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  • 15 Thirst Quenching Cold Brew Coffee Recipes

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    If you’re new to cold brewing, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

    In fact, I’ve created a video showing how to make a basic cold brew of your own:

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    If you’re ready to get fancy, then take your coffee to a whole new level with one of these cold brew coffee recipes below. Bold, refreshing and thirst-quenchingly good!

    1. Cold Brew Recipe

    Downshiftology has a basic recipe to make a cold brew coffee. They share how easy and what a treat it is Plus they break down the difference between a cold and hot brewed cup of coffee. Head here to read.

    2.  Cinnamon Honey Iced Latte

    Cook, Nourish, Bliss has a latte recipe with a cold brew foundation. You get spice from the cinnamon and sweet from the honey- a perfect latte any time of day. Click here to get the recipe.

    3. Cold Brew Toasted Coconut Coffee

    A Beautiful Mess shares a bold and smooth mix of toasted coconut paired with cold coffee. It is so refreshing and hydrating. Head here to give it a whirl.

    4. Basic Cold Brew Coffee

    Macheesemo has a basic cold brew recipe that you can use as the foundation to any recipe. Drink it plain, add a splash of your favorite creamer or transform into a decadent treat. See how they make their cold brew.

    5. Starbucks Inspired Cold Brew Coffee

    Princess Pinky Girl loves Starbucks, and she created a recipe that mimics their cold brew coffee. Learn how to make some for yourself.

    6. Fresh Ground Cold Brew Coffee

    Fireflies and Mudpies uses freshly ground coffee beans to make a bold cold brew coffee to perk you up! Check out the recipe.

    7. Sweetened Condensed Milk Cold Brew

    Recipe For Perfection uses sweetened condensed milk to make their cold brew coffee nice and creamy. Change up your cold brew recipe, give it a try.

    8. Cold Brew Tiramisu Coffee

    For the Love of Food took a cold brew recipe they love and transformed it to taste like the famous Italian Tiramisu. Click here for their sweet recipe.

    9. French Press Cold Brew Coffee

    A Helicopter Mom shares her how-to recipe for making a cold brew with a French press. This is a great way to get that pure coffee flavor. Head here for the recipe.

    10. Eggnog Cold Brew Iced Coffee

    Tidy Mom has a great recipe that is perfect for the winter months around the holiday. Get the bold cold brew paired with an eggnog twist served over ice. Learn how to make one at home.

    11. Home Brew Coffee

    Christy at Southern Plate shares her secret to making that coffee shop flavor cold brew that will hit the spot. Click here to see.

    12. Easy Cold Brew Coffee

    Gimme Some Oven sure loves the coffee shop, but she loves her homemade cold brew more. Easy and tasty are the two things that keep her making it over and over again. Make sure to head over for recipe.

    13. Rich Cold Brew Iced Coffee

    Sand and Sisal’s has a recipe for a rich and creamy cold brew iced coffee that will hit the spot on a hot summer day. See it here.

    14. Coconut Water Cold Brew Coffee

    Take a tropical twist to your coffee with this coconut water cold brew coffee over at Food Network. They share a great recipe that is not only hydrating but refreshing. Click here to check it out.

    15. Mint Cold Brew Coffee

    Play’s Well with Butter shares a fun twist on their cold brew coffee with fresh mint, chocolate and lots of coffee flavor. Head over for the recipe and directions.

    What is your new favorite way to drink your cold brew coffee?

    Happy caffeinating!

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