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Breville Vs. De’Longhi Nespresso Machines

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So you’re in the market for a Nespresso machine, and you’re dreaming of quick and easy automated espresso drinks at your fingertips every morning. But you’ve quickly realized that it’s not that simple; Nespresso machines come in a wide variety of color options, models, brands, and specialties. How do you choose if you’re just getting started? 

When comparing two of the more popular Nespresso brands, Breville and De’Longhi, there’s a lot to consider, but it’s worth taking the time to decide which is right for you and your lifestyle.

Check out this handy guide for a detailed deep dive into how Breville and De’Longhi Nespresso machines are alike, how they differ, and which one may be the right choice for you!

breville vs delonghi nespresso

What is a Nespresso Machine? 

Imagine all the convenience and automation of a Keurig coffee maker with individual flavored pods to fit every mood. Now imagine that, but with a delicious and creamy pour of espresso instead. That’s what Nespresso machines offer. They’re ideal for the home coffee drinker who only wants to be a button press and a few brief minutes away from enjoying their favorite espresso drinks right from their kitchen. 

How is a Nespresso machine different from a standard espresso machine? 

Okay, so what’s the difference between Nespresso vs. espresso? The thing is, Nespresso machines will give you authentic espresso, so they are, in effect, espresso machines. 

The main draw for Nespresso machines is their convenience. They work much the same as Keurig coffee makers do. Simply insert a pod of your choice, ensure the water reservoir is filled, and press a button to brew!

Those who are intimidated by the lengthy process of pulling a shot of espresso will love the ease and simplicity of Nespresso machines!

Espresso machines can also be prohibitively expensive for some users, so Nespresso machines help lower the barrier of entry into the world of home espresso. With so many brands and models to choose from, there’s one for just about every budget. 

Breville and De’Longhi: Trusted Coffee Brands

Breville got its start as an Australian radio manufacturer in the 1930’s. But, soon, their specialty grew and expanded to include other home and kitchen appliances, with their espresso machines being by far some of their more popular products.

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They’re a widely trusted name in the espresso space for the quality, value, and features you get, even with their more affordable machines. 

De’Longhi, on the other hand, has deep roots in the world of espresso. The company was founded in 1902 as a small manufacturing workshop in Treviso. Today, they’re a global brand in the home appliance space, but their roots remain the same.

Their coffee machines specifically are known for their outstanding quality and user-focused designs. 


When you get right down to it, either of these brands or any other Nespresso-partnered brand will use the same technology and have the same specs. There won’t be any significant difference between espresso shots since the same tech drives all Nespresso machines. 

Both brands also offer a range of Nespresso machines to meet different budgets, lifestyles, and tastes. From travel-friendly mini machines to larger machines that more closely resemble traditional espresso machines, there’s something for every homebrewer at every experience level.

You’ll also notice that Breville and De’Longhi make their versions of the same devices, like in the case of the Nespresso Vertuo or the Nespresso Citiz. 


The biggest difference between Breville and De’Longhi has to do with their unique lines of machines. Breville’s line is called Creatista, and De’Longhi has their Lattissima line.

If you’re looking to see how these two brands stand up against one another, it’s good to compare their strengths and weaknesses since many of their other machines will be functionally similar. 

When it comes to machines that both brands carry, you’ll notice slight cosmetic differences in the design, which could translate into a more easy-to-use device, depending on your lifestyle, or you may prefer one over the other on looks alone. 

Breville vs. De’Longhi Nespresso Machines: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Breville Nespresso Machines

Breville offers an impressive range of Nespresso machines, from more affordable and beginner-friendly models like the wildly popular Vertuo or Vertuo Plus to pricier but more technologically advanced models like the Creatista Pro. 

If you’re looking for a quality machine that will last for years while adding effortless espresso extraction to your morning routine, you would be hard-pressed to find better machines than Breville offers.

We’ll be looking mainly at the Creatista line for our comparison since it’s exclusive to Breville and will give us a better idea of the brand’s strengths. 

Things We Like: 

  • The Creatista lineup is Nespresso’s original take on a luxury espresso machine, which means it has beautiful lines and a charming retro feel, but with all the convenience of modern technology. 
  • The machines are compatible with 3rd-party capsules, so you’re not limited to Nespresso pods. 
  • The Creatista machines all feature some stainless steel in the external housing, making for a quality finish and luxury feel. 
  • The pump pressure produces much better results than the Centrifusion process used in the Vertuo line. 
  • The machines produce an authentic cup of espresso with a beautiful crema and a rich, creamy taste, without the time or effort of a traditional espresso machine. 
  • The water heats up in a matter of seconds, making an already convenient machine that much better to use. 
  • The smart steam wand with a built-in temperature sensor allows you to set your desired milk texture and froth level. 

