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Can You Froth Almond Milk?

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If you are interested in trying one of our 14 delicious almond milk coffee recipes, rest easy knowing that there’s an easy way to make this happen.

While the milk of a cow or goat is usually easier to froth than regular almond milk, it is possible to froth this non-dairy plant-based milk alternative. Even though almond milk is water-based, it typically has enough fat content to create a delicious froth for your beverage. Fat-free milk of any kind simply won’t work as well. Keep in mind that coconut milk and oat milk are easier to froth, but they both have a different taste that might not appeal to you.

Keep reading to learn how to make the perfect froth with your almond milk, so you’re not left with a not-so-frothy and certainly not creamy almond milk topping for your espresso macchiato.

How to Easily Froth Almond Milk

There are three main ways to froth almond milk into a successful, velvety, textured milk foam to add to your coffee drink. Whether you prefer the electric method or like to do the work by hand, these three ways will let you easily froth almond milk every time. Heating almond milk is required in every method, so have a microwave handy. And don’t forget to always use the freshest almond milk you can buy.

Use an Electric Mixer

Frothing Almond Milk

For those who prefer less manual labor for frothing plant-based milk, use an electric mixer to froth milk. To do this, simply pour a cup or two of almond milk into a container. Oftentimes, a large microwave-safe bowl will work well. 

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Put your bowl full of hot almond milk in the microwave to heat the milk for one to two minutes. Then, place your hot milk in your electric mixer bowl. 

Put the mixer on high and whip your fresh almond milk until the creamy milk foam builds up in height, and, Voila! Frothy almond milk! It should also become lighter than the remaining almond milk liquid. 

Once your foam looks ready, spoon it out into a cup with espresso to create an almond milk cappuccino. You can also use it in lattes with milk and coffee to your liking.

Find a Jar

If doing things by hand is more your style, using a jar is one of the easiest manual ways to froth almond milk. Grab a microwave-safe jar and pour almond milk into the jar until it is ½ to ¾ of the way full. 

Then, screw the lid on tight and begin to shake it until some bubbles form. Place it in the microwave for one minute and let it cool. Once slightly cool, shake the jar until the warm almond milk begins to fill with frothy milk goodness.

The only downside to this process is that it takes a lot of time. When you see the froth turn smooth instead of bubbly, your almond milk froth will be ready to enjoy.

Use a Hand Whisk

If you don’t have a microwavable air-tight jar available but still want to use a manual almond milk frothing method, use a hand whisk. Any size hand whisk will work well for this process.

Similar to the electric mixer process, you will need to pour a cup or two of almond milk into a large microwavable bowl. Heat it for one or two minutes until you have warm milk. 

Begin to hand whisk as fast as you can while keeping an even rhythm. Any change in tempo can lead to bubbles and uneven froth.

Once the almond froth begins to build up and hold, you can separate it from the milk or keep it combined to use it in your beverage of choice.

If you are interested in saving your almond milk froth and using it for a cool beverage, consider hand whisking until all of the almond milk liquid has turned into a soft froth. 

Then, place it in the refrigerator with an air-tight seal or lid. Make sure to use it within 24 hours of making it for optimum froth consistency.

The Best Almond Milk for Frothing

This classic milk alternative can froth due to the fat and oil content in the almonds. Since cow’s milk has the fattest content of any milk, it froths most easily.

When using almond milk to make froth, consider using a special blend like Pacific Barista’s high-quality almond milk. Their rich almond milk is made to foam more easily and often tastes sweeter and thicker than other watered-down almond milk varieties.

If you cannot find Pacific Barista almond milk for coffee in your area, consider choosing an almond milk drink with the lowest water content possible. This will help your almond milk foam build up more quickly and avoid unpleasant bubbling.

Bubbling Almond Milk

Delicious Coffee Without the Dairy

If you are craving a delicious latte but don’t want the calories or the lactose associated with full-fat dairy milk, try foamy almond milk. The production process is not that complicated. With a bit of time, some milk hot out of the microwave, and a good way to beat it into froth bubbles, you can create a successful milk froth to serve a fantastic latte to a few very lucky people.

Almond milk is one of many plant-based and soy-based milk out on the market. It’s also one of the perfect vegan milk alternatives to regular milk in your warm coffee beverages because it froths easily and tastes great with all types of espresso.

Happy Caffeinating!

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