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Is The Ninja Coffee Bar Discontinued?

If you were on the search to get yourself a Ninja Coffee Bar, we’re sad to say it’s been discontinued. However, there are plenty of newer options from the Ninja brand that are perfect replacements.

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Nothing scares me more than the coffee machine breaking!  So when I needed to replace my dying coffee maker, I had my heart set on a Ninja Coffee Bar with its fancy features and tons of options. Who doesn’t love a built-in milk frother?

I was so disappointed when I discovered I couldn’t get one. I scoured Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and a few other websites only to come up empty-handed. The Ninja Coffee Bar was missing in action. 

Don’t be too distraught, though, because there are plenty of Ninja Coffee options to suit your every coffee whim. You can check out our handy Ninja coffee maker buying guide for more information.  

In the meantime, though, you might still be wondering what happened to the original Ninja Coffee Bar. I asked the same thing: whatever happened to the Ninja Coffee Bar I so badly needed for my morning caffeine fix? 

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The Ninja Coffee Bar has been discontinued. Although you can’t purchase this specialty coffee maker anymore, there are plenty of options from Ninja for your coffee pleasure, including the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker and the Ninja DualBrew. 

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the latest coffee maker models from Ninja. But we’ll also talk about the original Ninja Coffee Bar. So let’s get right to it! 

What’s the Ninja Coffee Bar?

Is The Ninja Coffee Bar Discontinued

I wanted the Ninja Coffee Bar because it could make a regular old cup of joe and fancy cafe drinks, too. I could fix a single cup or an entire pot. In addition, it can make a variety of brews, from concentrated coffee to be poured over ice to classic brews.

The Ninja Coffee Bar included a built-in milk frother, too, not to mention offering a variety of serving sizes from one cup to 43 ounces. Better yet, the Ninja Coffee Bar gave you precise control over temperature, coffee saturation, and richness. And it just looked cool. It was a coffee lover’s dream. 

The Legendary Name: Ninja Coffee Bar

The legendary Ninja Coffee Bar was so impressive that its name became the standard moniker for other models of Ninja Specialty Coffee Makers. So if you hear someone talking about a Ninja Coffee Bar, you don’t have to crush their dreams when they can’t find it because they might just be talking about a different model of coffee maker. Ninja Coffee Bar has come to represent Ninja’s full lineup of fancy coffee makers. 

I can’t tell you for sure why the Ninja Coffee Bar was discontinued, but I suspect Ninja merely replaced it with a similar model that included a few extra features. Let’s take a look at some of those models next. 

What Are the Latest Coffee Maker Models from Ninja? 

There are plenty of Ninja Coffee Makers you can choose from. They vary slightly in price and features, but they all provide the same Ninja-quality coffee brews. We’ve highlighted a few models here so you can see some of the differences.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System 

On Sale

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System is the model most like the original Ninja Coffee Bar. But it’s got a few extra features for the die-hard coffee lover in us all, like the iced coffee settings. 

  • Six brew sizes, from one cup to a full carafe 
  • Five brew styles, including rich, specialty, classic, cold brew, and iced 
  • Tea settings 
  • Built-in milk frother 

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker 

This model has even more goodies for you to enjoy. For example:

  • The dual coffee maker can use pods or coffee grounds
  • It offers nine brew sizes
  • Brew selections include rich, classic, over ice, and specialty 
  • Brews pods faster than a standard Keurig
  • Makes instant hot water for tea or oatmeal  
  • Includes built-in milk frother  
  • Features delay brew and keep warm functions

Ninja Dual Brew 

On Sale
  • The dual coffee maker can use pods or ground coffee 
  • Provides a choice of 9 brew sizes 
  • It offers three brew styles: Rich, classic, over ice 
  • Includes keep warm and delay-brew functions


Although we sadly say a fond farewell to the original Ninja Coffee Bar, there’s no need for gloom. Ninja hasn’t given up on us coffee lovers by discontinuing the Ninja Coffee Bar. Instead, they’ve added some exciting new features and given us some extra options for cold brews, specialty brews, various brew sizes, and pods so that we can fill our every coffee whim with a single machine. 

If you’re in the market for a new drip coffee maker, Ninja’s got you covered! From a simple classic cup of coffee to a frothy fancy specialty cup, there’s a Ninja that will fit your coffee style. And you can still call it the Ninja Coffee Bar if you really want to. 

Happy Caffeinating! 

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