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Jura Z6 vs Z8: Which Espresso Machine Is Best for You?

Which Jura automatic brewer better meets your needs – the swanky Jura Z8 with 21 brewing options or the more simplified Jura Z6 that offers 13 brewing varieties? We’ve broken down what’s different between the two models to help you find your perfect Jura for making specialty coffee!

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Jura coffee machines are paving the way in the world of automatic coffee machines, and rightfully so.

These high-tech, high-end coffee machines create quality espresso drinks that might just put your local barista to shame. But are Jura espresso machines worth the money? We think so!

Jura offers multiple lines of automatic espresso machines, some catering to large office workplaces and others better fit for home brewing.

The Jura Z6 and Jura Z8 versions are ideal for at-home or a smaller work environment, catering up to 80 espresso drinks per day without maintenance.

jura z6 vs z8

Comparing Jura Z6 vs Z8

If you’re unaware, both the Jura Z6 and Jura Z8 models were discontinued and replaced by the Z10 model on Jura’s official buying site. The manufacturer no longer produces these models, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy them.

If you search on Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay, you’ll be shown all kinds of results, ranging from new, “like new,” to used condition.

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Both the Jura Z6 and Jura Z8 are similar models and were released in 2018 with the upgraded Z10 version hitting the market in 2022.

There are quite a few differences between the Jura Z8 and Z10, but what are they? We’ve broken down the key features here to give you the best comparison possible.

Jura Z6Jura Z8
Dimensions17.7 D x 12.6 W x 14.8 H in17.7 D x 12.6 W x 15 H in
Weight25.4 lbs29.5 lb
Number of Brew Options1321
Water Reservoir81 oz81.3 oz
Fluid System12
Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.)YesYes
Intelligent PreheatingYesNo
Bean Hopper9.9 oz9.9 oz
Active Bean MonitoringYesYes
Grinder TypeAroma G3Multi-level Aroma G3
High-performance pump 15 barNoYes
Thermoblock heating system12
Ground Coffee ChuteYesYes
Wi-Fi and JOE ConnectionYesYes (sold separately)

What Are the Similarities and Differences?

There are many similarities between these two models. The Jura Z8 has everything the Jura Z6 has, plus more.

The differences are primarily between the key features offered in the Jura Z8 that aren’t included in the Jura Z6.


Both the Jura Z6 and Jura Z8 are very similar in appearance with a TFT color display, a water tank that’s illuminated with blue light, and three spout dispensers – two for espresso and coffee, and one for milk and foam.

The Z6 does come in two color options, aluminum or aluminum black, while the Jura Z8 is only offered in aluminum.

The screen of the Jura Z6 is slightly smaller than the Z8 version, and can only be controlled by buttons and a rotary wheel that allows you to move through each drink selection.

The Jura Z8 model allows for a touchscreen display and more on-screen adjustable features.

Water System

Both Jura models have a removable water tank that you fill up manually, along with a Clearyl Water Filter that will purify your water for optimized brewing and will alert you when it needs to be changed.

The Jura Z6 has a smart preheating feature though, which is not found in the Jura Z8 model, due to the varied water temperatures it can produce.

Both water tanks accommodate 81 oz of water, which can brew quite a few drinks before needing to refill.

Grinding and Brewing Systems

Each system has the same size bean hopper, but the Jura Z6 has the Aroma G3 burr grinder, while the Jura Z8 utilizes a multi-level Aroma G3 burr built-in grinder that allows for a finer, more precise and consistent grind size.

Each machine also has a Pulse Extraction Process brewing system that ensures shots are pulled evenly and precisely, providing high-quality espresso shots.

Milk and Frothing Systems

With the height-adjustable dual coffee dispensers, each model allows you the exceptional feature of making two espressos at the same time.

The Jura Z8 features an interchangeable milk spout that works with the HP3 milk system, allowing the machine to switch from hot milk to foam seamlessly.

Using innovative technology, both machines produce excellent quality of milk, allowing for customizable milk temperatures.

Additional Features

Both models are compatible with Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect to the JOE app that lets you further program and customize your drinks.

This is where the Jura Z8 shines most as it allows for a large range of customizable special features through this coffee app.

However, the Jura Z8 model does not come with this feature at the initial purchase but is an additional expense.

Both models also offer Jura’s unmatched integrated cleaning system that rinses, cleans, and descales the internal workings of the machine, making maintenance incredibly easy.

What Drinks Do They Make?

The biggest difference between these two models is the range of drinks they can make.

The Jura Z8 makes everything the Jura Z6 makes, plus quite a few more. However, neither machine make cold drinks, unlike their replacement, the Jura Z10.

Jura Z8Jura Z6
Ristretto (single or double)Latte Macchiato
Espresso (single or double)Flat White
Coffee (single or double)Cappuccino
Caffe LatteCup of Coffee (single or double)
Caffe Barista (single or double)Espresso (single or double)
Americano (single or double)Ristretto (single or double)
Latte MacchiatoMilk foam
Flat WhiteHot water
Portion of milk foam
Portion of milk
Jug of coffee
Hot water
Hot water for green tea
Hot water for black tea

Wrap Up

Jura coffee machines are incredibly well-built and have sophisticated technology that allows a single machine to grind whole coffee beans into coffee grounds, brew espresso, steam milk, and create the perfect cup of coffee, all in a matter of minutes – and directly from your touch-screen phone!

When cared for properly, these high-end espresso machines will last you a lifetime and provide you with barista-quality coffee.

Whether you choose the Jura Z6 or Jura Z8 version for brewing coffee, your work space, home, or office will be well taken care of to meet everyone’s needs for specialty drink options.

Happy Caffeinating!

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