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Creature Coffee Subscription Review: The New Kid in Town!

For those just starting out and dipping their toes into the world of coffee, Creature Coffee offers a simple and streamlined subscription service with clear pricing and the chance to sample lots of new flavor profiles, all packaged in a bright, exciting, and friendly aesthetic.

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Coffee subscriptions have exploded recently, and it’s easy to see why! What better way to get exciting, top-quality coffee beans delivered right to your door from around the world? 

However, the sheer number of options can leave you feeling overwhelmed and wondering if you’re making the right choice.

Today we’ll take a hard look at a new coffee subscription on the scene and already making a big, bold impression: Creature Coffee. But is the coffee any good? Is the subscription fair? Is it reasonably priced?

Keep reading the Creature Coffee subscription review to find out!

Creature Coffee Subscription Review

Why Should You Get a Coffee Subscription?

Do you even need a coffee subscription to get amazing coffee? Well, technically, no; of course not.

Any coffee lover can find exciting new premium coffees on their own. But subscriptions are a convenient way to discover new tastes without the hassle of researching specific brands yourself.

Who is a coffee subscription best suited for?

Whether you’re a newbie just getting started and you know little to nothing about coffee, or an old pro looking to expand your horizons, subscriptions can offer you a way to explore new coffees and flavors you may never have found on your own.

They’re a great way to learn what flavors you like and which ones you don’t while refining your palette.

You may also simply want to support your favorite roaster by consistently subscribing to receive their coffee every month.

If you have a specific brand or coffee that you particularly love, subscriptions are a convenient way to get them delivered right to your door, so you never run out.

Creature Coffee Subscription: An Overview

Creature Coffee Subscription
Creature Coffee Subscription
Our rating:

Our easy and playful coffee subscriptions are for those who love their coffees traditional or a tad eccentric.

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Subscribers can expect a rotating selection of coffees that are nutty, big-bodied, oldskool delicious, fruit forward, floral, and all together whimsical.

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The Creature Coffee subscription is the brainchild of Michael Craig and was founded in 2020 in Austin, Texas.

Creature Coffee’s approach to coffee is simple: provide high-quality, fair-trade coffee beans to coffee lovers everywhere in a friendly and approachable way.

When you sign up for a Creature Coffee subscription, you can choose two different subscription options: the Easy Membership and the Playful Membership.

Easy offers a familiar, approachable flavor profile with old-school, traditional flavors. In contrast, Playful is great for those who like to take risks and explore new and unfamiliar flavors.

man opening the Creature Coffee pack

Each subscription includes a 12-ounce bag of coffee (about 20 12-ounce cups of brewed coffee), shipped as often as you like (you get to choose a delivery frequency of 1 to 4 weeks).

The Easy subscription costs $20 per delivery, while the Playful subscription costs $24 per delivery. Shipping is included in the prices.

(Please note that prices can and do change from time to time. Click on the company’s link in this article to get current pricing.)

Subscribers also get to try out new flavors before anyone else, which seems like an extra bonus if you love the brand and want to keep up with what’s new.

With a rotating selection of coffees, this is the subscription for those who want the chance to try something new without putting in the legwork of finding delicious new java.

Watch our video review to learn about Creature Coffee:

What We Love: The Features and Benefits

The Bright and Bold Aesthetic

Coffee can be intimidating, especially for newbies. But there’s something incredibly warm and friendly about Creature Coffee’s bold, beautiful colors, friendly characters, and stunningly unique packaging. It’s fresh, artistic, and approachable.

Through the beautiful artwork and packaging, Creature Coffee sells the idea that you don’t have to know much about coffee to try it out and expand your horizons.

Creature Coffee packs on the wooden table and brewed coffee behind them

And while looks aren’t everything, they certainly help to heighten the overall experience of the coffee subscription, especially if you’re considering this subscription as a gift.

A Simple and Streamlined Subscription Process

There’s very little that you actually have to do when subscribing to receive Creature Coffee.

Simply choose whether you want to receive coffee from their Easy or Playful line, how often you want to receive a 12-ounce bag of coffee, and where you want it shipped.

There’s no need to sort through different flavor profiles to find the one you want or take a quiz to determine the “best” coffees for you.

Instead, you get a new surprise bag of coffee each delivery, so you can try something new.

This may not be the most appealing approach for people who know what they like. But for those who don’t, it’s a great chance to broaden their horizons.

Clear and Transparent Pricing

There’s no need to fret over tiered subscription pricing, extra add-ons, fees, or shipping costs.

No one is forcing you to commit long-term with an annual or semi-annual contract. What you see is what you get: A bag of coffee, as often as you like, for either $20 or $24 per delivery, depending on which subscription option you choose.

The simplicity of the subscription makes the purchase feel risk-free, so you can continue to receive coffee as long as you want and stop when you don’t.

This also makes it super-easy to give the coffee subscription as a gift.

What We Don’t Love: The Drawbacks

The Cost

Anyone committed to fair trade and environmentally sustainable coffee understands that sometimes good things are worth the higher price.

At the same time, we acknowledge that the cost of Creature Coffee’s 12-ounce bags is a bit steep. It may even be prohibitively expensive for those who prefer a cheaper cup of coffee over a high-quality one.

There are multiple subscription services that provide more coffee for less, and only you can decide if the price is worth it.

We suggest trying out a bag or two from their store before committing to a subscription if you’re unsure whether the coffee quality justifies the price.

Creature Coffee Subscription
Creature Coffee Subscription
Our rating:

Our easy and playful coffee subscriptions are for those who love their coffees traditional or a tad eccentric.

Subscribers can expect a rotating selection of coffees that are nutty, big-bodied, oldskool delicious, fruit forward, floral, and all together whimsical.

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The Lack of Choice

One of the biggest drawbacks that may turn some coffee lovers away is the lack of control over the kind of coffee that you’ll receive.

Each bag is a surprise, so you better hope you like it! This may not be a great option for coffee drinkers with a little more experience and very specific personal preferences.

man pouring Creature Coffee beans into a bowl

If you’re concerned about getting a bag of coffee that you don’t like, then it may be best to stick with the Easy subscription, which offers more familiar flavor profiles that tend to be crowd-pleasers.

Only One Bag per Delivery

Any die-hard coffee lover knows that a 12-ounce bag of coffee only goes so far.

Casual coffee drinkers might make that last a few weeks, but what about those in the three or four-cup club?

Currently, Creature coffee doesn’t offer a way to try out multiple bags of coffee simultaneously or to order them in larger subscription packages. You get one bag and don’t have a choice over the flavor.

However, Creature Coffee does offer an Office subscription, so if you really are going through coffee at a fast rate, then this may be the better option for you.

Final Thoughts

Creature Coffee is a simple—if pricey—coffee subscription that offers nothing more or less than a bag of high-quality coffee, as often as you like it.

However, you don’t get to choose the coffee yourself, which could be a major turn-off for some.

So which subscription option should you go with? If you like to stick to the classics and simply want to ensure you’ve got quality coffee on hand at all times, then go with the Easy subscription. Go with the Playful subscription if you’re willing to pay more to discover new and exciting flavors.

Or, check out our reviews of other popular subscription options like Trade Coffee or Amora Coffee. These two subscriptions are widely loved and trusted, and they offer more in terms of choice and variety (and at a cheaper cost). 

Still not convinced that Creature Coffee is for you? Want to explore other options? We’ve pulled together a list of our favorite coffee subscriptions for you to choose from.

Happy Caffeinating!

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