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Moka Pot vs. Aeropress

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Starting the day off with a good, strong cup of morning coffee is always a great beginning for coffee enthusiasts. But, with all the different coffee-making methods, it’s puzzling that most drinkers use only a standard, electric coffee maker to try to duplicate their favorite coffee shop drink. 

There are many methods of producing the taste of espresso to explore, and two of the best options for a strong brew similar to a true espresso you would get from an expensive espresso machine are also the most simple. In this Moka Pot vs. Aeropress review, we will take a deep dive into the two coffee brewing methods and see which is the best option.

What Is the Difference Between a Moka Pot and an Aeropress?

Although both of these stovetop espresso makers can brew a strong, solid cup of coffee to rev up your morning, the devices have major differences. Outside of nuances in taste, the entire brewing process is unique between the two. 

Moka Pot

A Moka Pot stovetop vessel consists of three chambers. Each one is responsible for a different process in the coffee-making method.

  • Chamber One: The boiling chamber where your pour the water for your coffee
  • Chamber Two: You place your coffee ground in this chamber
  • Chamber Three: Upon completing the brewing process, your end product will end up in this chamber.

When the bottom chambers are prepped, the pot is placed on a heating source, like a stovetop at medium heat. The heat that is brought forth from underneath will cause steam and moisture to build up. These elements will create the result in the top chamber—a rich, strong coffee that is ready for consumption.


The Aeropress coffee-making device has a striking resemblance to a syringe and uses a method of manual pressure to produce concentrated coffee. It incorporates a tall cylindrical chamber and a plunging apparatus with an airtight seal. It also uses a paper filter, producing a cleaner, brighter-tasting, rich coffee. The process of making a manual cup of coffee comprises several simple steps:

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  • Place finely ground coffee in the bottom of the large chamber
  • Pour hot water (around 175 degrees Fahrenheit) into the chamber to the correct water level, swirling to ensure full saturation
  • After ten seconds, place the plunger on top of the brewing chamber, affixing the airtight seal
  • After one minute, swirl the chamber and slowly plunge the Aeropress with consistent pressure into a coffee cup

The actual brewing time is just under four minutes. It is essential to cover the grounds in hot water fully and occasionally swirl to ensure appropriate steeping. 

What Drinks Can You Make?

Many devices on the market can make a variety of different beverages. However, both the Moka Pot and the Aeropress are limited to only coffee and tea.

When using the Moka Pot, you can create espresso-based drinks, americanos, and tea. The Aeropress allows you to do the same, but you also have the ability to make cold brews as well.

What Can You Do With a Moka Pot That You Can’t Do With an Aeropress?

The best part about a Moka Pot stovetop coffee maker, besides the tasteful and robust beverage it creates, is that the method of brewing is straightforward. You input the components and set the pot on a stove burner. The moisture and steam from the boiling water make the drink on their own.

With an Aeropress, the brewing method is short and straightforward but involved. The timing is specific when it comes to the Aeropress. Additionally, you can’t set it and leave it, like you can with the Moka Pot. Your beverage is ready within four minutes, but you are hands-on for the entire four minutes.

Why Would You Pick an Aeropress Over a Moka Pot?

Although hot drinks are fantastic for most of the calendar year, I prefer colder, flavorful coffee drinks during the hotter months. The Moka Pot only can create hot coffee or tea, whereas the Aeropress can produce cold brew coffee. 

Even though you can brew with a Moka Pot and allow it to chill, the quality isn’t the same. Cold Brew has a distinct taste, and consuming it during the summer months is enjoyable. 

If You Can Only Afford One Right Now, Which of These Is Most Versatile?

If I were a coffee connoisseur in the position to purchase a coffee-brewing device on limited funds, I would consider several factors. First, I would think about the various beverages I consume regularly and compare them with the capabilities of the makers.

Following that, I would analyze the time commitment needed for each. For example, if brewing a cup of coffee each morning is tedious and time-consuming, it is not a good option for me.

In this case, the Aeropress is the most versatile option. This maker can create the same hot beverages as the Moka Pot but has the additional ability to produce cold brews. 

Top Pick – Moka Pot vs. Aeropress

Although I enjoy cold beverages, I also want the ability to prepare my coffee and walk away for a few minutes. The Aeropress allows me to make my beloved cold brew delicious coffee, but the Moka Pot lets me start my morning cup and continue getting ready for the day while it brews. 

I would select the Moka Pot for an everyday brewer due to its simplistic method and hands-off production. 

Wrap Up

The hardest part of being a coffee aficionado is refraining from purchasing different devices—preferably one brewing vessel for each day of the week. You want to try every brewing option and experiment with other techniques as you become more experienced. 

However, it isn’t always financially possible to succumb to these pressures. Therefore, you have to pick the option that will best suit your personal preference on a day-to-day basis. 

For those with jam-packed mornings that involve early shifts, morning school runs, or just a lack of patience, a straightforward and hands-off method is best suited for you. The Moka Pot will be the better choice for you to accomplish all that needs to get done and enjoy a delightful cup of espresso-like coffee with plenty of flavor.

However, if you are the type that only enjoys cold brews or you have extra time in the morning, the Aeropress will be a good fit. With this device, you can enjoy your cold brew and take your time to focus on creating the best beverage to start your day.

In the case of Moka Pot vs. Aeropress, both have their place in different homes and situations. The better fit is what works for you and brings you the best drink for your tastebuds.

Happy Caffeinating!

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