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Aeropress Accessories – Let’s Explore Your Options

Upgrade your AeroPress coffee ritual with a few extra gadgets. We took a look at some of the best accessories to pair with the brewer and shared them here. There are plenty of options, from manual grinders to reusable filters, so we’re certain there’s something you’ll like below.

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If you own an AeroPress manual coffee maker, you probably understand the hype surrounding it. It gets glowing reviews because of its ease of use and convenience as a compact travel buddy for coffee lovers who are often on the go.

Besides those perks, the immersion brewer makes great-tasting cups of coffee.

That’s probably because of its shorter brewing time. The less time the coffee grounds spend in hot water, the less bitter and acidic the resulting java will be.

At a Glance: Best Aeropress Accessories

We could go on and on about the AeroPress, but we won’t. Instead, we’ll leave it at this: the AeroPress is an excellent little machine.

But when you pair it with one of the many accessories created for it? Well, things only get better!

aeropress accessories

Quick Summary: Best Aeropress Accessories

Fellow Prismo Attachment for AeroPress Coffee Maker - Enhance Your Manual Coffee Maker to Brew...Fellow Prismo AeroPress Attachment
  • Reusable Metal Filter
  • No-Drip Seal
  • Pressure Actuated Valve
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AESIR FiltersAesir Paper Filters
  • 1st Place Winner 2019 World Aeropress Championship
  • Made From a More Stringently Produced Paper That Has a Super Consistent Thickness
  • 2.56 x 2.64 x 1.14 inches
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Able DISK (Fine + Standard Set) for Aeropress: The Original Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Filter -...Able Disk for AeroPress
  • Stainless Steel
  • USA Made
  • Reusable
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PuckPuck PPV-BL - Cold Brew Attachment for The Aeropress | Experience Smooth Cold Dripped Coffee at...PuckPuck Cold Brew Attachment for AeroPress
  • Allows for a Controlled Slow Dripping of Water Over a Bed of Coffee
  • Capacity 500 Millilitres
  • 5.3D x 5.4W x 5.8H Centimetres
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Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee GrinderPorlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder
  • Stainless Steel, Static Free Body
  • 47 mm Diameter and Stands 130 mm Tall
  • 20 Gram Capacity
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JavaJug2 with blue Javajacket for the AeroPressJavaJug2 and JavaJacket
  • The Javajug2 helps you press, brew, and serve Coffe
  • 3.35 x 5.51 x 7.28 inches
  • Capacity 1 Cups
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Able Travel Cap for Aeropress: Storage Lid - USA MadeAble AeroPress Travel Cap
  • USA Made
  • 3.3 x 3.2 x 0.4 inches
  • Item Weight 0.353 Ounces
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HEXNUB – Bamboo Organizer for AeroPress, Coffee Caddy Station Holds AeroPress Coffee Maker,...Hexnub AeroPress Accessory Organizer
  • Premium Grade Bamboo
  • Heat resistant silicone mats
  • Measuring 11.8″W x 7.8″H x 4.6″D This Sleek Organizer
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2POUR® The New Dual Press Accessory for The Aeropress® Coffee Maker (Not for XL Version)2Pour Dual Press Accessory for AeroPress
  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Easy to Use
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Milk Frother Handheld, Battery Operated Travel Coffee Frother Milk Foamer Drink Mixer with 2...VOMELON Handheld Milk Frother
  • 2 Stainless Steel Whisks
  • Batteries Included
  • Simple To Use And Easy To Clean
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Wait. What’s an AeroPress?

The AeroPress is a manual coffee maker — no batteries or electricity required — invented by Alan Adler in the early 2000s. Adler, a retired Stanford University engineering instructor, was frustrated by the bitter, high-acidity brews other coffee makers produced.

So, he decided to invent a brewer that would give him enough control of things like brew time, water temperature, and coffee grind size to end up with a satisfying cup.

Thus, the AeroPress was born.

There are several reasons that so many coffee enthusiasts love Adler’s creation. The immersion-style brewer is fast, easy to use, portable, and creates delicious full-bodied coffee.

Roasty Rankings: The Best AeroPress Accessories on the Market

Drumroll, please — it’s time to reveal Roasty’s favorite AeroPress accessories! We’ve included quite a spread, from coffee grinders to filters to brewing attachments, so we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll like.

Fellow Prismo AeroPress Attachment

This first gadget is for anyone who dreams of using an AeroPress to make espresso-style coffee. Not in the mood for anything resembling espresso? No problem! The Fellow Prismo attachment makes cold brew coffee and tea, too.

Full disclosure: you won’t get authentic espresso with this tool. At least not according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA) definition.

