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How Long Can You Leave Water In Keurig? 

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The Keurig is one of the luxury coffee brewers made for homes and shops. One of the questions that trouble many users is the length of time you can leave water in a Keurig.

You can leave leftover water in a Keurig for 3-4 days. After this time, you must reheat the water properly before brewing or refresh the coffee maker reservoir.

Can You Leave Water in Keurig? 

How Long Can You Leave Water In Keurig

Keurig reservoirs can hold between 40 and 80 ounces of water. With this amount, you can make up to ten cups of coffee. If you use your Keurig daily, the water in a Keurig will recycle quickly depending on the size of the machine and the amount of coffee brewing you do.

It makes sense to store water in a Keurig for some time so that you do not have to pour and reheat water each time you want a cup of morning coffee. However, if you do not take coffee regularly, do not store water for brewing in a Keurig since lime and bacteria growth can develop.

Although it is possible to store plain water for three or four days, you must refresh or reheat it well before use. Letting water stagnate for a long time will give rise to the development of limescale, which negatively alters the taste of the resulting coffee. In addition, if not addressed, it will lower the lifespan of your machine.

In extreme scenarios, harmful bacteria can thrive in your coffee equipment, leading to respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting.

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There are a few factors that will determine how long you can leave fresh water in a Keurig; they include;

  • The time it takes before the limescale buildup appears
  • The size of the machine and the amount of coffee you take

Should I Leave Water in My Keurig?

Leaving water in your Keurig automatic coffee machine can save time and work since you do not have to refill the internal water tank for every brewing cycle. It will help you save a lot of time when you are in a hurry. Since many Keurig machines do not drain quickly, leaving some water until you are ready for a cup can limit some hassle.

To drain a Keurig completely, you have to take it apart using a screwdriver and then reassemble it again. You can also pretend to prepare a cup of coffee without a coffee pod and wait for the water to drip into a cup.

What Do You Do If Water Is Left in a Keurig for an Extended Period? 

If water stays for a couple of days, it is probably safe for human consumption. To ensure that your water is safe, address any tiny creepy crawlies that might have grown after running some brew cycles without coffee. 

Boiling can remove any microorganisms or material that may make the water unsafe for consumption. We recommend you drain any water that has been standing in a Keurig for more than two days. In addition, be sure to clean the reservoir well before you replace the water.

If your Keurig has any solid residue around the waterline, we recommend you descale your machine to do away with all the limescale deposits. Soak the reservoir in a vinegar solution if your Keurig lacks an automatic descaling function.

What do Manufacturers recommend to Keep a Keurig Contaminant Free?

  • Descale after 3-6 months
  • Wash the reservoir every week 
  • In case the Keurig has any natural mineral buildup, use a vinegar solution to remove it
  • You can also run a cleansing brew to drive out standing water
  • If your machine has not been in use for a long time, descale before use

Ways of Cleaning a Keurig After Water Stands for Long

Here are a number of ways you can clean your Keurig.

Disassembling the Water Tank

The reservoir is connected to an internal pump assembly through a draining pipe. Wherever you find this pipe, unplug it, and the water will drain out of the reservoir. You must first trace its location to get to this hose since different models have it in various places. After locating it, remove the screws on the side to access it.

It may be secured with a zip tie. Thus, you may need to cut it before removing it from the fitting. Place the end of the pipe into a cup and let all the water drain. You will need patience since it requires several minutes to drain completely. 

Once your reservoir has drained completely, secure the pipe with a cable tie and reassemble it again.


Descaling removes mineral deposits that have accumulated on the inside, especially when you are using hard water. Ideally, you must descale your Keurig every three to six months, depending on the frequency of use.

There are guidelines on how to descale. Ensure you use a Keurig-recommended descaling product, although baking soda and vinegar also work well. 

To run a descaling cycle, fill your reservoir with the descaling solution and run a couple of cleaning cycles to clean your coffee maker.

Run a Cleansing Cycle 

If the process of opening a Keurig is a hassle for you, don’t worry. You can brew away any excess water. You only need to run the machine without adding a K- Cup. If the tank has extra water, run a couple of brew cycles to get all the water out.

Washing the Water Reservoir

Although the above methods can aid you in draining excess water, you must also clean the water tank adequately. To access the water tank, you must dismantle the Keurig machine completely. 

Once the tank is in your hands, wash it thoroughly with a lot of hot water and soap. In addition, you can also wash it with vinegar. 

For the models that come with a dishwater-friendly external tank, you only need to place it in your dishwater and run a cycle with your favorite commercial cleaning product. For tanks that are not dishwasher friendly, clean them using white vinegar and fresh cleaning water. Alternatively, you can use one-fourth of a cup of baking soda in place of vinegar.

Fill the tank with the cleaning solution and let it stand for several minutes. Then, use a soft brush to gently scrub the inside of the tank and the water intake as you rinse with clean tap water.

Wrap Up

A Keurig is a great machine that is very convenient to use to make delicious coffee. It is perfect for those who have no time to warm water every time you make coffee. However, it is a healthy practice to empty the water after use, especially if you do not use your Keurig for an extended time.

Happy Caffeinating! 

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