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Acaia Pearl Review

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Acaia Pearl Review

Do you have trouble measuring the right amount of coffee? If so, you’re not alone. Many people have difficulty doing this. If too much or too little is used, it could ruin the taste.

This post will explore one option you could purchase to help with it – Acaia Pearl. Below you’ll discover more about its unique features and who it’s best for. Of course, there is also the Acaia Lunar, but we will talk about that some other time.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Scale

Before you purchase a coffee scale, you’ll want to consider a few things. 

The Type

One of the most important aspects to look at is the coffee scale’s design. Sometimes, these products might be too small or too large.

On the other hand, they might not have modern capabilities, such as a setting memory. This aspect could make the scale a hassle to use.

If It Has Different Brewing Modes

Another thing you’ll want to check is if it has different brewing modes. The various modes can help you determine the right amount for each cup.

This feature can be handy if you’re starting with making coffee. It’s also good if you have trouble remembering the correct measurements. By activating a particular mode, the scale will automatically know what to expect. The flow rate modes are another feature that makes this model stand out.

Its Weight Limit

Coffee scales vary in their weight limit. Some can only hold a few grams, while others can safely store a few thousand. If the scale isn’t built for certain weights, it could calculate things wrong.

If you plan to make single cups, a small weight scale is what you need. However, if you need to make multiple cups at once, a large weight scale is ideal.

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Acaia Pearl Model S
Acaia Pearl Model S
Our rating:

Professional-grade scale for monitoring weight, time, and flow rate during coffee brewing


Acaia Pearl – A Brief Product Overview

Acaia Pearl is the first coffee scale designed by Acaia. This sleek device will help you accurately measure coffee grounds and since it is incredibly durable and waterproof, there are no worries if it comes in contact with water near your espresso machine!

It can hold up to 2,000 grams and has an LED display that will show you the current weight. To charge it, you can use the included USB cord.

This product comes in two color options – white and black. It has a one-year warranty.

Things We Like

  • It has long battery life. After one charge, it will last for up to 25 hours.
  • It’s made with durable materials.
  • It doesn’t require additional batteries.
  • You can connect it to Acaia coffee-making apps via Bluetooth.

Room for Improvement

  • It’s pricey. If you’re on a budget, this probably isn’t what you want.
  • The alarm can sometimes randomly beep.
  • It’s small, so you can only fit about one cup at a time on it.
  • The scale is extremely sensitive to magnetic fields. Because of this, it’s essential to keep it away from magnetic objects. Otherwise, it could affect its accuracy.

Features & Benefits

Acaia Pearl has many unique features and benefits. Here are just a few it offers. 

It’s Fast

If you need to measure coffee quickly, this model is perfect. It takes less than 20 milliseconds to determine the weight. This way, you’ll know if you need to add more grounds or remove some.

Thanks to its efficiency, it’s an excellent investment for those who need a quick cup of coffee at home. It’s also ideal for those who work as a barista and need to get orders out fast, creating a feasible coffee scale experience!

It Has Built-In Settings

You’ll also find a plethora of added settings. These include a built-in timer, scale sound, temperature unit, and weight unit. These allow you to customize the scale for each brew.

You can activate the various settings by tapping on its LCD screen. This tap will adjust them as necessary and store the new requirements. If you need to change them again, simply re-tap the screen.

Along the bottom edge, you’ll find a few small dots. One of these indicates the battery power. When green, you know that your scale has enough juice to run.
If it starts to turn yellow or is red, you’ll need to charge it. This helpful feature will prevent the scale from suddenly turning off on you.

The Design is Compact and Contemporary

To keep with its minimalist design, Acaia Pearl has a disappearing LCD screen. When you touch the bottom of the scale, it will appear. After a few seconds, the screen will slowly fade away, engaging the auto-off function. This setting will make the scale seem to have a solid exterior again.

While this might not be the most important feature, it can be useful. Many times, coffee scales that have large LCD screens tend to look bulky. With the fading screen, Acaia Pearl appears compact and more contemporary.

