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How To Clean Your Jura Coffee Machine: A Step-by-Step Guide

A Jura automatic espresso maker is a big investment, so we know you’ll want to keep it clean and working properly. Jura has an easy-to-follow integrated cleaning system that will make that easy to do.

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If you have a Jura coffee machine on your counter, you probably made the splurge so that you could have great-tasting, fresh, hot, beverages.

What you surely didn’t want is the taste of old coffee residue and coffee oils in your morning brew. That’s why it is so important that you clean your Jura automatic espresso maker regularly.

how to clean jura coffee machine

When Should I Clean My Jura Coffee Machine?

You should clean your Jura coffee machine after every 180 beverage preparations or 80 automatic switch-on rinses.

If that sounds like a lot of counting, don’t worry; your machine will prompt you when it’s time.

What You’ll Need

Jura is extremely clear that only its own branded cleaning products should be used to clean the machine. As long as you do, they guarantee cleanliness and hygiene. You’ll need:

How to Clean the Machine

The Jura provides on-screen step-by-step instructions for cleaning. Even if you haven’t had your first cup of coffee yet, you’ll have no trouble following along.

Step 1 – Each Jura has a slightly different display and menu. Press “clean” when prompted via button or touchscreen.

Step 2 – Empty the coffee grounds container and the drip tray. Your machine will prompt you to do this and won’t let you continue until it’s done.

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Step 3 – Place a receptacle under the coffee spout and press “next.” Water will flow from the coffee spout.

Step 4 – The cleaning will pause. Your Jura coffee machine will prompt you to add the cleaning tablet. Open the ground coffee chute or filler funnel and drop it in the cleaning tablet.

Step 5 – Press “next.” Water will continue to flow out of the coffee spout, stopping and starting for several minutes.

Step 6 – When prompted, empty the coffee grounds container and the drip tray again.

Step 7 – Replace the drip tray. The machine is now clean, and the normal start screen will be displayed.

Other Tips For Keeping Your Jura Clean

Aside from running regular cleaning cycles, there are a few other things you can and should do to keep your Jura in perfect working order and looking great.

Clean the Milk System

If your Jura has a built-in milk frother, you’ll be prompted to run a milk cleaning cycle after making a beverage with steamed and frothed milk.

Some machines have a one-touch milk cleaning system, while others have a few easy steps, like cleaning the machine itself. Either way, you’ll just follow the on-screen prompts.

Leftover milk can easily curdle and spoil, clogging up your machine or just making it unhygienic. Spoiled milk is no one’s idea of a great beverage, so be sure to follow your machine’s milk system cleaning instructions.

Clean the Grounds Container and Drip Tray

Jura recommends removing the drip tray and coffee grounds container each day, emptying them, and rinsing them clean with warm water.

Clean the Water Tank

You should refill your water tank daily with fresh water to get the best-tasting coffee possible. You can gently clean the inside of the tank with a soft brush, as necessary.

Descale the Machine

Using a CLEARYL water filter as recommended will prevent limescale from building up, and you’ll never have to descale your Jura espresso machine.

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Your machine may prompt you to descale if you haven’t been using a filter or waited too long to replace a spent filter. The descaling system is integrated and offers step-by-step prompts, just like the cleaning system.

Empty the water tank and dissolve three Jura descaling tablets in 600 milliliters of water. Pour this solution into the water tank and run the descaling program as prompted by your machine.

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Wipe Down the Machine

A Jura coffee machine is a luxury appliance, and they’re made to look super sleek sitting on your counter. You can keep it looking nice by wiping it down with a soft damp cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Jura self-cleaning?

Your Jura will automatically rinse itself when turning on and before shutting off. However, this is not a full cleaning cycle.

When your Jura machine prompts you to do so, you should run a full cleaning cycle as we described above.

How do you clean a Jura tube?

You should run the milk system cleaning cycle after making beverages that use your milk tube. This will clean and sanitize the inside of the tube.

Jura also recommends removing the tube from the machine and rinsing it daily with warm water.

The milk tube should be replaced approximately every three months.

How do I force-clean my Jura?

While your Jura coffee machine will prompt you to clean it after 180 brew cycles, you can run a cleaning cycle any time.

The display and menu vary by machine, but you can generally find the cleaning menu by pressing and holding the “P” button. From there, select “clean” and follow the on-screen prompts.

Happy Caffeinating!

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