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Moka Pot Coffee to Water Ratio Calculator and Conversions

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Coffee to Water Calculator

Here’s a quick calculator we created to make the process really simple. All you have to do is pick the following: your brewer of choice, how much coffee you want, and how strong you want it.

We’ve created brew strength presets for every method that will provide a good starting point. If you want to skip our recommendations and play around with your own ratios, you can do that as well.

One last step — tell our calculator your favored way to measure coffee and water. The result? A brew recipe that’s tailor-fit to your preferences!

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Coffee enthusiasts looking for a simple way to brew strong and delicious coffee need to look no further than the Moka pot. It’s the perfect device for coffee lovers!

If you want a more full-bodied coffee experience than traditional drip coffee makers, the Moka pot can give you a brew that is close to espresso or Americano taste.

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The key to perfecting your cup of coffee is getting the right ratio of coffee grounds to water. We’ll cover the correct ratio for brewing coffee in a Moka pot and give you some advice on how to adjust this ratio to your personal tastes.

All you’ll need to follow this guide is a Moka pot, ground coffee, a scale, and filtered water. Read on to perfect your Moka pot coffee game!

Moka Pot Coffee to Water Ratio

What is the Perfect Moka Pot Ratio?

The correct coffee to water ratio for a Moka pot is 1:10, meaning for every one gram of ground coffee you should add 10 grams of filtered water. This will give you a strong coffee cup with a flavor similar to espresso.

If you want a weaker cup of coffee closer to the flavor of drip, you can add more water and brew with a ratio of 1:15 or 1:17. For a stronger cup of coffee you can use less water and aim for a ratio of 1:8 or 1:7.

However, if you use too little water you’ll get bitter tasting coffee. A good rule of thumb is to make small incremental adjustments starting from a 1:10 ratio until your coffee tastes exactly how you want it.

Moka Pot Coffee to Water Ratio Calculator

The most precise way to measure your coffee-to-water ratio is using a kitchen scale. If you don’t have a scale at home we can help you get pretty close using teaspoons, cups, and common household measurements.

Let’s dive into some easy ways to measure the correct ratio for a cup of coffee.

Coffee to Water Ratio in Grams

If you have a simple coffee scale at home, the best way to achieve the best ratio of coffee to water is by weight. The perfect ratio for a Moka pot is 1 gram for every 7 grams of water.

For example, my home Moka Pot is on the smaller side, so when I fill my basket with coffee it measures 30 grams. So using our ideal ratio of 1:7, I would put 210 grams of water.

When you are filling your Moka pot with water make sure you don’t pass the safety valve or you’ll make a mess when brewing. If you pass the valve, just dose a little bit less coffee to maintain your ratio.

Ground Coffee in Tablespoons

If you don’t have a scale at home we can calculate how many tablespoons of coffee you’ll need.

On my scale, a tablespoon of ground coffee weighed out at 4.9 grams. We can round this and say a tablespoon of coffee grounds measures out to about 5.0 grams.

Ground Coffee in Teaspoons

Measuring on the same scale, we can see a teaspoon of ground coffee beans weighs 2.0 grams.

Coffee to Water in Cups

Now that we know how much a tablespoon and teaspoon of coffee weigh, we can figure out the coffee to water ratio in cups. One cup of water weighs about 237 grams, so to get a ratio of 1:7 you’ll need:

  • 33.85 grams of coffee per one cup of water.
  • 7 tablespoons of coffee per one cup of water.
  • 17 teaspoons of coffee per one cup of water.

Coffee to Water in Fluid Ounces

A common Moka pot size is a 6-cup maker coffee pot, which is equivalent to 48 fluid ounces. If you want to make a full Moka pot in this size, you’ll need:

  • 203.1 grams of coffee per 48 fluid ounces of water.
  • 41 tablespoons of coffee per 48 fluid ounces of water.
  • 101.55 teaspoons of coffee per 48 fluid ounces of water.

Coffee to Water in Metric Units

Wondering how much coffee you need per every liter or milliliter of water? One liter or 1000 milliliter of water weighs approximately 1000 grams. So for every liter of water, you’ll need:

  • 142.86 grams of coffee per liter of water.
  • 29 tablespoons of coffee per liter of water.
  • 72 teaspoons of coffee per liter of water.

Happy Caffeinating!

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