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Coffee.Club Subscription Review: A Diverse Range of Choices

Coffee.Club is a roaster that offers a large variety of high-quality beans and subscription options through sustainable and ethical sourcing practices.

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When you decide to pay for a coffee subscription service, you’re signing up for an entire experience. You want something that will not only give you delicious and unique beans but also the ability to taste various coffee regions from around the world while supporting sustainability and fair pay.

Coffee.Club is a coffee roaster that saw this opportunity and ran with it. They offer an array of exotic and delicious fresh coffees, constantly changing things up, and they do it all through sustainable practices by paying premium prices for the beans that they source.

Coffee.Club: Company History/Overview

The company of Coffee.Club was established when Bill McClure invested in domains with Colin Campbell and Jeff Sass of Get.Club. Once Coffee.Club was created, Bill brought together the rest of his team: Scott, Robert, and Shelly.

Together, their goal is to source and roast some of the best high-quality coffee available from around the world and to ensure that it’s as fresh as possible when it’s delivered to your doorstep. They maintain sustainability by paying fair and premium prices, which in turn ensures premium coffee production and development.

As a part of their mission to source some of the most unique coffees out there, they also specialize in roasting Native American Coffee, which is one of the most original coffees! Plus, overall, they pride themselves on offering a wide variety of roasts and flavor profiles so that there’s truly something for everyone.

Coffee.Club Subscription Review

Coffee.Club Subscription
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Discover the ultimate coffee experience with Coffee.Club’s subscription service. Indulge in a curated selection of premium coffees delivered straight to your door, ensuring a fresh and flavorful start to your day.

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The box that I received from Coffee.Club was their pre-ground Coffee Club Sampler. The four coffees featured in this were Tanzanian Peaberry, Sumatra Mandheling, Brazil Bourbon Santos, and Mexican Altura. There was also a fun addition of two little Coffee.Club stickers!


Tanzanian Peaberry

The Tanzanian Peaberry coffee is an African coffee that’s grown along the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and is said to have a highly-favored winy acidity. In order to keep the coffee’s naturally complex flavors, Coffee.Club roasts this bean to a medium roast.


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This full-bodied cup of coffee is also noted to have a deep richness alongside a bright and intense flavor. It’s smooth and all of its flavors are prominent without being too much, giving for a nice, clean, and crisp tasting experience.


Upon my own brewing, I found that the aroma was sweet and warm with a slightly acidic undertone. Its taste was bold, smooth, warm, and slightly sweet with a nice and simple acidity from the winy tones.

Sumatra Mandheling

My next coffee, the Sumatra Mandheling, is actually a famous Indonesian coffee that has a heavier body and is known for its excellent balance and acidity. These beans are roasted to a medium-dark level that allows them to be full of flavor.

Coffee.Club notes that this cup of coffee would be an excellent addition to a tasty dessert with the chocolate flavor that’s present in the finish. When I brewed this coffee, I noticed that it had a slightly dark aroma with earthy undertones and a faint acidity.


The taste was mellow and chocolatey with a warm and roasty base to it that was earthy and delicious. Overall, a great cup of scrumptious joe!

Brazil Bourbon Santos

Another yummy brew is the Bourbon Santos, which is one of the finest coffees that Coffee.Club exports from Brazil and is roasted in a way that highlights its soft and mild tones.


This coffee is known for its well-balanced body, mild acidity, and delicious taste profile that’s not overwhelming but also doesn’t lack any substance. After brewing my own cup, I found the aroma to be toasty and sweet with a slight acidity.


It tasted just like the description promises with a beautifully balanced flavor and a soft body, alongside a very mild acidity.

Mexican Altura

The last coffee I received from Coffee.Club is the Mexican Altar, which is an organic coffee grown in the volcanic soil of Mexico’s mountain ranges at high elevations. It’s roasted to a medium level that showcases its smooth and mellow characteristics.

It’s described as having a delicious balance, a smooth taste, and a nutty flavor like that of roasted hazelnut. Upon my own brewing, I noticed that the aroma was a good balance of acidic and sweet with a nutty base, leaving a curiosity for the brew.


The well-balanced combination of nutty and acidic notes work together to create a smooth and delicious brew that has a touch of sweetness to it. Overall, a very tasty cup of coffee!

Coffee.Club: Subscription Options

Coffee.Club Subscription
Our rating:

Discover the ultimate coffee experience with Coffee.Club’s subscription service. Indulge in a curated selection of premium coffees delivered straight to your door, ensuring a fresh and flavorful start to your day.