It’s Eco-Friendly

You might be surprised to learn that Acaia Pearl has an eco-friendly design. You’ll find that its rechargeable battery allows you to charge it without wasting electricity. Once charged, it can last for up to 25 hours.

It’s Easy to Use

A great benefit of Acaia Pearl is that it’s easy to use. All you need to do is plug it in, adjust its settings, and get to work!

If you’re still unsure how to use it, there’s a user’s manual included. This detail is a refreshing change as many coffee scales expect you to know how to use them. This can be frustrating, especially if it’s your first.

Acaia Pearl comes with a handy user’s manual that will guide you through the process. It contains in-depth information about the scale’s construction and where certain features are located. Most devices come with a printed guide, but you can also access it online.

It’s Accurate and Precise

Coffee scales aren’t always the most accurate. While they might be somewhat close to the correct amount, they might lower or increase the actual weight.

Acaia Pearl is designed to prevent this. It uses high-tech technology that ensures any amount put on it is correctly weighed. This is due to its scale being incredibly sensitive to any materials put on it.

It’s Suitable for Multiple Coffee Types

Some similar products aren’t always great at measuring grounds for specific coffee brews. For instance, a handful might measure coffee grounds for pour-overs specifically. This can be annoying if you want a different option. Acaia Pearl offers both an espresso and beverage mode. Both of these will automatically tell if there are enough grounds and if the extraction method is suitable. 

It Comes With Extra Accessories

Another great benefit of Acaia Pearl is that it comes with extra accessories. One is a heat-resistant mat. The mat will prevent hot water from burning the scale’s surface. It will also protect you from hurting your hands if you happen to touch it.

The scale also comes with a USB charging cable. You can plug this short cord into the scale’s side and then a power outlet or electronic device. It will take about an hour for it to charge fully.

You Can Connect it to Apps

A unique feature of this product is that it connects to Acaia coffee-making apps. You can sync your phone to them via Bluetooth.

There are five apps available:

  • Brewguide
  • Brewmaster
  • Brewbar
  • Acaia Coffee
  • Acaia Updater

Here is more about them. 


With Brewguide, you can find and share coffee recipes. You can interact with other coffee aficionados by liking and trying their creations.


You can use this app to store data, such as your average total weight, brew time, and coffee-to-water ratio. Brewmaster will save this information and create colorful graphs for you to reference.


Brewbar allows you to design a master recipe and then try to recreate it. Through its portal, you can adjust aspects such as the weight, water-beverage-filter ratio, and flow-into-cup.

As you measure and brew your coffee, the app will monitor it. It will save the information you can use for future cups.

Acaia Coffee

Acaia Coffee is a simple option that allows you to record your coffee brewing experience. You can save your recipes and mark-off the ones that you’ve tried.

Acaia Updater

This option keeps your device up-to-date with the latest firmware. It will alert you to changes and how you can sync the Acaia Pearl so it upgrades. It’s important to use this app as it will help your scale stay in good condition.

Acaia Pearl Model S
Acaia Pearl Model S
Our rating:

Professional-grade scale for monitoring weight, time, and flow rate during coffee brewing


To Sum Things Up

Acaia Pearl is a useful device if you need to measure coffee grounds accurately. This durable option works quickly, and you can even connect it to special coffee-related apps.

While it has many benefits, it might not be ideal for all. If you’re looking for something more affordable, the Coffee Gator Digital Scale could be good. It’s versatile and comes with safety features like non-slip feet. Because of its accuracy, it’s perfect for those who need precision.

If you want something more versatile, you could opt for a regular kitchen scale. One to check out is ELEC3 Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen and Food Scale. This alternative can measure not only coffee grounds but other dry ingredients. As with the Acaia Pearl, it has long battery life. 

Coffee-making is an intricate art that requires accuracy for optimum taste. Acaia Pearl can help you find the correct measurement for each brew and even encourage you to experiment with different coffee types.

Happy Caffeinating!

Acaia Pearl Review: Is This Coffee Scale Worth The Investment?
Acaia Pearl Review

Experiencing difficulties while measuring your coffee? Make your mornings easier, and more tasty, with the Acaia Pearl coffee scale!

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