However, its pressure-actuated valve and no-drip seal brew coffee with a consistency so similar to espresso that you can use it to make lattes, cortados, or anything else espresso-based.

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Best of all, this handy tool lets you brew full-immersion coffee without having to use the inverted method*!

*The AeroPress inverted method involves letting the grounds steep in the water while the tool is upside down (filter up). Then, when the steeping period is over, the AeroPress is flipped and plunged as usual.

Aesir Paper Filters

Believe it or not, not all paper filters are created equal. The filters’ thickness, pore size, and material impact the coffee experience more than you might realize.

Fortunately, the experts — specifically several World AeroPress Championship winners — give these from Aesir their stamp of approval. That makes us feel good about recommending them to you. After all, if they work for the champs, they’ll probably work for you, too.

Aesir’s filters are made from high-quality paper and are twice as thick as regular AeroPress filters. That means you’ll enjoy cups of coffee with less sediment and more clarity.

And since these filters boast a consistent pore size, your joe will taste the same every time you brew it.

Able Disk for AeroPress

The downsides to regular paper filters are that you have to toss them after a single use, so they aren’t so good for Mother Earth. And the costs of restocking your filters every time you run out add up quickly.

Those reasons are why many prefer a stainless steel mesh filter, like this one from Able. They’re reusable, making them more environmentally friendly and convenient for travel.

Since you don’t have to pay to replace them nearly as often as you do paper filters, they save you a few bucks in the long run.

The Able Disk is one of the best metal filters on the market. Unlike paper filters, this won’t absorb any of your coffee’s flavor-filled oils. That means you get a bolder brew and, therefore, a superior cup of coffee.

The Disk is available in two sizes, standard and fine. The standard-size stainless steel filter produces full-bodied coffee, while the fine Disk makes a cleaner cup and filters out more coffee fines than its sister product.

PuckPuck Cold Brew Attachment for AeroPress

This item is for you, cold brew coffee enthusiasts! This little gadget made of BPA-free plastic gives you the luxury of making cool and refreshing slow-drip coffee wherever you and your AeroPress are.

Add ground coffee to the brewer and put it over a cup as usual. Then, screw the PuckPuck attachment and ice water-filled vessel onto the AeroPress, and let it filter through the grounds until your cup is full.

The PuckPuck attachment is also compatible with certain types of mineral water bottles. So, even if you don’t have the included water vessel handy, you can still get your cold brew fix.

The slow-drip coffee brewing process extracts flavors gently, creating a smooth and sweet brew that can pair well with milk or stand alone.

Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Any coffee lover serious about making the best brew needs a high-quality burr coffee grinder. And since top-notch coffee is necessary even when you’re on the go, the bean grinder has to travel well, too.

Enter the Porlex Mini.

This manual coffee grinder is one of our recommended AeroPress accessory options because of its compact design and stainless steel build. It’s small enough to fit into a corner of your suitcase and durable enough to remain undamaged during your travels.

Besides being travel-friendly, the Porlex Mini has ceramic conical burrs that can break beans into multiple sizes, from coarse to fine.

JavaJug2 and JavaJacket

There are plenty of high-quality travel coffee cups — you probably have at least one in your cabinet already. But none of them are like JavaGear’s JavaJug2.

Since the company made this stainless steel jug specifically to partner with an AeroPress coffee maker, there’s no way we could exclude it from this buying guide.

The 32-ounce JavaJug2 is part mug, part carafe, and part storage container. Brew your beverage directly into the vessel or transfer it to the jug before you head out the door.

Are you serving more than one coffee aficionado? No problem! Pour the fresh coffee out of the JavaJug and into a couple of mugs.

Then, when you’ve emptied (and cleaned) it, use it as a storage compartment; slide your AeroPress brewing kit inside for safekeeping.

When you add JavaGear’s stainless steel thermal mug to your shopping cart, get yourself a JavaJacket. The insulated sleeve keeps the contents of your cup hot until you’re ready to drink it and protects the tool while you travel.

Able AeroPress Travel Cap

The AeroPress is a beloved coffee maker for frequent travelers. However, it’s not the only must-have accessory for coffee drinkers who like to be on the go.

Able Brewing’s AeroPress travel cap deserves a spot in your coffee travel kit because it’s flexible, lightweight, and incredibly durable.

These innovative accessories let you use the space inside your AeroPress as a storage space for whole or pre-ground coffee beans (put ground beans in a baggie first!), paper filters, or anything else you might need to bring.

The Able Travel Cap also provides a non-slip grip during the plunging portion of your AeroPress coffee brewing ritual. That’s icing on the cake! Or should we say art on the latte?