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There are actually a few ways you can go when it comes to subscribing to Coffee.Club. Under their regular coffee subscription tab, you’ll find a short coffee preferences quiz that lets you pick what type of coffee you like so that they can send you a new bag of beans every month.

Through this option, you can explore the world of coffee and you even get tasting notes and information on your new bag. You can pick between ground, whole bean, or coffee pods with roast levels of medium, dark, or a variety of different roast types. Sizes include a half bag of 8 ounces, a single bag of 12 ounces, or double bags to make 24 ounces.

Delivery frequencies for this subscription of delicious coffee can be selected every three, four, or six weeks. Plus, at the time of writing, you even get your first bag free!

Another option would be the Coffee Club Sampler, similar to what I received for my review. This subscription box sends you four new coffees that are all different from each other, have a range of flavors, and are some of the best from around the world.

These come in four two-ounce coffee bags that can be sent in whole-bean form or pre-ground. Plus, you also get a guide of brewing tips that helps you to experiment with different brew methods. Delivery frequencies for this option are available every two, four, or six weeks.

If neither of these works for you, there are also set monthly options of three, six, or twelve months which are perfect for gift subscriptions, and you can even subscribe to individual bags of favorite coffees if you already know what you like!

Coffee.Club: Roasting

There’s not much information regarding the roasting practices of Coffee.Club, but they do mention that they roast and ground their coffee in small batches. It’s also frequently stated that they ensure their coffee is freshly roasted and shipped out to customers as soon as possible.

You can find a few more details on specific roast profile choices on the different bags of coffee, as they roast each to bring out specific flavors and highlight what’s great about each bean. Regardless, they do ensure that they sustainably source all of their coffee and pay premium prices to coffee producers through these efforts.

Coffee.Club: Pricing

As much as Coffee.Club’s subscription options vary, so do their prices. At the time of writing, if you were looking to purchase their regular subscription, an 8-ounce bag would be $14, a 12-ounce bag would be $20, and the double 12-ounce bags of beans would be $40.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, right now Coffee.Club is giving customers the first bag free with this subscription, so all you have to do is pay for the flat shipping fee on your first order.

Another price point I’d like to mention is the Coffee Club Sampler, which is originally $27, but by subscribing to it you save 10% and it comes out to $24.30 per shipment. You can also save 10% on some other qualifying coffees that they offer if you’d like to individually subscribe to those.

What Makes Coffee.Club Unique

Coffee.Club remains a unique coffee roaster through its dedication to fresh, delicious, new, and exotic coffee that’s sustainably sourced and fairly paid for. They have a strong team of coffee experts who are always working to find specialty coffee beans and roasting them in a way that brings out the best qualities.

Every month they select something new and fresh that represents their goals of high-quality and sustainable coffee through growing practices and ethical sourcing. As they’ll tell you, to them sustainability “means paying premium prices to ensure premium coffee development.”

They offer a variety of single-origin coffee and blends that follow their mission to ethically source some of the best-tasting coffee beans in the world. Their originality is pushed further with their roasting of Native American Coffee, which is about as original as you can get!

How to Cancel Coffee.Club

If you need to manage any of your subscriptions at any time, it’s easy to do so through your account portal on Coffee.Club’s website. Here, you can skip any deliveries, pause your subscription, and make any other necessary changes.

You can also easily cancel your subscription altogether through your account without any extra hassle if you decide the coffee experience is not for you.

Coffee.Club: Final Thoughts

Coffee.Club Subscription
Our rating:

Discover the ultimate coffee experience with Coffee.Club’s subscription service. Indulge in a curated selection of premium coffees delivered straight to your door, ensuring a fresh and flavorful start to your day.

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Overall, Coffee.Club is a high-quality focused coffee roaster that has a huge variety of coffee subscription options so that they can meet every coffee lover’s needs. With their dedication to offering something new and delicious every month, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the coffee world!

Plus, their sustainable and ethical sourcing practices make the decision to subscribe to Coffee.Club so much better. You can rest easy knowing you’re getting delicious beans and supporting a range of coffee producers in the process!

Happy Caffeinating!

Coffee.Club Subscription Review: A Diverse Range of Choices Subscription Review

An in-depth Coffee.Club subscription review of the Coffee Club Sampler subscription option featuring some of their exotic coffee offerings. 

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