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VitaCup Coffee Subscription Review: Vitamin-Infused Coffee

VitaCup Coffee offers vitamin-infused coffees, teas, and coffee alternatives that are delicious and nutritious.

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There’s no more debating that coffee can be good for you, and there are even coffee roasting companies out there dedicated to providing health-focused coffee products.

However, what if there were coffees that also held the additional daily nutrients you needed? VitaCup Coffee is a company that does just this by offering coffee products infused with vitamins!

VitaCup Coffee: Company History/Overview

VitaCup Coffee was created by Brandon Fishman, who found out he had a vitamin deficiency in 2017. He had tons of vitamins to take but always seemed to forget to do so.

This brought him to the idea of combining something you always remember to consume with something you should be consuming more often. Coffee and vitamins all in one!

With the addition of Brianna Harris, a registered dietitian and certified nutritionist who ensures that each sip from VitaCup is a truly healthy one, VitaCup has grown into a business that offers not only vitamin-infused coffee, but also a plethora of other healthy beverages such as lattes, teas, creamers, and green powders.

Coffee from VitaCup is said to go from “farm to cup,” guaranteeing only the best quality in ingredients that are enhanced with superfoods, vitamins, and antioxidants. The company also focuses on sustainability by partnering with near-zero waste manufacturers.

VitaCup Coffee Subscription Review

2 packs of VitaCup Coffee
VitaCup Coffee Subscription
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VitaCup Coffee is a brand that offers a unique blend of coffee infused with essential vitamins and superfoods, providing a functional beverage that not only satisfies your taste buds but also supports your health and wellness goals.

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In my package from VitaCup Coffee, I actually received one 10-ounce bag of dark roast beans and a 10-pack of a mushroom drink mix.

This gave me a chance to not only try their coffee beans but also another healthy caffeinated beverage that they offer.

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Perfect Low-Acid Coffee

The bag of whole beans that I got was the VitaCup Perfect Coffee. This is a low-acid and organic dark roast coffee that’s entirely pure, free of chemicals, and full of antioxidants.

VitaCup whole bean low acid and organic Coffee scaled 1

It’s said to be perfect for those who tend to drink coffee every single day. If you also have a sensitive stomach, this option is even better for you! Gut health is taken into consideration when it comes to the crafting of this low-acid coffee.

Perfect Coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans, slow roasted for a rich dark bean, and packed with natural chlorogenic acid antioxidants that help protect cell health. Tasting notes for this smooth and robust coffee include caramel and cocoa.

Upon brewing up a cup of Perfect Coffee, I noted that the aroma was strong, toasty, chocolatey, and slightly sweet. It was a warm and comforting invitation to the brew.

This cup of coffee was very bold and had a rich flavor compared to other low-acid coffees I’ve tried. It was strong, chocolatey, and definitely a healthy way to wake you up!

Shroom Fuel Coffee Alternative

The other product that I received from VitaCup Coffee was their Shroom Fuel Coffee Alternative. This is a mushroom drink mix that has Lion’s Mane & Chaga, Cacao, Maca Root, and B Vitamins.

This alternative to coffee is full of organic superfoods and vitamins to give you natural energy. You won’t be staying up late with this drink, either, since it only contains less than 5mg of caffeine.

For a bit of info on the ingredients in this drink mix, Organic Chaga and Lion’s Mane mushrooms have benefits that keep you focused and calm while the Maca Root promotes good health.

Shroom Fuel is a restorative coffee alternative with a profile that’s light, sweet, and earthy with tasting notes of chocolate and cinnamon.

At first, this mushroom drink mix smelt very earthy, but once I frothed it with some warm milk, I could really smell the notes of chocolate and cinnamon.

It doesn’t have a very strong taste and I can see why the package suggests adding your own sweeteners/creamers to get the flavor you want. It has an earthy aftertaste, but it’s a simple way to get natural, healthy energy in.

Plus, the health benefits alone of this coffee alternative are amazing. With the customizable ability to put this drink mix in whatever you desire, you can easily get these benefits in whatever your diet may be.

