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  • The Best Handheld Milk Frother: Getting Foamy On A Budget

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    Sometimes there’s nothing better to mix up your morning coffee routine than treat yourself to a smooth latte or a frothy cappuccino.

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    At A Glance: Our Top 6 Picks for Handheld Milk Frother

    And you don’t have to spend a fortune on a fancy espresso machine to enjoy this treat! Now you can use a handheld milk frother to create that delicious, creamy foam to perfect your morning brew at a fraction of the cost of your local high street coffee house.

    There are two types of handheld milk frothers, both of which use the same basic concept in that they both slowly add small air bubbles to the milk.

    Best handheld milk frothers

    Quick Summary: The Best Handheld Milk Frother

    Electric Milk Frother - Kuissential Slickfroth 2.0, Handheld Cappuccino, Latte and Coffee MakerKuissential Slickfroth 2.0 Electric Milk Frother
    • Solid build
    • Quick and efficient
    • Superior torque
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    MatchaDNA Milk Frother - Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker For Bulletproof Coffee, Lattes, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Sleek Drink Mixer (Round Tip 1 Pack)MatchaDNA Handheld Electric Milk Frother
    • Budget price
    • Quick and efficient
    • Simple to use
    Check on Amazon →
    Frothy Hand Mixer and Milk Frother by Cafe Casa, Battery-Operated Foamer, Stainless Steel Drink Mixer for Expert Lattes Milkshakes Matcha Cappuccinos Dalgona Coffee, 2-Speed Handheld Electric MixerCafe Casa Milk Frother 2 Speed Handheld Drink Mixer
    • 5-year warranty
    • Versatile
    • Quick and efficient
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    PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker For Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Durable Drink Mixer With Stainless Steel Whisk, Stainless Steel Stand Include (Black)PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker
    • Powerful and well-made
    • Quick and efficient
    • 100% refund policy
    Check on Amazon →
    Bean Envy Milk Frother Handheld - Perfect For The Best Latte - Whip Foamer - Includes Stainless Steel Stand - BlackBean Envy Electric Milk Frother Handheld
    • High-quality, robust feel
    • Super-quiet
    • Superior foaming performance
    Check on Amazon →
    Premium Electric Milk Frother, Portable Handheld Drink Mixer, Battery Operated Frother Maker for Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate + Free Coffee Art PenXiXii Premium Electric Milk Frother
    • Budget price
    • Quick and efficient
    • Simple tool to use
    Check on Amazon →

    Handheld electric frothing wand devices add the bubbles around the whisk itself. Plunger milk frothers can be more efficient because they froth the milk across the whole surface of the mesh screen.

    Both are very effective; it’s really just a matter of personal preference.

    So, which are the best handheld milk frothers out there in the marketplace you ask? We’re pleased to say that we’ve done all the legwork for you.

    Here’s our choice of the best handheld milk frothers that will take your home-brewed beverage to barista standard, without breaking your budget. Click the links within the product info to see demo videos of the frothers in action.

    Our 6 Best Handheld Milk Frothers

    Kuissential Slickfroth 2.0 Electric Milk Frother

    Kuissential have certainly hit the spot with this electric handheld milk frother. The device has a stainless steel whisk, and the ergonomic handle is solid with a rubber grip that won’t slip when you’re using it. This also means that the handle won’t break if the device falls off your counter, unlike some of the cheaper plastic models.

    Your first set of AA batteries are supplied with the product.

    Ease of use

    The Slickfroth is virtually idiot proof! You just slide the “on” switch forward to start the whisk and away you go. Unlike some of the cheaper makes, the Slickfroth gets up to full speed in a second, thanks to its superior torque speed.

    The all-important foam

    Thanks to the torque, you can create fabulous foam in under 20 seconds with this gadget. Just put the frother into your cup under the surface of the milk, switch it on, and rotate the device around your cup until you’ve got the perfect amount of foam.

    The good …

    The not so good …

    MatchaDNA Handheld Electric Milk Frother 

    The MatchaDNA handheld milk frother is one of the markets top sellers, and it’s also one of the cheapest.

    This milk frother is made of decent quality stainless steel which is pretty robust, but the grip is made from plastic. The plastic grip does make this device feel flimsy and it will probably break if dropped onto a hard floor.

    Ease of use

    The MatchaDNA is really simple to use. Just press the “on” button to start the whisk and foam away. Despite its cheap feel, this budget milk frother produces a good head of foam for your brew in a little under 30 seconds.

    The good …

    The not so good …

    Cafe Casa Milk Frother 2 Speed Handheld Drink Mixer 

    This milk frother is at the upper end of the expenditure bracket. That said, you do get much more bang for your buck than you do with the cheaper devices.

    The Café Casa has two speed settings, a sturdy stainless steel body, and it comes with a five year manufacturer’s warranty. The motor is so powerful that you can use this milk frother to whip cream too!

    The whole device is very robust and it’s definitely built to last. With its classy stainless steel look and speedy frothing time, the Café Casa makes a great addition to any home barista’s kitchen countertop.

    Ease of use

    Like most handheld milk frothers, the Café Casa is easy to use – just push the button to choose the speed you want and set the frother working.