Things We Don’t Like: 

  • While the machine boasts 19 bars of pressure, it can be inconsistent. 
  • The cost can be well over most buyers’ budgets, which may not be worth it for the limited amount of additional features it has versus other more affordable models. 
  • There’s no cold frothing option, limiting the kinds of drinks you can make. 

The Bottom Line

With quality construction, it’s clear that Breville knows what serious espresso enthusiasts want from their drinks, and they’ve created a luxury machine to give it to them.

Those who want a high-end feel and function to their machine will love the pressure pump combined with the ease of a one-touch operating system that creates beautiful espresso. 

But the Creatista line is not for everyone, and it may not be an option for those on a tighter budget. However, Breville offers a massive range of Nespresso machines for a variety of budgets, and the quality of their machines is consistent throughout, so buyers can feel assured that they’re getting their money’s worth, whatever model they choose. 

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De’Longhi Nespresso Machines

The Nespresso Lattissima lineup is De’Longhi’s exclusive offering to the Nespresso party, and it has a lot that can recommend it. There’s no question that De’Longhi knows what they’re doing when it comes to designing smart and timeless coffee machines, and their single-serve espresso pod machines are no different.

While Breville worked with Nespresso to design their Creatista line, De’Longhi did it on their own. 

The Lattissima lineup is a more technologically advanced and higher-end lineup for those looking for a convenient machine that anyone can use, with a few extra features and the ability to make minor tweaks to the brew. 

Things We Like: 

  • The one-button brewing function means it’s easy and simple to use for just about any brewer. 
  • The built-in, automatic milk frother adds a whole new layer of convenience to the ease and simplicity of a Nespresso machine. 
  • You can get tons of programmable settings and features depending on the model. 
  • The water heats up in about 20-30 seconds for a fast and reliable brew. 
  • The 19-bar pump pressure is impressive and creates great espresso for a capsule-based system. 
  • The automatic cleaning alerts and cycles make cleaning, maintenance, and care a breeze. 

Things We Don’t: 

  • The machine is limited to using aluminum capsules, which are expensive in the long run. 
  • The machines are pricey given the limited amount of additional features over more affordable models. 
  • There’s no control over the temperature of your coffee or milk, which may be a disappointment to brewers who want that kind of manual control. 

The Bottom Line

The Lattissima machines are a great option for a coffee lover with a little bit of experience with espresso and happy with making a few minor adjustments to their coffee cup (mainly with the froth).

But those looking for more water temperature control or who want to create cafe-quality latte art may be better off looking in Breville’s direction. 

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Make Vs. Model

Remember, choosing the appropriate machine for your household is more than just picking one brand over another. Instead, be sure to check out a wide variety of devices from both. Compare and contrast the same machine manufactured by both brands to get a feel for their look and quality.

For example, If you think Breville may be the choice for you but aren’t thrilled by the high price tag of the Creatista line, consider checking out more affordable or popular options like the Vertuo line instead. 

Is Eco-Friendly Important to You?

When choosing a Nespresso machine, you may want to find out if the model you’re interested in is compatible with reusable coffee pods. Using a reusable pod gives you more control over your espresso since you can choose the coffee beans yourself, and it’s also much better for the environment. 

However, Nespresso does offer a recycling program with their licensed pods, which means you can return them after using them, which can also cut down on the environmental cost. 

Control or Convenience? 

Both of these excellent espresso coffee machines will give you a beautiful cup of delicious coffee with minimal effort on your end. But if you’re looking for a more plug-and-play style brewing process and aren’t too bothered with the details, then we’d say the De’Longhi Lattissima line may be right for you.

However, if you’re a home barista at heart and want to create beautiful latte art, or if milk temperature and texture are important, you’ll want to go with the Creatista machines that can give you more control over your cup. 

There’s not really a right answer between the two. It’s mainly up to your personal preferences and how involved you choose to be with the brewing process. 


Breville and De’Longhi manufacture quality, dependable Nespresso machines at various price points and with lots of different features. Both brands are trusted and respected in the coffee machine industry.

You can be sure that whatever brand you decide to go with, you’re getting a machine that’s capable of delivering delicious cups of high-quality coffee. 

However, the key differences mainly lie in where your priorities are. Do you prefer more control over your cup, or do you want to sit back and let your machine do its thing? Do you want the flexibility and affordability of reusable pods, or are you happy to use Nespresso’s line? 

Whichever you choose, make sure you take the time to learn the ins and outs of your machine. While Nespresso machines are convenient and easy to use, they require proper cleaning and maintenance to keep your cup of coffee tasting great in the long term. 

One more thing: if the machines mentioned today are a bit out of your price range, we would recommend the Nespresso Vertuo lineup for those just getting started with Nespresso machines or just any old espresso machine in general. 

Happy Caffeinating!

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