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Rancilio Silvia Pro vs Rocket Appartamento: The Showdown

The Rancilio Silvia Pro and Rocket Espresso Appartamento are both high-end espresso machines that produce cafe-quality brews using different features.

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If you’re in the market for a higher-end espresso machine, you’re probably trying to decide which one to settle on. After all, it’s a big decision considering the investment you’re willing to make.

Luckily, with the high price point comes high-quality design and function. The Rocket Espresso Appartamento and Rancilio Silvia Pro X are just two of the several options out there, but they’re both well worth the money.

You might be wondering how they compare and contrast, as well as which one would be better for you. We recommend sticking around because we’re covering everything you need to know about these two espresso machines.Rancilio Silvia Pro vs Rocket Appartamento

Rancilio Silvia Pro X Espresso Machine

The Rancilio Silvia Pro X is a high-end stainless steel espresso machine that’s handmade in Italy and features a dual boiler. This means you have the ability to simultaneously brew and steam, as the dual boiler has a 1-liter steam boiler and a 300ml brew boiler.

More than that, this machine has supreme temperature accuracy with the addition of PID controllers on each boiler. This means that there are adjustable temperature settings for both brewing and steaming.

This is all easily managed thanks to a digital display on the front of the machine, which allows you to control all brewing functions, including timing your shot. There’s also a soft preinfusion with this machine that improves the quality of each shot pulled by carefully soaking the coffee puck for 6 seconds before actually brewing.

Along with the machine, you get an upgraded stainless dual spout 58mm portafilter, a wood-handled tamper, and a 9g and 17g shot basket. The digital display also lets you program the machine to automatically turn on and warm up for a faster brewing process and quicker cup of coffee.

What We Like:

This is a compact and well-made machine that’s digital display makes it easy to use and control, while still allowing for fine-tuning. A refillable water reservoir holds up to 2.5 liters, while the boiler only needs to hold 1 liter.

The steam wand is high-powered and can be used while you’re brewing thanks to the PID controls and dual boiler. Is made to be a long-lasting machine, but also comes with a two-year warranty.

What We Don’t Like:

The drip tray for this machine is pretty small in size, so it requires frequent emptying in order to maintain cleanliness and prevent overflow.

  • Capacity: 1 liter
  • Dimensions: 16.5″D x 10″W x 15.2″H
  • Weight: 54 pounds

Rocket Espresso Appartamento

Rocket Espresso Appartamento
Rocket Espresso Appartamento
Our rating:

The Rocket Espresso Appartamento provides café-grade drinks and uses commercial-grade components in a compact 304 stainless steel design, making it ideal for creating a perfect espresso at home.

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The Rocket Espresso Appartamento is another high-end machine that’s handmade in Italy. It contains a heat exchange boiler, which is a single boiler with an integral system that separates steaming and brewing water through a copper tube so that you can still steam milk and pull a shot of espresso at the same time.

coffee machine Rocket Espresso Appartamento with accessories on the table

This machine also features an E61 group head for better temperature stability and an automatic pre-infusion function for even extraction.

Moreover, the Rocket Appartamento has a black boiler pressure gauge, brass components, a 304 stainless steel body, a 1.8-liter copper/brass boiler, a 2.25-liter water reservoir, and a cup warmer with a removable plastic cup guard.

collage of 4 Rocket Espresso Appartamento images close up

It’s unique due to its high build quality of commercial-grade internal brass components. Along with the machine, you get an aluminum tamper, a blind basket and brew head brush for cleaning, single and dual spout steel portafilters, 14g and 7g portafilter baskets, and a polishing cloth.

What We Like:

This machine has a high-quality build and sleek design while remaining compact for home use. With frequent cleaning and maintenance, the Appartamento can last for more than 15 years, but there’s also a three-year warranty included.

The temperature stability you get with the E61 group head is amazing and you can tell that every part is made with of the highest quality. It’s a semi-automatic masterpiece that’s perfect for home baristas wanting the perfect espresso right from their own kitchens. Not to mention the fast-working steam wand!

What We Don’t Like:

It can take a bit of time to heat up to its full brewing potential, so if you’re in a hurry, you might want to start heating your machine up before you’re actually ready to brew.

  • Capacity: 2.5 Liters
  • Dimensions: 17″D x 10.5″W x 14.2″H
  • Weight: 58 Pounds

How Are They Similar?

Both of these hand-built Italian machines are great options for long-lasting high-quality espresso brewing. They’re actually quite similar, with fast-powered steam wands and some of the finest integral components.

They’re also both stainless steel, have refillable water reservoirs, are long-lasting, come with portafilters, and have a compact design.

If you want the ability to steam milk and brew up an espresso shot at the same time, both of these espresso machines can provide you with this feature thanks to their boiler systems.

How Are They Different?

While the Rancilio Silvia Pro X and the Rocket Espresso Appartamento can both allow this simultaneous brewing and steaming, their boiler systems do differ.

The Rancilio Silvia Pro X has a dual boiler system that contains a 1-liter steam boiler and a 300ml brew boiler with PID controllers on each for adjustable brewing temperature.

However, the Rocket Espresso Appartamento has a copper heat exchanger boiler, which is a single boiler with a copper tube that separates the steaming and brewing water. This machine also doesn’t have PID controllers, though the temperature stability is still really great thanks to the E61 group head.

The other difference between these machines is that the Rancilio Silvia has a digital display that allows users to set a time for automatic warm-up. The Rocket Appartamento doesn’t have a digital display, nor does it have a feature that automatically warms the machine up.

Which High-End Machine is Right For You?

Deciding which one of these machines is right for you ultimately comes down to what features you prefer. If you like the idea of an automatic turn-on setting, then you’d probably lean more toward the Rancilio Silvia Pro X.

However, if this feature isn’t important to you, the Rocket Espresso Appartamento is a great option. While the boiler systems are different, they both perform the same function of simultaneous brewing and steaming.

Hopefully, this helped you to get a bit more insight into two high-end, compact espresso machines that can get your home brewing up to coffee shop potential!

Happy Caffeinating!

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