Hexnub AeroPress Accessory Organizer

On Sale

Many of us don’t have extra space on our counters to spare. So, when a neat storage organizer — this one from Hexnub, for instance — comes along, you must at least check it out.

After all, whether your AeroPress is a tool you reserve for on-the-go brewing or you use it at home often, you’ll need a convenient way to store it.

This caddy has a place for all your AeroPress brewing tools, including the brewer itself and a few accessories like filters and stirrers.

There’s also room for a couple of your favorite coffee mugs on the bamboo organizer’s heat-proof silicone drip mat-lined top shelf.

2Pour Dual Press Accessory for AeroPress

Two is better than one, especially when cups of coffee are involved! That’s why 2POUR made its Dual Press.

It’s the ideal accessory for a two-person household, as it lets you brew two eight-ounce cups at a time. Gone are the days of fighting over who gets their caffeine fix first in the mornings.

Put this gadget on the counter, put two mugs underneath the spouts (note that the recommended cup height is around three and a half inches), then put your AeroPress — loaded with ground beans and water — on top of it.

From there, the brewing process proceeds as usual; the only difference is that you’ll have two streams of joe flowing.

VOMELON Handheld Milk Frother

Just as some insist on enjoying black coffee, others can’t imagine having their morning cup without foamy milk. If that’s you, you need a trustworthy milk frother, like this one from VOMELON.

Milk frothers are super-common coffee accessories, so you won’t have trouble finding a decent one. We think VOMELON’s offering stands out from the rest because it travels well.

This battery-operated handheld frother comes with a durable, stainless steel storage tube. So, you can toss it into your bag with your AeroPress and the rest of your brewing gear without worrying about it getting damaged or dirty.

Do You Need AeroPress Accessories?

The AeroPress comes with almost everything you need: the AeroPress itself, a coffee scoop, a stirrer, and paper filters. All you’ll have to provide is water and something to heat it with, a mug, and, of course, the coffee.

So, technically, the answer is no. You don’t need AeroPress accessories to make a batch of basic drip coffee.

But if you hope to use the AeroPress to up your coffee game, then additional accessories are things you want to get your hands on.

How To Choose the Best AeroPress Accessories

So, you know you don’t necessarily need additional accessories for your AeroPress. But you want them. How do you know which ones are right for you?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What style of coffee do you prefer? Some AeroPress accessories change the kind of joe brewed — taking traditional coffee to espresso or cold brew, for example. If you change the contents of your morning cups almost as often as you change your clothes, a brewing attachment like the ones from Fellow or PuckPuck might be a good accessory choice for you. If not, you might be better off choosing something else.
  • Where are you going to use the AeroPress? Whether or not you need your coffee gear to be portable is another factor to consider when shopping for AeroPress add-ons. Take the bamboo AeroPress storage organizer from HEXNUB, for example. While it would look nice on your countertop, it would be hard to pack it in your carry-on or camping pack.
  • What’s your budget? We know, we know. Looking at price tags can be a drag, but deciding how much you’re willing to spend before you even start shopping is a wise practice. Even if it’s an otherwise excellent choice, anything that goes over your budget is probably not the right fit.

A Few FAQs About the AeroPress

If our AeroPress accessory buying guide has you intrigued by this little brewer, check out the answers to a few frequently asked questions about it.

Is the AeroPress Stronger Than the French Press?

You might think since they’re both immersion brewing methods with built-in plungers, the AeroPress and French press are the same. In reality, the two are different, down to the taste of the coffee they produce.

So, which makes a stronger brew? Before we answer, note when we say “stronger” here, we mean coffee flavor, not caffeine content.

The answer is the French press! This brewing process makes quite a fuller-bodied cup since it doesn’t require flavorful coffee oil-absorbing paper filters.

On the other hand, AeroPress coffee is gentler and more mellow. Both brews are delicious but appeal to java enthusiasts with varying preferences.

What Roast of Coffee Is Best for AeroPress?

Use whatever coffee roast level you like with the AeroPress coffee maker. However, know this brewing process makes your joe taste darker and stronger than an automatic drip machine would.

It’s probably a good idea to go a step lighter than usual. If medium-roasted beans are usually your go-to, try a light roast.

For a more detailed list of the types of coffees that pair well with the AeroPress, check out our buying guide.

Can an AeroPress Make Espresso?

Unfortunately, an AeroPress doesn’t make authentic espresso coffee. It doesn’t create enough pressure for that; if it did, you probably wouldn’t be able to push the plunger down.

You’ll need a special attachment, like the Fellow Prismo one above, to brew something reminiscent of espresso with an AeroPress.

It won’t be the real thing, but it will make a decent substitute in a latte or other espresso-based beverage.

Happy Caffeinating!

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