VitaCup Coffee: Subscription Options

2 packs of VitaCup Coffee
VitaCup Coffee Subscription
Our rating:

VitaCup Coffee is a brand that offers a unique blend of coffee infused with essential vitamins and superfoods, providing a functional beverage that not only satisfies your taste buds but also supports your health and wellness goals.

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Through VitaCup Coffee, you can subscribe to any of their healthy coffee, tea, creamer, super greens, or coffee alternative options. Within those categories, you can pick what format it comes in; pods, instant, or bags.

As far as coffee bags go, the Perfect Coffee that I received is the only one that comes in whole beans, the rest you can only get pre-ground. After you’ve decided what you want to subscribe to, you can then choose quantity and frequency.

So, if you were to subscribe to Perfect Coffee, you could pick to get 1-3 bags every 30, 45, 60, or 90 days. There are many benefits with subscribing to VitaCup, including saving 25% on orders, free shipping on orders over $29, and $5 flat rate shipping on orders over $29.

VitaCup Coffee: Roasting

While there’s not much information on their roasting process, VitaCup Coffee does have a lot to say about how Brianna Harris, their registered dietitian and certified nutritionist, makes sure that every product is full of important nutrients and ingredients.

VitaCup is located in San Diego, California, and has become the first company to offer vitamin-infused coffee and teas. They also ensure responsible manufacturing and sourcing by using renewable energy and maintaining zero waste facilities.

Moreover, all coffee bean shells are recycled for compost, they use BPA-free and recyclable pods, and all of their other packages are recyclable.

VitaCup Coffee: Pricing

Pricing for VitaCup Coffee is pretty dependent on what you choose to subscribe to and how much of it you want to be delivered. For a bit of an overview, I’ll take you through the pricing of the two products that I received.

At the time of writing, a bag of whole bean Perfect Coffee would be $20, but $15 with a subscription. This price slightly increases if you decide to get 2 or 3 bags every shipment.

The Shroom Fuel Coffee Alternative would be $19 for a box of ten sticks, or $14.25 with a subscription. Again, this price would slightly increase if you chose to get any of the bigger packs.

While you do get 25% off with a subscription, you also free shipping on orders over $29 or a $5 flat rate shipping on orders under $29. So, really, if you plan on drinking these vitamin-infused coffee products, you’ll save more by subscribing in bulk.

What Makes VitaCup Coffee Unique?

Clearly, VitaCup Coffee is a very unique coffee company since they are the first to offer vitamin-infused coffee that makes it easier for people to get their daily nutrients in. As VitaCup says, “Everyone forgets to take their vitamins, but no one forgets to drink their coffee.”

What VitaCup offers is perfect for coffee lovers who often forget their nutrients and are always on the go. Each product is delicious, healthy, and full of superfoods, vitamins, high-quality ingredients, and antioxidants.

How To Cancel VitaCup Coffee

It’s super easy to make any changes to your subscription at any time. Whether you need to skip shipments, change the delivery frequency, or change any billing and shipping information, you can do all of this through your account on the VitaCup Coffee website.

If you no longer want to receive coffee from VitaCup, you can also cancel your subscription at any time through the same account portal.

2 packs of VitaCup Coffee
VitaCup Coffee Subscription
Our rating:

VitaCup Coffee is a brand that offers a unique blend of coffee infused with essential vitamins and superfoods, providing a functional beverage that not only satisfies your taste buds but also supports your health and wellness goals.

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VitaCup Coffee: Final Thoughts

Overall, VitaCup Coffee offers some delicious and healthy products that are full of great benefits, which include vitamins, superfoods, and antioxidants that your body needs but you might often forget.

If you find yourself struggling to get these necessary nutrients, a great way to supplement them is through the tasty cups of coffee from VitaCup or any of their other delicious beverage options.

Happy Caffeinating!

VitaCup Coffee Subscription Review: Vitamin-Infused Coffee
VitaCup Coffee Subscription Review

We present our in-depth VitaCup Coffee subscription review of their vitamin-infused coffee and coffee alternatives.

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