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Where To Grind Coffee Beans For Free

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Ahh, coffee. The best smell to wake up to and the best drink to get your morning off to a good start. Now, you want to make a cup of coffee for an afternoon boost later in the day, but realize all you have are beans and no coffee grounds. Not sure what to do? This article is for you.

Places That Will Let You Grind Your Coffee Beans For Free

Some stores and coffee shops will let you take your roasted coffee beans in and grind them for free. However, higher-end shops require that the coffee beans be purchased from their store or be a brand they sell.


An American coffee company, Starbucks is the most widely known coffee chain and coffee product line in the United States. They offer the option to turn your beans into coffee grounds for free if they are Starbucks coffee beans. 

This is because they’ll use the same grinder to grind their famous coffee beans as they use to grind up your coffee beans. They have a certain level of integrity to uphold, so if they grind up a random brand of coffee beans in their grinders, the remnants of those ground coffee beans will mix in and compromise the quality and consistent flavor of their universal grind.

That said, I have occasionally found that if you go in at the right time, usually, just before closing, they’ll do you a favor and grind your coffee beans. This scenario works because they clean their equipment every night at closing time, so if you get there right before, you should be able to get your coffee beans ground.

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Believe it or not, Costco Wholesale Warehouse will allow you to grind your coffee beans for free. Depending on the Costco you shop at, you may find a coffee bean grinder in their stores so that consumers can grind their bulk gourmet coffee beans when they buy them.

These stations are usually unmonitored, so it is up to you to grind them, but instructions are printed on the grinders to help you grind your coffee beans just as you want them. If there’s a part of the process you still don’t understand, or you want someone to help you, then reach out to one of the employees. 

Unlike Starbucks, you can come into the store with any brand of coffee and have them ground. The only downside is that you don’t know how often the grinders get cleaned or what has gone through them. Leftover coffee bean particles could change the overall flavor of the coffee beans you want ground. So it might be worth asking a Costco employee to clean the grinder before you use it.


Everyone has a Wal-Mart nearby; this is the beauty of their brand. They also have coffee grinders in their stores that you can use for free. You can usually find the grinder in the aisle with their coffee products. 

Many grocery stores have grinders in their coffee aisles. If you can’t find a coffee grinder in the coffee aisle and have purchased some coffee beans, you may want to ask the delicatessen or bakery employees what grind options they have.

Unfortunately, not all stores have a coffee grinder on hand. If you are in a bind and don’t want to make an unnecessary trip to a store that may or may not have a coffee grinder, give them a call to find out before you go. 

Local Coffee Shops

You can also go to your local coffee shop to get your fresh roasted coffee beans ground. Usually, it is best to be a regular customer at the coffee shop you are visiting. If not, they may charge you to grind your coffee beans. 

In my experience, it’s all about timing. If you go to your local coffee shop when they are not busy, they will have no problem grinding your coffee beans. But in a pickle, I have had to pay a time or two to get it done. It’s usually not an actual item on their register, but instead, you have to buy coffee beans from their stock, then they will grind both bags for you. 

Whole Foods

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Whole Foods is a haven for all things natural or organic. They’re renowned for their organized aisles and unique products. Though they aren’t as widely spread as Walmart, you can find a Whole Foods Market in most urban cities.

Their coffee section is a coffee lover’s dream where you can take a coffee world tour with various beans from different countries. Better yet, if you purchase coffee in their store, you’ll be able to use their in-store grinders for free to perfect your unique and possibly ethical cup of morning brew.

Trader Joe’s

German entrepreneur Theo Albrecht opened the first Trader Joe’s in Pasadena, California, during the golden year of 1979. That’s over 40 years to build up an array of desirable and affordable artisanal coffees from around the world.

Trader Joe’s offers affordable products that are top quality, health-conscious, and ethically sourced. You can purchase fresh coffee beans in their stores and use their grinder for your purchase free of charge.

Wrapping Things Up

Coffee lovers have to stick together, and more times than not, wherever you decide to take your coffee beans to be ground, they will help you out. 

Whether you choose to buy a proper coffee grinder or not, you still have options to get your custom-ground coffee ready for that delicious coffeehouse experience at home!

Happy Caffeinating! 

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