thermal carafes are very durable.

How Can You Keep Coffee Warm All Day?

A thermal carafe is the best choice to keep coffee warm all day, but barring that, you might want to try something else.

Most travel mugs have great insulation since they’re meant to carry coffee from place to place. Those with lids that have self-closing sipping areas are especially effective. Coffee mug sleeves are a unique way to insulate your coffee cup and keep your beverage warm.

Wrap Up

It’s hard to make a final choice with seven great coffee makers with thermal carafes on the line, but we love the Cuisinart Programmable 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker most. It’s an affordable machine that’s not too expensive and has a lot of options.

We especially like the Extreme Brew cycle, which prepares coffee faster than the other machines. It’s also nice to have various temperature options. You can brew extra hot coffee and be sure it’ll stay hotter in the carafe for a longer time.

However, trying a coffee maker with a thermal carafe doesn’t have to break your budget. Black+Decker is a brand with an excellent reputation. Their coffee maker offers just enough special features to make it easy to use, with a thermal carafe to keep your coffee hot.

Happy Caffeinating!

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