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8 Best Digital Kitchen Scales For Brewing Coffee

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Do you want to brew a truly impressive cup of coffee?  If so, then a digital kitchen scale is a must-have item for your arsenal of brewing equipment.

Digital kitchen scales are lightweight, small, and easy to use.  When you want to make sure you have all your measurements correct when you are preparing your coffee (or food and drink in general) you’ll definitely need a good digital kitchen scale.

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There are many out there to choose from, and the options may be overwhelming for some. That’s why we’ve done all the research for you. Read on to find out why digital kitchen scales are important, and which one might make a great addition to your kitchen collection. 

Best Digital Kitchen Scales For Measuring Coffee

Weighing Your Options

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite digital kitchen scales that are perfect for aiding you in your quest for that perfect cup of joe. Now, they are in no particular order, so feel free to look through the list and choose the one that best suits your needs and the needs of your kitchen.

1. Elec3 Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen and Food Scale

This stainless steel scale is waterproof, fingerprint-resistant, and easy to clean. Equipped with four different sensors, the Elec3 provides accurate measurements, giving you a measurement in grams, ounces, milliliters, or pounds, all at once.

Not only is the exterior designed to last the long-term, but the interior is also equally as reliable. It automatically shuts off after 45 seconds to preserve battery life, making it efficient, dependable, and durable. 

2. Etekcity Stainless Kitchen Food Scale

Another beautiful stainless steel scale, this Etekcity is thin and small in size, perfect for those who have limited space. Easy to operate and user-friendly, it will measure anything from coffee, to food, to water. Able to measure up to 11lbs, you can easily measure whatever ingredients or materials you have on this lightweight scale.

3. Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

For those looking for professionalism, the Ozeri features an ultra-thin design coated with strong, sturdy glass. Slim and sleek in stature, it features four sensors for highly accurate measurements and can support an impressive 12lbs on its surface. It also features three different color choices perfect for anyone looking to match their existing kitchen.

4. AWS Series Digital Pocket Scale

Don’t let the small size of the AWS Pocket Scale fool you. This little machine packs a heavy punch when it comes to weighing things with accuracy and efficiency. Made of stainless steel, the AWS also has a flip cover, making it strong and sturdy, but also easy to transport. 

It does have a maximum weighing capacity of 600 grams (1.3 lbs/21 ounces), making it less flexible for measuring larger items. But where it lacks in capacity, it makes up for with accuracy. This scale is able to measure down to the 1/10th of measurement, making it a quick, simple method to measure out coffee beans or grounds. 

5. GreaterGoods Digital Food Multifunction Scale

Inexpensive, sturdy, and dependable, the GreaterGoods Kitchen Scale is a nice addition to any barista’s kitchen. With an 11 lb capacity, this scale is able to support almost any measurement needed for coffee brewing. 

Calculating to the 1/10th of an ounce, the GreaterGoods scale isn’t amazingly accurate, but it’s simple and efficient, and still gets the job done. For anyone looking for an affordable, adequate tool, this scale fits the bill. 

6. Etekcity Digital Pocket Kitchen Scale

If space is a big concern, or if you need to take it with you on the road, then you need to take a closer look at the Etekcity Digital Pocket Kitchen Scale. It is very small and lightweight, providing you with clear and accurate measurements.

However, due to its modest size, it unfortunately won’t hold as much on the scale before you exceed its limits. Still, you can measure your water and coffee accurately, just don’t try to go overboard and make huge pots of coffee with it.

7. Baker’s Math Scale My Weight KD8000 

If you’re looking for something that’s super sturdy, bulky, and more permanent, the My Weight KD8000 is a great fit. It’s larger and pricier, but it’s the perfect fit for the serious barista/cook who needs a machine that’s able to handle heavy-duty work. 

Weighing about 2.5 lbs itself, this scale gives measurements in lbs, oz, lbs and oz, and kg. Its stainless steel material is well-made and easy to clean and also has a weight capacity of over 17 lbs. It does have an automatic turn-off timer, as well as some customizable options to connect it to a cord for a plug-in method instead of just using AA batteries. 

8. Smart Weigh Digital/Mechanical Kitchen Scale

The perfect digital scale for anyone who doesn’t want to give up the classic mechanical scale, this handy kitchen scale gives you both the traditional dial of a mechanical scale along with a digital readout. 

Its easy-to-use touch buttons are perfect for anyone new to scales, and its dual measuring features provides more than enough weighing options. If you want a more classic approach to your coffee measurements, this is definitely the scale for you. 

9. Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen Scale

While a little bulkier than other scales on this list, the Ozeri Pronto is still small enough to fit in most kitchens. Not super well-designed for on-the-road travel, it’s elegant chrome-design makes it a dashing addition to any dedicated barista’s kitchen.

It’s also customizable, available in several different colors to match any kitchen decor. Able to handle up to 11 lbs, it can measure almost any coffee or cooking ingredients. All in all, if you’re searching for a scale that can do it all and is easy to use, the Ozeri is right up your ally. 

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10. Coffee Gator Digital Scale

The Coffee Gator is not only able to measure in pounds and ounces but in volume as well. Accurate from measuring as small as .003 oz to as heavy as 6lbs, this scale is perfect for weighing coffee due to its measuring accuracy. There’s also an additional tray that can be used as a cover or to help measure objects larger in size or volume. 

It has a non-slip rubber platform and feet, making it movable, but also stiff and strong. Since it’s more precise and it’s especially good at measuring liquids, this scale is perfect for the barista who needs to sharpen their precision when making pour-overs. A little pricier but still affordable, the Coffee Gator is able to handle any barista’s measuring needs. 

Why Use a Scale For Coffee?

Why should you bother using a scale in the first place? The answer is easy. If you want to make the greatest cup of coffee possible, correct measurements are going to become necessary. A kitchen scale that gives you precise measurements is going to be your best pal.

We already know that your water and coffee quality and brew method can greatly influence your coffee, but did you know that the measurement of coffee and water is even more essential?  If you don’t use enough coffee grinds when you brew, you’ll end up with a weak cup of coffee.  Use too much and it could be too strong.

This is why a digital kitchen scale comes in handy.  You can use it to properly measure both your coffee and water so you can make the perfect cup of coffee. And although coffee is our favorite, there are also many other benefits to having a kitchen scale in your home. These tools are also useful in measuring a wide variety of ingredients. 

Tip: Try to measure ingredients using the metric system if possible. This will help you make quick and efficient calculations with your measurements (1 milliliter of water is equal to 1 gram, and 1 liter is equal to 1 kilogram). Utilizing the metric system is beneficial because you can use it to measure your coffee and your water too. 

When Should I Use A Scale for Coffee?

Weighing coffee is important no matter if you’re grinding whole beans, tamping out espresso, or brewing some good ‘ole drip coffee at home. It’s ideal to weigh your coffee before brewing because the amount of weight you have directly affects how flavorful your coffee is. 

It’s also important to weigh your beans because the weight of coffee changes depending on whether it’s whole beans or grinds, or how coarse or fine the grind size is. A certain amount of grounds may look identical to another amount of grounds, but the first amount may weigh more because it’s coarser in grind size. 

This is why if you’re serious about brewing coffee as best as you can, you need a dependable kitchen scale. If you’re looking to up your barista game, “eyeballing” it isn’t going to cut it anymore. 

Things to Consider Before Buying

The Platform

When purchasing a scale, it’s important to keep in mind how large the surface face is. When you have larger objects to weigh, a bigger surface to place the objects on can come in handy. For coffee, this shouldn’t be too large of a make-or-break factor, but it’s still a characteristic to consider. 

Weight Capacity

It’s also important to know how much weight your scale can support and measure. If you need a scale to measure heavy ingredients (which for coffee you’ll mainly be measuring beans, grinds, and water to brew with) knowing the limits of your measurements is crucial.

Tare Function

Making sure your scale has a tare function on it is important for several reasons. This function comes in handy because it allows you to measure materials inside of a container without adding the weight of that container to your final measurement. If your scale accommodates this, begin by weighing your empty container first, then clicking the “tare” button, then adding in the material. 


The material of your scale reveals a lot about how durable it can be. Most of the scales listed above are made from stainless steel, which is one of the most sturdy options you can buy. Scales made entirely out of glass or plastic probably isn’t the best since they can break easier and are slightly more difficult to keep clean.

Measurement Variables

If there’s one characteristic that’s most important to keep in mind, it’s measuring variables. The best scales are ones that have options of how to view your measurements, whether it’s lbs, ozs, kgs, etc. For any barista, having options for different units of measure can be a huge help when trying to efficiently brew coffee in both small and large amounts.

Wrapping Up

With the breakdown between these eight different scales, each one has qualities that make them fit for an experienced or rookie barista. Keep in mind, proper measurements are only part of the coffee equation. Once you get that right, you’ll be well on your way to brewing a savory cup of joe. 

Happy caffeinating!

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