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AeroPress Alternative: Other Effective Options For Espresso Making

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For any coffee lover, the day simply does not start properly until you take a sip of your hot, delicious coffee. It is important to enjoy both your coffee’s taste and its texture.

Whether you have been using an AeroPress and want to try some new methods of brewing coffee or you are interested in buying a better and more versatile non-plastic alternative to the popular AeroPress, our list of coffee maker suggestions is sure to inspire.

To learn more about our five favorite unique, contemporary, and effective AeroPress alternatives for a great cup of coffee in the morning, continue reading below.

The Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

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The Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker is a fan favorite alternative to the AeroPress. With a round glass body and a convenient black sleeve holder, this simplistic coffee maker offers minimal style and easy comfort.

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At only 12.6 ounces and measured at 6.4 inches tall, the Bodum Pour Over is easy to store and does not take much time to set up in the mornings.


  • Easy Pour Over: This coffee maker is simple and easy. No directions are needed, just insert a filter, and within minutes, you’ll have a deliciously aerated cup of pour-over coffee.
  • The filter is reusable: Fortunately, with the Bodum, you will no longer need to purchase one-time-use filters that get thrown away. This coffee maker has a reusable stainless steel mesh filter.
  • Extra Filtering Capabilities: Those who like to filter out every last microscopic ground from their cup of morning joe can place a reusable fabric or paper filter inside the mesh filter, doubling up on filtration. It takes a little bit longer but can add lots of air to the coffee, making it light when finished.


  • You have to drink it fast: Unfortunately, the Bodum Pour Over gets cold pretty quickly. Since the glass body is large and thin, the heat does not insulate the brewed coffee. If you want to enjoy hot coffee, you may need to drink it quickly or put it into some kind of thermos.
  • Minimal add-ons: The Bodum is a favorite due to its simplicity, but that can be a drawback for some. Since this is not a digital coffee maker, you cannot program it in any way or use it to steam milk for a cappuccino or latte.

Stylish KONA French Press

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The second great AeroPress alternative on our list is the KONA French Press. This french press style coffee maker is not only stylish but makes an excellent pot of coffee to share with your loved one in the morning.

At 14.1 ounces and 10 inches tall, you can also store the KONA in almost any cupboard or drawer. Its cylindrical glass body and crossing black supports give it a contemporary look.


  • Easy to use: The KONA French Press has a 4.5 out of 5-star user review rating because it does not require much effort to operate. Simply add coffee and water before pressing the plunger down.
  • Versatile for morning and night: Use the KONA French Press in the morning to brew your favorite coffee. Use it to brew loose leaf tea without caffeine in the evening for an evening treat.
  • High-quality french press: The KONA is a high-quality french press that can last for years rather than months due to its borosilicate glass materials and heavy-duty BPA-free frame. 
  • Two available sizes: Two sizes are usually available for purchase, including 12 ounces and 34 ounces.


  • Results in strong coffee: The one con about the KONA French Press is that it tends to brew robust coffee. Since it uses a coarse grind and brews for anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes, the coffee can over steep and sometimes taste acidic or bitter.

The OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The third best AeroPress alternative on our list is the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker. This coffee maker is a tall 4-pound machine with three separate sections made of glass and plastic.

At almost 15 inches tall, it is harder to store. Yet, it has easily visible convenient measurement marks and can make 32 ounces of deliciously cold coffee for hot summer mornings. 


  • More coffee flavor: The OXO Cold Brew Maker is perfect for those who love to drink their caffeine on ice. It helps add coffee flavor by allowing the coffee to bloom and aerate for over a minute while brewing, making it an excellent AeroPress replacement contender.
  • Drink your coffee without waiting: Even though the OXO Cold Brew Maker can make up to 32 ounces of coffee, you don’t need to wait for the whole pot to brew before drinking your first cup. Just press the pause switch so that you can pour your serving from the carafe before replacing it and continuing the brewing process.


  • Paper filters should be avoided: The OXO Cold Brew Maker requires a filter when brewing. Unfortunately, paper filters tend to break and clog when used with this machine. Try using a reusable fabric filter and opting for coarse coffee instead of fine coffee, which will also block it.
  • Difficult to clean: Though it is so easy to use, the OXO Cold Brew Maker is somewhat difficult to clean. It creates a lot of static electricity, which means it quickly gathers dust and oil on its surfaces. Since you cannot put it into the dishwasher, it must be washed in cool water by hand.

DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima Pro

On Sale

The beautiful and professional-grade DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima Pro is the perfect machine for anyone who wants to impress their friends and family with their barista skills.

At 12.6 pounds and 13 inches tall, this machine is one of the heaviest on our list of AeroPress alternatives and can make not only regular coffee but lattes and other beverages as well.


  • No grinding necessary: For those who want to avoid doing all the work of using an espresso machine, the DeLonghi Nespresso is perfect. You do not need to grind beans, but rather, choose a setting and pick your favorite coffee capsule.
  • Pre-set setting: The DeLonghi has settings already set, so all you need to do to brew your cup of morning coffee is select your desired flavor capsule and setting on the convenient touch screen.
  • Superfast for hurried mornings: The DeLonghi is a fast-heating machine that can make a cup of joe in around 30 seconds. If you add steamed milk to your coffee, it will only take about another 40 seconds.
  • Milk steamer included: For anyone who loves lattes or cappuccinos, this coffee maker has a built-in steam wand that allows you to make your own milk beverage without heading to the coffee shop.


  • No beans can be used: The biggest con of the DeLonghi Nespresso machine is that you cannot use it with roasted coffee beans, only with flavor capsules. These capsules are little pre-packaged pods that are loaded into the machine and then brewed. They can be inconvenient since you can’t find them in stores, only online through the manufacturer.

The Unique Hario Technica

The fifth AeroPress alternative on our list is the unique and interesting Hario Technica coffee maker. 

This machine looks like something from a chemistry lab and makes the perfect table centerpiece for fun brunches or fancy dinners.

At 3 pounds and almost 17 inches tall, you won’t need to worry about storing this stainless steel, plastic, and glass contraption because of its creative and aesthetically pleasing looks.


  • Its flashy design: The Hario Technica is a truly unique machine. Using an open flame to push water up through its filter rather than its own heat source, it brews coffee using a vacuum force that replaces the plain water with delicious coffee.
  • A crisp coffee taste: As one of the most expensive AeroPress alternatives on our list, this coffee maker has a 4.5 out of 5-star user review rating due to its superior coffee taste. With a cloth filter and vacuum brewing, which cools as the brewing process ends, the taste is crisper than an AeroPress.
  • Multiple pressurized servings: As a pressurized coffee maker, the Hario Technica can make multiple cups of coffee at once instead of only a single serving, making it great for families and groups.


  • Hand Wash only: Though the Hario Technica is made of thick glass, it is still fragile and can easily break if dropped. Therefore, it’s not dishwasher-safe, so be prepared to wash it thoroughly by hand after every use.
  • Not for those in a rush: If you are someone who tends to rush out of the door in the mornings, the Hario Technica might be a better backup machine than the main coffee maker for you. Since it uses an alcohol lamp and butane burners to heat its flame, the coffee-making process can take quite a long time.

Happy Caffeinating!

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