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Devoción Coffee Subscription Review: Fresh Harvest Beans

Devoción Coffee sources active harvest beans that are then almost immediately roasted, providing some of the freshest coffee possible.

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When it comes to coffee, there’s freshly roasted and then there’s freshly harvested and roasted. There’s no denying the vast majority of coffee subscriptions on the market that offer freshly roasted beans to coffee lovers. But, there are fewer coffee subscriptions that roast only the freshest green beans.

Devoción Coffee is one of these rare coffee subscription services. They have a sourcing process that minimizes the time it takes for harvested beans to get to their roastery, leaving an even fresher bag of coffee at delivery. Devocion Coffee Subscription Review

Devoción Coffee: Company History/Overview

Devoción Coffee was started by Colombian-born Steven Sutton in 2006, who aimed to create a company that could provide the freshest coffee ever. Built on the idea that roasting only contributes to half of the coffee’s flavor and a bean’s freshness makes up for the rest of it, Devoción eliminates the problem of coffee sitting around for months before it’s roasted.

Typically, it takes 150-365 days for beans to go from harvest to cup. This is because it goes through exporters, boats, importers, and a warehouse where it sits for months, and then it finally gets roasted and sent out to customers.

With Devoción, the process is cut down to 10-45 days. Coffee sourced from the company is processed at its origin in their facility in Bogotá, Colombia before it’s sent by plane to the roastery in Brooklyn, where it’s freshly roasted and sent to your door.

Devoción Coffee Subscription Review

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Devocion Coffee Subscription
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Devocion Coffee is a specialty coffee company that sources its beans directly from Colombia, delivering a unique and authentic coffee experience.

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In the box that I received from Devoción Coffee, there were two simplistically designed 12-ounce bags of coffee beans. They were Devoción’s La Fuente – Women in Coffee and Botica de Café – Toro.

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La Fuente – Women in Coffee

The first bag, La Fuente, is one that comes from Devoción’s Women in Coffee Subscription. The 100% Colombiano coffee hails from the region of Cundinamarca and is grown at an altitude of 1,700 meters.

Producer, Diana Florez, was raised in Bogotá and inherited her grandparents’ farm in Ubaque, which was called La Fuente. Diana founded a coffee association with other local farmers that aimed to use shade-grown coffee production as a way to fix the region’s deforestation.

This coffee is said to be sweet and fruity, featuring tasting notes of mango, panela (raw cane sugar), and floral jasmine. Upon my own brewing, I noted the aroma to have a very strong and sweet floral presence with underlying fruitiness.

It was a very well-balanced brew with a great combination of flavor notes. Its’ taste was sweet, floral, and fruity without being too much. Overall, La Fuente was a very nice cup of coffee and one that I would definitely come back to.

Botica de Café – Toro

My second bag of beans from Devoción Coffee was Botica de Café – Toro. This coffee comes from active harvest regions in Colombia, which means that Devoción only buys from regions in Colombia that are currently in their harvest season, guaranteeing that they roast only completely fresh beans.

The 100% Colombiano coffee is grown at an altitude of 1,400-1,900 meters, is washed processed, and features tasting notes of cocoa, vanilla, cherry, and almond.

I noticed that the aroma was sweet, mellow, warm, and inviting. Once brewed, the cherry and vanilla notes really came through. This was another well-balanced brew that was subtly sweet with a nice bold acidity to it. Another great cup of joe!

Devoción Coffee: Subscription Options

2 packs of Devocion Coffee are in a shipping box scaled
Devocion Coffee Subscription
Our rating:

Devocion Coffee is a specialty coffee company that sources its beans directly from Colombia, delivering a unique and authentic coffee experience.

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When subscribing to Devoción Coffee, all you have to do is select whatever coffee you desire from their list of options and choose whether you want it whole bean or ground for Aeropress, espresso, Chemex, cold brew, pour-over, French Press, Moka Pot, or drip.

Then you pick a bag size of either 12 ounces or 5 pounds and a delivery frequency of every week to every four weeks. From there, you’ll get a freshly harvested and freshly roasted bag of beans on your subscription schedule!

As Devoción will tell you, their bestselling subscription coffee is the Toro, the second bag that I reviewed. Of course, they also have a Women in Coffee Subscription that’s also popular. This series features coffees sourced from independent female farmers from around Colombia, such as the first bag that I reviewed.

Through this special subscription option, they aim to highlight some of the best coffees produced by women. The coffee for this subscription changes every 1-3 months and are micro-lot, single-estate beans that are purchased directly from the farmers.

Devoción Coffee: Roasting

Devoción Coffee truly puts extra care into their sourcing and roasting by making sure the beans they deliver to customers are truly the freshest they can be. They do this by hand-selecting coffee from their farm partners which include more than 1,000 independent coffee producers in Colombia who are in their harvest season.

They then dry-mill at their facility based in Bogotá where they can control the export process, making sure it’s sent by plane to their roastery in Brooklyn, New York. There, the beans are freshly roasted before being sent out for delivery.

Devoción Coffee: Pricing

When it comes to Devoción Coffee’s pricing, it really depends on what coffee you’re selecting from their product options, or even one of their stand-alone subscriptions.

To put it into perspective, at the time of writing the Toro coffee that I reviewed is $18 per bag when you subscribe, whereas it’s usually $19. The other coffee I reviewed comes from the Women in Coffee Subscription, which is priced at $22 per delivery.

Another subscription option that they have, the Roaster’s Pick, is priced at $18 a bag. Whatever you decide to purchase, you save money by subscribing to it!

What Makes Devoción Coffee Unique

Devoción Coffee strives to be different from other coffee subscription services by providing subscribers with only the freshest coffee possible. As the company will tell you, “Only buying coffee from farms located in active harvest regions, and never using warehoused beans or third-party importers, allows Devoción to guarantee that 100% of their coffee, not just limited editions but even House Blends, is roasted while still fresh, 365 days a year.”

Since they source from hand-selected farms in Colombia, they’re able to choose beans that have just been harvested. From there, they export it themselves to their own roastery, where they can also roast it fresh and deliver it to customers. Their specialized Women in Coffee Subscription also definitely sets them apart.

How to Cancel Devoción Coffee

It’s super easy to make any changes to your Devoción Coffee subscription by logging into your account on their website and using the “My Subscriptions” tab. There, you can change coffee, skip a shipment, or change your billing or shipping information.

If you decide you no longer want to receive coffee from Devoción, you can also cancel your subscription under the same tab!

2 packs of Devocion Coffee are in a shipping box scaled
Devocion Coffee Subscription
Our rating:

Devocion Coffee is a specialty coffee company that sources its beans directly from Colombia, delivering a unique and authentic coffee experience.

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Devoción Coffee: Final Thoughts

Overall, Devoción Coffee is a company that aims to provide customers with the best coffee possible by not only sourcing from independent coffee producers but by also making sure the product is entirely fresh through active harvest and immediate roasting.

With delicious and entirely fresh coffee, as well as some pretty unique specialty subscriptions, such as the Women in Coffee Subscription, Devoción is a great option for those looking for high-quality coffee that supports the producers. Happy Caffeinating!

Happy Caffeinating!

Devoción Coffee Subscription Review: Fresh Harvest Beans
Devocion Coffee Subscription Review

An in-depth Devoción Coffee subscription review of coffee that's sourced in active harvest seasons and then freshly roasted.

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