    This versatile piece of kit can also be used to mix baby formula, eggs, and protein shakes.

    The device comes with its own stand, adding a touch of practical class to your display of coffee-related kitchenalia.

    The good …

    The not so good …

    PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker

    Powerlix is a well-known maker of high-quality kitchen kit. Their milk frother is a great mid-budget product that does a great job.

    The battery powered milk frother is made from durable stainless steel and comes with its own countertop stand. The powerful motor gives you 19000 rpm for a quick and effortless foaming performance.

    You can choose from stealthy black or sexy red, whichever floats your interior décor scheme boat.

    Ease of use

    This milk frother is operated via a button on the top of the unit. Such is the power of this nifty device, you’ll create all the foam you need in as little as 15 seconds!

    The ergonomically designed, non-slip handle makes the frother comfortable to hold, and it won’t break if dropped onto your kitchen tiles.

    The good …

    The not so good …

    Bean Envy Electric Milk Frother Handheld

    Bean Envy specialize in creating kitchen equipment for the professional home barista.

    Their battery operated milk frother is made from 304 grade stainless steel – that means it won’t rust or fall apart. The device has a powerful 19000 rpm motor that will whip up your desired amount of foamy deliciousness in as little as 15 seconds. If you wanted to, you could use this device to whip your breakfast eggs too. Multi-tasking is where it’s at folks.

    Ease of use

    Bean Envy’s milk frother is operated via a perfectly positioned button on the top of the device. The handle is ergonomically designed so that you won’t suffer from an aching wrist when creating a dozen lattes in one sitting for your friends. The handle is made from silicon rubber, so it will remain in one piece if dropped onto tiles.

    Storage is easy too, as the milk frother comes with its own smart countertop stand.

    The good …

    The not so good …

    XiXii Premium Electric Milk Frother

    This is another no-frills, budget price milk frother that does the job pretty well, despite the cheap price.

    The battery operated frother is made from stainless steel and has a matching metal grip. As an added bonus, you get a coffee art pen – impress your friends with your creativity, as well as with your wonderfully frothy cappuccinos!

    Ease of use

    The Premium milk frother is a simple tool to use – simply push the button and away you go. This little dynamo actually works just as well as some of the more expensive ones, producing plenty of creamy foam in under 30 seconds.

    The good …

    The not so good …

    How to use your handheld milk frother

    So, now you’ve taken the plunge and ordered your handheld milk frother, how do you use it? Although the actual milk frothing devices are pretty simple to use, there’s a definite knack to creating the perfect foaming brew. Here’s how.

    Get your milk to the right temperature

    Whether you have a plunger style frother or a wand, it’s vital that you heat your milk to the correct temperature to ensure the best foaming results.

    You can heat up your milk on the hob or in your microwave

    Heat the milk gently to between 1500F and 1550F. Take care not to overheat the milk or it will burn, and your coffee will have a nasty, bitter aftertaste.

    Using a wand milk frother

    Begin with the wand at the bottom of your pitcher of milk and placed at a slight angle. With the pitcher at an angle, the action of the whisk will create a whirlpool effect. The whirlpool moves the milk around in the pitcher so that you don’t end up whisking the milk that you’ve already foamed.

    When the milk reaches the desired foamy consistency, move the whisk vertically. This technique introduces more air into the milk and makes the foam more uniform in structure.

    The whole process should take between 15 and 20 seconds, depending on the power of your frother.

    Using a plunger/mesh milk frother

    If you’ve opted for a manual milk frother, you’ll have one with a plunger design and a mesh screen. The technique here is simple; just pump the plunger up and down until the milk is foamy enough.

    The major downside of manual plunger frothers is that it takes quite a lot longer to achieve the same result as you’d have with an electric wand. On the upside, you’ll soon develop impressive arm muscles and save a fortune on gym memberships.

    Foaming milk for a cappuccino

    A perfect cappuccino needs 1 ounce of thick milk foam and 1 ounce of steamed milk.

    If you’re using a whisk frother, fill your pitcher up to about one third. Once the milk has expanded to almost fill the pitcher, move the whisk vertically to cover as much space as you can.

    best milk frother

    When using a plunger frother, fill the pitcher up to about one third. Pump the plunger up and down, slapping the surface of the milk so that you generate as many bubbles as possible. Keep going until the foam almost fills the pitcher (by which time your arm will be burning and you’ll be wishing you’d bought an electric whisk frother).

    Foaming milk for a latte

    A delicious latte needs around 5 ounces of steamed milk and 1 ounce of thick milk foam.

    When you’re making a latte with a whisk frother, stop the foaming process when the milk in your pitcher has expanded by about one third in volume.

    If you’re using a plunger frother, keep pumping away inside the milk until it has expanded to fill the pitcher.

    Now you (probably) know what the best handheld milk frother is …

    So, now you’ve got the low-down on the best handheld milk frothers out there on the market and you’ve ordered your very own, you can look forward to creating your very own cappuccinos and lattes right there in your own kitchen.

    It takes practice and experience to become an expert home barista. But with the right equipment, lots of hard work, and a little tenacity when things don’t go right, you’ll soon be creating that fabulous frothy foam you’ve always dreamed of.

    Happy Caffeinating!

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